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Advantages of Installing Impact Resistant Windows

Impact resistant windows… not a topic for daily conversation; but one which should be had by any person living in South Florida. Along with the fabulous lifestyle, friendly people and year-round sun, South Florida also bring with it tropical storms and hurricanes. Think about the windows currently installed in your home.

Are they impact resistant windows? Would they be able to hold up against the fiercely powerful winds and driving rain associated with such harsh weather? What about debris tossed about during those 50+ MPH winds? Will your windows survive the impact?

If the answer to any of the previous questions is, “no,” then you should give serious thought to the potential consequences. Your home is not only your largest investment but it also the center of your life. It is your family headquarters, your largest canvas for expression.

Imagine the financial and sentimental damage that you would incur if your current windows were to fail in such a storm. Paint and wall coverings would require redoing, carpeting and furniture would have to be replaced, hardwood flooring refinished; not to mention the possibility of irreplaceable family memories being exposed to water damage.

Clearly, the wise and prudent decision for any homeowner in South Florida is to have hurricane windows installed. Not only does the installation of impact windows bring you peace of mind by providing a solid defense against the winds, water, and debris associated with tropical storms and hurricanes, but it also provides for other collateral benefits.

Properly installed storm windows are proven to provide among the highest level of protection to the valuable and otherwise vulnerable interior of your home. This is due to their construction. Most consist of several layers of glass and/or plexiglass or other synthetic materials to make shattering and penetration difficult. Not only does this protect you from debris flying at triple digit speeds, but it also makes burglars attempting to access your home by breaking a window quite difficult, if not impossible.

Also, there is the practical benefit of increased energy efficiency. Impact resistant windows can increase the amount of heat retained in winter, and likewise cool air during summer. This results in significant cost savings on your home’s cooling and heating bills. Not only do impact windows keep comfortable ambient temperatures inside of your home, but they also keep harmful UV radiation out. This has the residual effect of protecting the vibrant colors and resiliency in the fabrics of your curtains, furniture, and carpets. Fading becomes a concern of the past.

Yet another financial benefit obtained from impact resistant windows comes via the insurance companies. They have taken note of the primary and secondary benefits obtained when impact windows are installed in a home. It is for that reason that most insurers offer discounts on homeowner policies when such windows are installed.

There are many ways that one can spend money on one’s home; however, rarely are their ways for one to invest in the safety and integrity of one’s home as in professionally installed impact windows. From saving your money on future window repair to reducing your energy and insurance bills to the all-important task of shielding your family during the harshest of weather, if you own a home in South Florida, hurricane windows should be a given.