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Hurricane Protection for Your Home or Business

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When you live in Florida, there are certain precautions you must take to protect your property. A worthwhile investment is purchasing hurricane glass impact windows and doors for your home or business, so you never have to worry about storm damage.

At The Window Guys Of Florida, we provide reliable hurricane protection to clients throughout West Palm Beach, FL. We have patio doors, secure windows, and more! We also provide window installation services. We offer a complete line of high-quality products you can count on to offer you the level of protection you need. To request more information, give us a call today at (561) 598-6295!

Why new Impact Windows and doors?

There are many reasons why to replace your old windows and doors with new Impact windows and doors, Here are some of the reasons:

  • To protect your home against hurricanes without the need of the bulky hurricane shutters.

Note: If you purchase new shutters you still have old windows and doors. Shutters only protect against impact of debris against your old glass not against high wind negative pressure that the suction can still pull your windows out of the opening and allow for wind water to enter your home.

  • Your old windows and doors are hard to operate.
  • You are concerned about the safety of your Windows and doors.
  • Noise reduction, with new Impact windows and doors you can reduce exterior noise dramatically
  • Decrease Insurance premiums by about half in some cases.
  • Forced Entry Security, Impact Windows and Doors do not only get tested for hurricane, but burglary resistance as well.
  • Energy Efficiency, with your new impact windows and doors you will cool your home easier and reduce your energy bill consumption by 15%-25% depending on glass options.
  • It’s the only investment to your property that not only increases your property value but pays for itself in insurance reduction costs and energy savings in the long run, while protecting your home from hurricanes and forced entry.

The services we offer include the following:

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on 30, May 2018
Great product, reliable service.
Daniel Daly
on 20, Jun 2018
Everything was very professional and friendly. I would recommend this company for all of my friends. Thanks
Mark loyferman
on 03, Jun 2018
The window guys did an awesome job installing my impact glass windows and doors. They did the installation on the date and time as promised. The installers prepared the area in order to protect my floors. The windows and doors exceeded my expectations
Anita Greene
on 26, May 2018
Great job, love working with The Window Guys of Florida
Jeff Winepol
on 23, May 2018
We had a great experience with The Window Guys installation of our High Impact doors. The installers were on time, very professional, clean and best of all the sliding doors worked perfectly and have been since installation over three years ago.
Phil Katz
on 08, Aug 2018
This is an amazing article and great information about hurricane impact windows
on 09, Jun 2018
Good job! As they promised the job was done in exactly two days to my satisfaction a small manufacturing defect was remediated by the customer after a couple of months.
Virgil Duncan