It’s no secret that Florida is smack dab in the middle of the hurricane basin. Each year Floridians watch the forecast during hurricane season with bated breath. Crossing their fingers that a catastrophic hurricane will not make landfall. Having lived through a few Category 4-5 hurricanes in recent history and especially after Hurricane Katrina, many Florida homeowners have been increasingly making the switch to Hurricane Impact Windows. Hurricane windows have become a popular choice in South Florida. They are made to withstand the strong winds of tropical storms and hurricanes, as well as debris that is blown around by the wind during a hurricane. Hurricane winds can become so furious that they fling around tree branches and other debris as if they were light as a feather, sometimes striking your windows.  

But will your Florida hurricane impact windows survive a direct hit? How strong are hurricane windows? Are impact glass windows and doors impenetrable? Can a hurricane break your windows? These and many other questions are at the forefront of Florida homeowner’s minds.

Can Impact Windows Break

Will Hurricane Windows Break?

Can hurricanes break impact windows? Can windows break from the wind? The simple answer is yes. Glass is glass and glass breaks. And because impact windows are made from glass yes can break. That is because they are impact-resistant and not impact-proof. Impact glass is designed to resist heavy blows, and for this reason, it has become the mainstay in windshields for cars, trucks, and busses and more recently house windows. Just like a car windshield, however, it can break if hit hard enough.

How Are Impact Glass Windows Made?

Florida Hurricane Impact windows are constructed with three individual layers. The two outer layers are made of glass, while the inside layer is a polyvinyl butyral (PVD) compound. These three layers are fused together via the process of lamination or heat treatment. Once cured or cooled, the resulting glass is strong and durable. In fact, it is so strong that the glass can withstand continuous wind speeds of up to 200 mph or direct strikes by wood, stones, and other debris.

Post-hurricane surveys have determined that damage sustained by most buildings is a direct result of a breach of other parts of the structure such as doors and roofs, and not from the impact windows failing. This is a direct result of the years of research and development that has gone into developing Florida Impact Windows.

What Happens If Your Impact Window Breaks?

We have established that impact glass can break, with the right conditions including high wind speed and debris. But what happens when impact windows break? What should you do if they break during a hurricane? Well the internal PVD polymer keeps the glass from shattering in the same manner as typical windows. This means that while an impact window can shatter, the glass will remain in place, giving you continued protection during the storm. For this reason, hurricane windows are an excellent choice in South Florida, not just for the safety they offer in storms, but also as a way of preventing break-ins.  

Can Broken Impact Windows Be Repaired?

Impact windows that have been damaged or even broken during a storm can be easily replaced. Our team of hurricane window replacement and repair experts are trained in the removal and installation of Florida Impact windows and doors. The experts at The Window Guys of Florida have years of experience in providing the best impact windows in South Florida. Out-certified window professionals will expertly assess the amount of damage done to your property and provide you with a FREE quote for replacement. Our first-class team of installers will then set about removing the existing broken glass and inserting the new glass in its place. The beauty of our impact windows is in their construction. They are modular in design so you oftentimes only have to replace the glass and not the entire window (depending on the level of damage)  

Where To Buy Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors in Florida 

If you are looking to replace a broken window or change out your existing windows to hurricane-impact windows, then look no further than The Window Guys of Florida. We stock only the highest-quality impact windows in all of South Florida. We possess the technology and expertise to install hurricane-impact windows to protect your home and loved ones. Contact us today or give us a call at (561) 598-6295 to speak to an impact window professional and get started on the road to installing hurricane impact windows. We serve all of South Florida including Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Delray Beach.