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Highrise Impact Windows in Florida

For Florida residents, there’s no substitute for having strong windows that will stand up to even the most intense storms. If you’re looking for storm impact windows for your home in Wellington, FL, consider the advantages of investing in high-rise impact windows. These impact windows are extremely hardy, and they can fend off not only high winds but also the flying debris that accompanies major storms. This debris can easily come crashing through traditional windows, causing severe damage to your home and property.

High-rise impact windows are so strong that they can even serve as a deterrent to burglars, who will have a difficult time breaking the glass. They are double-glazed, so they’ll block out a significant amount of the UV rays that your home gets from the hot Florida sun. Because these impact windows are so well-insulated, they’ll also help keep your home comfortable during the day, and reduce the need for running the air conditioning. As a bonus, high-rise impact windows will shut out outside noise much more effectively than traditional windows.

When the Florida hurricane season arrives, you will want to make sure that your home is prepared for high winds and flying debris. If you are shopping for hurricane windows, consider investing in high-rise impact windows for your home or condo. These windows are designed to provide you with protection from major storms, while also offering a clear and beautiful view of the world outside. A company that offers window replacement in South Florida will be able to assist you with quality impact window installation for your property, which will provide benefits such as:

Enjoy Light & Panoramic Views While Protecting Your Home From Natural Disasters

Normal windows do a good job on protection and light allowance but they cannot withstand harsh conditions and severe impact. On the other hand, High-Rise Impact Hurricane Windows come with the necessary strength needed to absorb shock without breaking. They are double-glazed and use vinyl frames or aluminum frames. The speed of wind at high altitudes in Florida is very high and high-rise impact hurricane windows, not only because they are aesthetically better than storm shutters, but also because they have the necessary resistance to withstand the wind speeds and any debris damage that may result come with the winds. Getting high-rise impact window installation for your buildings is also important for the following reasons.

Better Hurricane Protection

When compared to storm shutters and other products, high-rise impact windows provide better protection against the damaging forces of hurricanes. Your impact windows will have been specifically engineered to remain intact when they are exposed to hurricane force winds and other extreme weather conditions. After you have installed your high-rise impact windows, you will have better peace of mind when the next hurricane arrives.

Improved Energy Efficiency

While high-rise impact windows can help to protect your home during a storm, they will also provide you with benefits throughout all other seasons of the year. Another great advantage of these impact windows is that they will help to boost the energy efficiency of your home. When you turn on your air conditioning system, your high-rise impact windows will help to prevent your climate-controlled air from escaping your indoor spaces. Over time, your high-impact windows can help you save significantly on your bills.

Excellent UV Protection

The ultraviolet rays that bring sunlight to the Earth can be pleasant in small doses, but they can also be hazardous with too much exposure. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can be bad for your furniture, the energy efficiency of your home, and even your health. An addition like a high-rise impact window in South Florida, however, can mitigate the effects of ultraviolet exposure. This keeps employees happy, family members healthy, and your bills affordable. If you’re concerned about UV exposure, continue reading to see why you should choose high-rise impact windows.

High-rise impact windows can be a great choice for a long list of reasons. Since they are impact windows, they are built to resist force, so it will be more difficult for burglars to break in and less likely that a hurricane will crack them with heavy winds and debris. However, they can also keep ultraviolet rays out. You can use these impact windows to prevent fading of your furniture as well as protect yourself from sunburn and skin cancer if your desk is by the window. Keeping UV rays to a minimum can also reduce your energy bills by maintaining a cooler temperature within your space.

Homeowners in the sunny state of Florida need to be aware of the damaging effect that UV rays can have on their indoor spaces. Rather than closing off your windows with heavy drapes or curtains, you can enjoy excellent UV protection when you install your new high-rise impact windows. These windows contain thick panes of glass, which have been designed to filter out a majority of the harmful rays from the sun.

Impact Window Energy Savings

After the High-Rise impact hurricane window installation takes place, building occupants immediately see a difference in their energy bills. The high rise impact window has double glaze glass that keeps most outside temperature from reaching the inside of the house. This means that occupants will spend less money on indoor air conditioning. The insulation capabilities are only available on impact hurricane windows; they are not achievable with a traditional window type.

Burglary Prevention

High-Rise Impact hurricane windows are hard to break. According to burglary statistics of the United States, most successful house break-ins happen when burglars break windows to gain access to the house. High-Rise Impact hurricane windows are double strong at the very least, compared to ordinary windows. While their design is supposed to deter high-speed winds from storms and hurricanes, it also helps to deter burglars. It is important to note that impact hurricane windows are not burglarproof; they only increase the odds against successful intrusion.

Low Insurance Premiums

Insurance cover providers consider any measures taken to limit theft of household items or their damage due to storms as a qualification for premium discounts. According to the insurer’s policy, a house that has high impact installations is safer than the one that only has ordinary windows and doors. The safer house qualifies for a discount of up to forty percent on insurance premiums. In this regard, house owners can recoup their investments on the impact window installation by paying lower premiums for their house cover.

UV Protection

The double-glazing of a High-Rise Impact Hurricane Windows keep most of the sun’s UV rays out. Florida is a city known for its days of sunshine. Unfortunately, a lot of sunshine also implies that people are exposed to high amounts of UV rays. UV rays are responsible for discoloration of fabric and fading of expensive attire, paintings and furniture. Impact windows are thick enough to limit the penetration of the dangerous UV rays and allow building occupants to enjoy sunshine without worrying about their skin or fabrics.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is last advantage the High-Rise impact hurricane windows. People living near airports have to bear with loud noise disturbances caused by aircrafts that land and take off. The impact hurricane window is thick enough to have noise insulation properties. House occupants can now enjoy movies and music at moderate sound as well as have the silent environment conducive for reading.

Window Guys of Florida are a reputable company from South Florida, offering high rise impact hurricane windows that offer all the advantages outlined above.


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