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Commercial Impact Windows and Doors

At The Window Guys of Florida, we are proud to provide impact windows to our residential and commercial clients throughout the South Florida area.

If you are shopping for new storm impact windows for your commercial building, be sure to check out our photo gallery to see the projects that we have completed.

Over the years, we have helped our commercial clients install storm-impact windows and doors that have helped to protect their businesses during major storms.

When you browse our commercial portfolio, you will see that we have installed windows and doors in many high-profile commercial buildings throughout the local area.

Our team has worked with new hotel construction projects, condominium buildings, and high rises.

With our knowledge and expertise, we have helped our commercial clients choose the impact-resistant products that are right for their buildings.

Whether you are creating a new commercial space that needs impact windows in South Florida, or you are embarking on a major remodel, we will be thrilled to assist you.

At The Window Guys Of Florida, we supply South Florida businesses with top-quality commercial hurricane protection products.

Our job is to help you choose the right product that meets your needs and budget and then provide you with reliable installation.

One main component of ensuring that hurricane protection products work right is that they are installed correctly.

The Window Guys of Florida has installed thousands of commercial impact hurricane windows, hurricane doors, and hurricane protection systems in nuclear plants, medical facilities, office buildings, churches, retail shopping centers, government buildings, and storage facilities.

The Window Guys of Florida has worked on magnificent projects with the most distinguished commercial builders in south Florida.

Many commercial buildings have several windows installed to allow in maximum light and views.

However, your building’s integrity depends on the strength of your window installations.

You can keep your building and its inhabitants protected against potential hurricanes and thefts once you outfit it with impact windows.

Here are the many benefits of outfitting a commercial building with impact windows.

Increase Safety

Impact windows are necessary to keep your building, your employees, and your customers safe during hurricanes or dangerous situations.

If your building is outfitted with impact windows, then your entire infrastructure is better protected against flying debris, water intrusion, and wind forces.

Flying debris can occur during a hurricane—when winds can reach well over 100mph—and during a potential burglary.

You can keep everyone in your building, and any equipment and retail items, protected against these potential dangers.

Reduce Damage

If flying debris, such as rocks or tree limbs, fly through your building’s windows, then you risk further damage to your building’s interior.

The debris that enters your buildings, the high winds, and potential water damage, can severely affect multiple areas of your building.

Electronic equipment, retail items, furniture, and important records could all be in danger of damage or destruction if hurricane forces enter the building.

Reduce the risks of these damages by installing impact windows throughout your building. These windows will protect your building from impacts, as well as water damage and wind pressure.

Improve Value

Many insurance companies and potential buyers see great value in a building outfitted with impact windows. Impact windows keep your building, its contents, and people protected, which can lower your building insurance premiums. This is a great value that can save you a lot of money in insurance costs. If you plan on selling or renting out your building in the future, then you can also sell for a higher value. Impact windows often improve the value of buildings and homes.

How Can A Hurricane Door Help Protect Your Commercial Property?

If you are planning on building a new commercial property, you may want to consider using storm doors in your design.

Impact doors will not shatter or break during even the strongest storms, and installing new storm doors in your commercial building will help to keep your property safe during the next hurricane.

A company that offers impact resistant doors will be able to install quality doors throughout your commercial property.

Keep reading to review three ways that storm doors can help to protect your commercial building.

Prevent Storm Damage

Preventing storm damage is one of the top functions of a storm door. When a hurricane hits your location, your commercial building could be exposed to winds as high as 100 miles per hour or stronger.

Using impact resistant vinyl or aluminum materials, storm doors are able to remain safely in place when they are exposed to strong winds.

Installing storm doors will allow you to properly prepare for the next major storm in your area.

Stop Break-Ins

Along with protecting your commercial property from storm damage, storm doors can also help you thwart intruders.

When a burglar targets your commercial building, he may attempt to break in through your main entry door.

The impact resistant materials of a storm door are designed to withstand the force of impact.

After you install brand new storm doors on your commercial property, you can rest assured that burglars will not be able to break in.

Avoid UV Damage

The intense Florida sunlight can cause damage to goods and materials over time. With new storm doors, you will be able to filter out up to 99% of the UV rays that hit your commercial property.

By installing new storm doors that are constructed from UV filtering materials, you will be able to keep your flooring, upholstered furniture, or retail items in brand new condition.

A storm door installation professional can provide you with more information about the commercial doors that are available to you.

Our commercial products may include:

  • Commercial impact windows
  • Commercial impact doors

Whether you own a hotel and need a door for each room or need to reinforce the storefront windows of your retail store, we’ve got your needs covered.

Our products are made of the highest quality materials, so you can rest assured that your property is safe and protected from the weather.

For a free estimate on our commercial products and installation services, call our office today at (561) 598-6295!

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