Automatic Door Installation 

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Installing an automatic door system in your home or office can not only provide you the convenience but also adds to the security of the building. There are various types of automatic doors that are available in the market. Some are sliding doors, some are swing open system, some are revolving doors, etc. The decision on what type of door you would like to install would depend on the number and frequency of people visiting the place.

Tips For Choosing Automatic Doors

While choosing which door to install you surely take into consideration the design of that door which you are going to install, whether it enhances the looks of the building or not. Doors are available in various materials like steel, wood, etc. You must choose the material which suits the looks of the building.

But you must also be concerned about the security features of the door. There are doors available these days which have pressure sensors and infrared sensors, which are usually used in high security locations.

How Automatic Doors Work

There are several kinds of automatic doors in the market. Below are the details how automatic sliding doors work:

The Optical Sensor: The motorized opening and closing functions of automatic sliding doors are activated by the use of motion or optical detection sensors. Either these sensors are installed over the door or are incorporated into the frame of the door from the side or from above. The motion is observed by the sensors with the use of either microwave or infrared technology.

Motor Mechanism: There is a clutch mechanism which is controlled by an electrified main drive train which in turn is wired to a motion or optical sensor. This clutch mechanism is linked to a cogwheel or auxiliary drive and the door panels. This cogwheel drive is connected to the cables which are then connected to the doors. These are internal cables or belts which are generally made from rubber and they carry out the opening and closing function of the doors.

Tracks and Rollers: There are several ways automatic door installations which depends on door style or application. There are some doors which are attached through their head tracks and are not connected at the bottom. Then there are some doors which are attached at both at the overhead and the floor planes.

Depend on the Professional for Automatic Door Installation

Installation and servicing of the automatic door systems is something that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. It is better to always go to the professionals who have good experience in these fields of operations of automatic door systems. The Window Guys of Florida, based in West Palm Beach, and have a lot of experience in this field. They also provide impact windows, hurricane windows, and hurricane doors installation services. Remember that improper installation of the door system will lead to not just faulty working but could also cause serious security issues. So, when choosing a company which is going to install automatic doors in your building you should not make any compromises.


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