Palm Beach County Impact Window Installation

Impact Window Installation In Palm Beach County

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Palm Beach County is one of the most iconic regions throughout the state of Florida. The area is full of things to do and is a great place to raise a family. From the nightlife in Boca Raton to the history in West Palm Beach, and of course, the many beautiful beaches throughout the county. But, like the rest of Florida, there’s the threat of hurricanes looming on the horizon 6 months out of the year. During hurricane season, the residents of Palm Beach County know exactly how to protect their families. Not every resident knows how to properly protect their home though, and that’s where the Window Guys come in.

We install impact windows across Palm Beach County that not only protect against hurricanes, but they’re an effective deterrent against home invaders. Additionally, impact windows increase the value of the property and make the property more energy-efficient. If you’re looking for impact window installation in Palm Beach County for your home or business, look no further than The Window Guys.

The Benefits Of Impact Window Installation In Palm Beach County

There are a number of benefits to installing impact windows at your Palm Beach County home. In Florida, the residents know the risks of owning or renting a home, condo, or apartment in the state. Of course, the same applies to Palm Beach County. In fact, it can be argued that South East Florida is more at risk of experiencing major hurricanes than other areas of the state. This is due to the fact that many of the strong storms that target the state come from the Atlantic Basin, which often puts the region in its crosshairs. Lucky for residents of Palm Beach County, we can provide you the assistance you need to protect your home from hurricanes. Additionally, we can provide you with a number of other benefits that come with installing impact windows at your property.

Impact Windows Will Protect Properties From Hurricanes

Once a hurricane makes landfall, they almost always bring a path of destruction along with them. Regardless of the category or strength of the hurricane, there is always a danger of wind or debris shattering a window and allowing the elements to make their way into a home. Impact windows are designed to defend properties from the dangers of debris or strong wind that can break windows with ease.

Impact windows do shatter, but they’re designed in a way that the window does not break entirely. Even when an impact window appears broken, it will still keep water and wind from making its way into the home. This is due to the fact that impact windows have a sheet of laminate in between the glass panels of the window. This laminate holds the glass in place, where standard windows can shatter and create glass projectiles that can harm humans, animals, and the property itself. Impact window installation in Palm Beach County offers a level of home protection that can’t be found in anything else.

Impact Windows Deter Potential Intruders To Homes And Businesses

In the event that somebody tries to break into your home or business through a window, our impact windows will stop them in their tracks with ease. Anything short of a high-caliber bullet will not break hurricane impact glass in Palm Beach County. Fists, bricks, bats, and stones stand no chance to the amount of force that an impact window can withstand.

Standard windows don’t take much effort to break. Additionally, broken glass from windows can be used as a weapon by potential intruders. It goes without saying that this makes an intruder situation even more dangerous. With impact windows in Palm Beach County, home intruders will be entirely incapable of breaking into your home through the windows. This is just another added benefit of installing impact windows in Palm Beach County.

Increase Property Value Through Impact Window Installation In Palm Beach County

One of the most sure-fire ways to increase property value in Palm Beach County is impact window installation. When properties already have impact windows installed, potential property purchasers know they’re investing in a protected home or business. This also means that the potential buyer doesn’t have to worry about protection from hurricanes and potential intruders for their new property. This saves money and time for potential homebuyers who would be interested in the best protection possible for their Palm Beach County home. Additionally, properties with impact windows will be eligible for a reduced insurance premium. This is due to the property already being protected from storms and potential intruders. In fact, insurance providers are more willing to insure a home or business with impact windows installed across the board. These are just a few of the financial benefits that come with installing impact windows in Palm Beach County.

Increase The Energy Efficiency Of A Property By Installing Impact Windows

Each of the impact windows that we install in Palm Beach County is ENERGY STAR® rated. This ensures you’re receiving the most energy-efficient windows that money can buy. Our windows meet strict energy efficiency standards and surpass local energy code requirements. According to the US Department of Energy, making the switch to double-paned, clear glass windows (like all of the windows we install) can bring savings on energy by $125-$465 per year. Yearly savings is largely dependant on the area where the property is located.

Cities That We Service In Palm Beach County

At The Window Guys Of Florida, we service the entirety of Palm Beach County. But, we most often find ourselves installing impact windows in the following cities:

Choose The Window Guys As Your Palm Beach County Impact Window Installation Service Of Choice

The Window Guys of Florida has been installing impact windows in Palm Beach County since before Hurricane Wilma made landfall in the area in 2005. We’re experienced and have been assisting property owners in protecting their property for over 25 years. Through our experience, we’ve gained the industry knowledge necessary to know what kind of windows a property needs, dependant on its location. Want to learn more about our impact window installation service in Palm Beach County? Give us a call at (561) 232-6612 or contact us online today to learn more or request an entirely free estimate.