Condominium Hurricane Resistant Protection

For Florida residents, there’s no substitute for having strong windows that will stand up to even the most intense storms.

If you’re looking for hurricane resistant impact windows for your condominium, consider the advantages of investing in high-rise impact windows.

These windows are extremely hardy, and they can fend off not only high winds but also the flying debris that accompanies major storms.

This debris can easily come crashing through traditional windows, causing severe damage to your home and property.

High-rise hurricane resistant impact windows are so strong that they can even serve as a deterrent to burglars, who will have a difficult time breaking the glass.

They are double-glazed, so they’ll block out a significant amount of the UV rays that your home gets from the hot Florida sun.

Because these impact windows are so well-insulated, they’ll also help keep your home comfortable during the day, and reduce the need for running the air conditioning.

As a bonus, high-rise impact windows will shut out outside noise much more effectively than traditional windows.

If you own or live in a high-rise condominium, you should have your window contractor install impact windows specifically made for high-rise buildings.

These can protect your space from wind pressure that might suction the windows out of the frames.

If you are concerned about whether your condominium is vulnerable to damage during a hurricane, you may want to get in touch with us. We proudly offer top quality impact windows and doors, and our team can help you pick out stylish and durable hurricane windows for your condo . When you work with us to upgrade your house with hurricane-resistant materials, you will be able to weather the next storm with ease.

We are able to offer products and services that are designed specifically for condominiums. When you work with us to install new storm impact windows or hurricane windows throughout your condo, we will make sure that you find sturdy windows that fit your home’s architectural style. Along with our impact windows and doors, we also offer roll down shutters and hurricane storm panels.

Our team can help you ensure that your condominium offers you the best level of protection during a big storm.

Trustworthy Window & Door Installation Team in Florida For Your Condominium

Are you interested in investing in hurricane protection for your condominium?

We offer a wide range of products which can add aesthetic value and protect your property from storm damage. This may include picture, architectural, double hung, combination, casement, awning, and horizontal roller windows.

In addition to offering sufficient protection from hurricanes, these products can also filter UV rays and lower energy costs.

The services we offer for condominium hurricane protection include:​

  • Hurricane impact windows
  • Hurricane impact doors

We offer the safe and careful installation of replacement and brand new windows and doors for your condominium.

You can count on us to help you find the right product to meet your South Florida hurricane impact window needs.

What The Window Guys of Florida Can Do For Your Condominium

Condo owners have unique concerns regarding impact windows, given that condos are often situated in high-rise buildings.

After all, when Hurricane Andrew struck in 1992, it destroyed most of the windows in the Brickell Townhouse condo tower. Hurricane Wilma in 2005 had a similar effect.

The area’s building codes are far stricter today, but condo owners should still make sure they choose an impact window provider who adheres to these strict standards.

The critical importance of hurricane-resistant installations is why so many condo owners have chosen The Window Guys of Florida.

Over the years, we’ve built an unbeatable reputation for home improvement excellence. We’ve worked with single condo owners who were interested in protecting their investment and their families with top-quality storm proof windows and doors.

We’ve also worked with HOA boards to complete window installations for entire condo buildings. Our certified technicians look forward to helping you make your home safer for your family.

Highrise Impact Windows in Florida

Enjoy Light & Panoramic Views While Protecting Your Home From Natural Disasters

Non-impact windows do a decent job on protection and light allowance, but they cannot withstand harsh conditions and severe impact.

On the other hand, High-Rise Impact Hurricane Windows come with the necessary strength needed to absorb shock without breaking.

They are double-glazed and use vinyl frames or aluminum frames. The speed of the wind at high altitudes in Florida is very high and high-rise impact hurricane windows, not only because they are aesthetically better than storm shutters, but also because they have the necessary resistance to withstand the wind speeds and any debris damage that may result come with the winds.

Getting high-rise impact window installation for your buildings is also essential for the following reasons.

Impact Window Energy Savings

After the High-Rise impact hurricane window installation takes place, building occupants immediately see a difference in their energy bills.

The high rise impact window has double glazed glass that keeps the most outside temperature from reaching the inside of the house.

Which means that occupants will spend less money on indoor air conditioning. The insulation capabilities are only available on impact hurricane windows; they are not achievable with a traditional window type.

Burglary Prevention

High-Rise Impact hurricane windows are hard to break. According to burglary statistics of the United States, most successful house break-ins happen when burglars break windows to gain access to the house.

High-Rise Impact hurricane windows are double strong at the very least, compared to ordinary windows. While their design is supposed to deter high-speed winds from storms and hurricanes, it also helps to deter burglars.

It is important to note that impact hurricane windows are not burglarproof; they only increase the odds against successful intrusion.

Low Insurance Premiums

Insurance cover providers consider any measures taken to limit theft of household items or their damage due to storms as a qualification for premium discounts. According to the insurer’s policy, a house that has high impact installations is safer than the one that only has ordinary windows and doors. In this regard, homeowners can recoup their investments on the impact window installation by paying lower premiums for their house coverage.

UV Protection

The double-glazing of a High-Rise Impact Hurricane Window keeps most of the sun’s UV rays out. Florida is a city known for its days of sunshine. Unfortunately, it also implies that people are exposing to high amounts of UV rays. UV rays are responsible for discoloration of fabric and fading of expensive attire, paintings, and furniture. Impact windows are thick enough to limit the penetration of the dangerous UV rays and allow building occupants to enjoy the sunshine without worrying about their skin or fabrics.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is the last advantage of the High-Rise impact hurricane windows. People living near airports have to bear with loud noise disturbances caused by aircraft that land and take off. The impact hurricane window is thick enough to have noise insulation properties. House occupants can now enjoy movies and music at moderate sound as well as have the silent environment conducive for reading.

Window Guys of Florida are a reputable company from South Florida, offering high rise impact hurricane windows that provide all the advantages outlined above.

5 Must Know Reasons For Replacing The Windows In Your Condo With Hurricane Windows

Is it time to replace the windows in your condo? Perhaps you haven’t even thought about it.

Want to raise the Real Estate value of your home? Here are five must-know reasons why you need to replace your windows with Hurricane windows right now:

  1. Meeting Code Standards – Changes to the building codes in Florida mean that your current windows and shutters may be no longer up to code.We can help you choose hurricane windows that will meet these standards while providing many other benefits.
  2. Storm Protection – During a storm, winds are much stronger at higher elevations such as high rises and condos.
    Hurricane windows provide a better seal than shutters, thereby reducing the risk of damage caused by flying debris and high winds.
    They also provide 24/7 protection, which can be advantageous to part-time, seasonal residents or when a surprise storms hits.
  3. Noise reduction – Hurricane windows block out almost all outside noise.
    Your family can be comfortable in your condo during a storm without being subjected to the howling winds of an ongoing storm. They also block 99% of UV rays, providing you and your family with further protection.
  4. Energy Efficiency – Hurricane windows will help to insulate your home, keeping you comfortable without having to adjust your thermostat.
    Warm air is kept outside in the summer and inside during the winter. This translates into long term cost savings for you.
  5. Theft Protection- Hurricane windows have extremely thick glass and strong frames, making it harder for thieves to enter your home. Your home becomes less of a target for burglars, which will also reduce your insurance premiums. For more information about Hurricane windows, contact the professionals at The Window Guys of Florida at (561)598-6295.
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