Impact Window Installation in Miami

Everyone knows about the threat hurricanes pose. No one knows this threat better than the residents of South Florida. Hurricanes bring strong winds, debris, heavy rains, and destruction. These factors can be you and your home in danger. Especially the windows in your home. Traditional windows don’t have the qualities they need to hold up against hurricane forces. Impact windows can change that. The Window Guys of South Florida have been assisting residential and commercial properties to find the perfect impact windows and doors. We are the solution for impact window installation in Miami. 

Don’t continue to rush out last second to put shutters or wooden boards up. Not only is this chaotic but they dont provide the same protection as impact windows do. 

Impact Window Installation in Miami You Can Rely On

We know all about the South Florida area. We’ve been helping commercial and residential properties find the impact windows and doors they need. Operating and living in South Florida, we know all there is to know about the area which makes us the perfect choice for impact window installation in Miami. 

We install windows AND we sell them. That makes us your one-stop-shop for everything impact windows and doors.

Impact Window Installation

Benefits of Having Impact Windows Installed

Impact windows come with a lot of benefits homeowners don’t normally think of. There’s the obvious one that protects you from storms, but what about some of the hidden ones? Let’s break a few of these benefits down to see why people love impact windows in Miami.

  • Safety During Storms: While it is the most obvious one, it’s also the reason why most people have them installed. Impact windows are also known as “storm-resistant windows” for again, obvious reasons. These windows have the incredible ability to withstand winds from even a category 5 hurricane. Impact window installation in Miami is important enough for this reason alone. 
  • Energy Bill Reduced: This is one of the more hidden ones. Impact windows will actually save you money on your energy bill. Compared to normal windows, impact windows are airtight meaning no air can come in or escape your home. This means your air conditioning gets to work less which in turn, reduces your energy bill. Over time, these windows will pay for themselves.
  • Improved Security: If impact windows are able to keep category 5 winds and debris out, they’ll have no problem keeping intruders out. These windows will add an extra level of security for your home since no one will be able to break through them.

There are a number of other benefits, but these are some of the top reasons people love them. Impact window installation in Miami is something everyone should consider. 

Impact Window Installation in Miami Improves Your Home

If you’re worried about limited choices, you won’t have to worry much longer. The Window Guys have a large selection of impact windows that come in different sizes, styles, and colors. Thanks to modern technology, you can now have impact windows that don’t sacrifice style for performance. It’s now easier than ever to find impact windows that match the style of your home. 

Not only will they protect your home and make it look better, but they’ll also increase the value of your home. Buyers in South Florida are likely aware of the constant threat of hurricanes and storms. This means they’ll be more attracted to homes that already have impact windows installed. Having them already installed means the buyer won’t have to worry about the installation process. This can give you a real advantage over other buyers in the area. 

Ready For Impact Window Installation in Miami?

The Window Guys are ready to help get your home equipped with impact windows that you’ll love. If you’re looking for impact window installation in Miami or you have any other questions, visit our contact page.