Impact Resistant Windows vs Hurricane Shutters

Trying to decide between shutters and hurricane windows to protect your home is not an easy decision. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as strength, esthetic preference and budget. It really does depend on what factors are most important to you. Before you decide, however, it is useful to consider the pros and cons of both options and make an informed decision. Here’s a quick comparison of impact windows vs. shutters:


  • Look like regular windows
  • Only need to be installed once
  • Unlikely to break
  • Allow plenty of light to enter your home
  • Block 99% of UV rays
  • Reduce sound travel into your home
  • Excellent theft deterrent


  • Considerably more expensive than shutters
Both shutters and hurricane windows offer protection from flying debris and potential damage caused by hurricanes as well as offering other benefits. So, depending on what else is important to you, be it budget or look, you can make your choice based on what protection best suits your needs. No matter what decision you make, you can feel good knowing that you are providing additional protection to your most important investment- your home.

Impact Windows vs Hurricane Shutters

  1. If you install hurricane shutters over your existing windows you still have old outdated windows that will need to be replaced. Most older homes have windows that do not latch, close, or operate properly which can be a nuisance and could also be dangerous in hurricanes; even with hurricane shutters on.
  2. With impact hurricane windows and doors you do not need hurricane shutters. When building a new home in Palm Beach, according to The Florida Building Code, you are required to have new hurricane impact windows or non-impact windows to meet the required design pressure and hurricane shutters. What that means is that even though your new windows are not impact resistant, they still need to meet the negative and positive pressures of the winds in a hurricane.
  3. Even if you have new hurricane shutters, but have old windows, the negative pressure of the wind can still suck the windows or doors out of the opening and create a lot of problems with water intrusion and damage to your structure. Hurricane shutter companies do not want you to know this.

  4. If you are replacing windows with non-impact resistant windows and add hurricane shutters it would be more expensive than Installing new hurricane impact windows and doors.
  5. With impact hurricane windows and doors you do not need to install and remove hurricane shutters every time a hurricane is coming; you just have to lock your windows and doors.
  6. With impact hurricane windows and doors you do not need to sit in the dark wondering what is happening outside; with hurricane shutters you do.
  7. Hurricane shutters are not hermetically sealed and corrode/erode a lot faster especially the corrugated metal types. Hurricane impact windows are made with coastal packages that have all aluminum and stainless steel components.
  8. Old hurricane shutters can become debris in a hurricane if they are not properly installed or if they are rusted and old.
  9. Your insurance premiums are reduced more by having hurricane impact windows; they are always protecting the home whereas shutters have to be installed or closed by the homeowner.
  10. Impact hurricane windows reduce your air conditioning energy consumption; hurricane shutters don’t.
  11. With impact hurricane windows you are not only protected against hurricane debris but they also force entry tested against burglary.
  12. With impact hurricane windows you can enjoy peace and quiet with up to 70% sound reduction. Shutters do not reduce sound.
  13. With impact hurricane windows the exterior appearance of your home takes a more natural form. Hurricane shutters are clunky, bulky, and unappealing. See below.
  14. With impact hurricane windows you also get UV protection from the sun. Impact hurricane windows provide 99% blockage of ultraviolet light inside your home. Furniture, flooring, draperies, and many valuables are protected from fading or discoloration that can occur with repeated exposure to the sun. Shutters only do this when closed and your home is dark.
  15. Hurricane impact windows add more resale value to your home than hurricane shutters. They also last a lot longer and pay for themselves in the long run with reduced insurance premiums and energy costs.

In conclusion, you can see that impact hurricane windows are your best choice when it comes to protecting your home from a hurricane. You can always contact us at the office and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

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How Do Other Hurricane Defense Options Stack Up?


The myth that you can stop a window from breaking during the massive storm by placing an “X” pattern on it with tape is completely false. No matter what type of tapes are used, applying adhesive to your windows for hurricane defense will only end up causing more damage than good in most cases! There are zero benefits, and does not compare to the defensive capabilities offered by hurricane impact windows supplied and installed by The Window Guys

Wood Boards

Wood boards are an affordable and temporary solution for protecting your windows. But when stronger storms come through, they can become dangerous debris themselves! Nailing these onto the frame will provide some defense against weaker winds until it is ripped away by a more powerful gust of wind, thus endangering the lives of everyone living in your home and the homes around you.

In addition, sourcing wood boards amidst an upcoming storm can be difficult, as many other Floridians flock to home improvement stores buying up lumbar. This drastically reduces the amount of time you could be spending securing necessary supplies such as food, water, gas, etc.

Nothing At All

South Floridians have become desensitized to the destructive power of hurricanes. What they don’t realize is that it only takes one storm to pass over South Florida and cause major damage or even loss in property. Even then, many homeowners have chosen to ignore protecting their windows, leaving them bare during a major storm. The fact of the matter is: even tropical storm force winds can completely destroy standard windows, and should be treated with respect.

Don’t Bother With Subpar Hurricane Defense

Rather than test your luck with certain home defense options before a hurricane arrives, make the right decision and swap to impact windows.

As the leading supplier and installer in Florida of high-quality impact windows and doors, the Window Guys have the tools, team, and technology necessary to outfit your home with the best defense solutions available.

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