Hurricane Windows Installer Near Me In Fort Lauderdale

Stop Searching For A “Hurricane Window Installer Near Me in Fort Lauderdale”

The hurricanes of 2022 are coming, and it’s time to defend your home against the raging potential for damage that runs from June 1st through November 30th. Many Fort Lauderdale homeowners may feel that they’re safe with their accordion shutters or other form hurricane defense, but this just isn’t the case.

The best way to protect your Fort Lauderdale home during a heavy storm isn’t just having some plywood handy or nothing at all; It’s getting proper protection like hurricane windows that are designed to withstand the sheer force of hurricane winds and pressure, as well as fast-flying debris.

The reality is: too many Fort Lauderdale homeowners rely on subpar forms of home defense during the stormy season thinking that their home is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws their way. The truth? They’re putting themselves and their families at risk by not relying on a higher quality form of defense for their home.

Don’t spend countless hours searching online for a “hurricane window installer near me in Fort Lauderdale” and trust the experts at The Window Guys. Where everyone else may claim to have the experience, team, and technology necessary to provide you with a high-quality hurricane window installation, none of them have done it as consistently and effectively as we have for over 15 years.

Hurricane Windows Are Better Than….

When deciding what kind of hurricane defense you want for your Fort Lauderdale home, it’s important to first lay out the different options that you may have heard of. These include:

Tape On Your Windows

One of the most discussed hurricane defense options, putting tape on your windows in a “cross” or X pattern has been said to provide protection for you and those around from severe storms. The idea behind this product is that when you have a hurricane, the heavy winds and pressure will break your windows. Instead of breaking apart as glass normally would, the tape keeps the pieces in place so they don’t fly off and endanger your family. The reality is that this creates larger, more dangerous chunks of glass that prove even more dangerous for your loved ones.

Wood Panels

Wood panels are a step up from taping your windows. They’re cheap and easy to source, enclosing the glass and protecting your home against thrown debris hitting it or potentially destroying their integrity on impactful hits. However, wood panels can actually pose a severe threat to you, your loved ones, and your neighbors. Even if the wood panels are secured as effectively as possible, rapid winds can still rip them right out of the wall, effectively turning them into dangerous debris that can be whipped around.

Accordion Shutters

The accordion shutter is a much better option over the aforementioned options as they block out dangerous storm conditions during hurricanes by enclosing the window entirely. The sturdy aluminum is typically enough to protect against lower category storms. However, keep in mind that aluminum accordion shutters are permanently affixed to your windows, detracting from your home’s overall exterior aesthetic the rest of the year. Additionally, they all require manually setup, so you’ll have to go window by window closing them up in the event of a storm tracking towards Fort Lauderdale.

The fact of the matter is: although the options listed above have all been used for decades here in South Florida, they all fall short of the defensive capabilities of hurricane windows. This means investing in quality hurricane protection like our high-quality hurricane windows that are able withstand winds upwards of 155+ mile per hour winds and heavy impacts all year long.

So, When Should I Get Hurricane Windows Installed In My Fort Lauderdale Home?

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The misconception about hurricane windows is that they must be installed during the off-season, but this couldn’t be further from true. Hurricane windows in Fort Lauderdale can be installed all year long! Don’t sit idly by and search for a “hurricane window installer near me in Fort Lauderdale”, and contact The Window Guys today to get a free no-obligation estimate for your home!

Why Choose The Window Guys?

With a wide variety of hurricane-resistant window options, we can install the perfect one for your home. Our leading hurricane window installation services in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas offer an extensive range from which to choose from including ESW hurricane windows, PGT hurricane windows, or SIW hurricane windows. There is no better option than us when it comes time that you need new replacement windows.

The Window Guys has a team of experts dedicated to installing high-quality impact windows. They get to work installing your impact windows flawlessly as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get back to enjoying your home as quickly as possible. We’ll assist in procuring the necessary building permits so that we can streamline the process as much as possible.

When you need hurricane windows you can count on, trust the team at The Window Guys. Stop searching endlessly for a “hurricane windows installer near me in Fort Lauderdale” and contact us today for a free estimate. Simply call us at (561) 598-6295 to speak with a Window Guys representative!