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Each year, Florida residents must prepare for the inevitable hurricane season. Not doing so can put your home and family at serious risk. It’s important to ensure you are protected before the hurricane makes landfall. Hallandale homeowners will often rely on a number of different methods, such as tape, wooden panels, and shutters in order to defend their homes, but the truth is that these methods can’t defend against the high-speed winds and flying debris that hurricanes bring with them. 

As a resident of Hallandale, you’re more than likely to be familiar with what hurricanes are and what destructive force they carry with them. You never want your home to be the victim of hurricane-related damage. Methods such as aluminum shutters and plywood are not truly effective solutions for protecting your home from hurricanes. The Window Guys can provide you with hurricane defense capable of defending against the strongest of hurricanes. There are too many Hallandale residents who rely on lesser forms of hurricane protection to keep their homes and family safe. If you don’t invest in a real form of hurricane defense, you’re putting everything inside your home at risk of being lost or damaged. These homeowners will often ignore the data and signs that plywood and other forms of hurricane protection don’t work. Investing in hurricane windows from The Window Guys is the best way to keep your family and home protected.

Don’t waste even more time searching the web endlessly for a Hallandale hurricane window installer. Most of these companies will make outrageous claims stating that they are the number one impact window provider in their area. Unlike the competition, The Window Guys have been operating in South Florida for over 15 years now. We have been helping Hallandale residents install hurricane windows that look incredible and provide the protection they need to feel safe for years to come.


Hurricane Windows Are Better Than…

Before you decide to invest in a form of hurricane protection, it’s important to know about the different options and how they all compare to one another. You should also know that not all forms of hurricane protection provide the same level of defense as others. These options include:


Tape on Windows

As hurricanes begin to come close, you will begin to see more and more tape showing up on windows, usually in the form of an “X” pattern. This has been a popular form of hurricane and storm protection for years. The belief is that the tape will hold the window together and provide extra support. The truth? The tape will not protect your windows from breaking. The tape will prevent serious shatters, but will instead leave you with large chunks and shards of glass that can be extremely hazardous. 


Wooden Panels

Wooden panels have always been seen as a budget-friendly shutter for when a storm is hitting. Similar to tape, when a storm begins to get closer, you will begin to see wooden panels begin to show up on businesses and homes in your area. Wooden panels are good against tropical storms, but nothing more serious than that. These panels can be ripped off by strong winds and they can be destroyed by fast-flying debris. Once the panel is gone, there is nothing protecting your home. They are also hard to find once a storm is initially spotted since everyone will begin to stock up on them. 


Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are an actual effective form of hurricane protection. That is because they are made from aluminum, making them durable and resistant to rust. They also cover the entire window frame making them a secure option. Unfortunately, they are affixed to the exterior of your home permanently, making them an unwelcome sight when a storm has passed. Similar to the other options mentioned above, they also have to be manually set up when a storm is about to hit and manually taken down once the storm has passed.

The fact remains that although hurricane protection comes in many forms, it’ll never provide the same level of protection as hurricane-resistant windows. Investing in hurricane windows is investing in the future since these windows will last for years and can defend against high-speed impacts and winds over 155 miles per hour. 


When Should I Get Hurricane Windows Installed in My Hallandale Home?

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There’s no reason to wait for a hurricane to hit. The Window Guys offer competitively priced high-quality hurricane windows that can be installed any time of the year. Don’t wait to look for a “hurricane window installer near me in Hallandale”, when you can trust the South Florida experts at The Window Guys. 


Why Choose The Window Guys?

Hurricane-resistant windows are the best way to protect your home and we offer a wide range of options. From high-quality impact window and door brands such as ESW PGT, and CGI, you’ll be sure to love your stunning hurricane windows in your Hallandale home. Once you select the windows for your home, you won’t have to look far for an impact window installer, as we have our own team of highly skilled hurricane window installation specialists readily available. 

We understand that you want to get your windows installed quickly and efficiently so we will take care of everything for you. Our professional installation team is trained in making sure every detail gets done right, from getting permits through testing to ensuring your new windows are properly installed.

When you need hurricane windows you can count on, trusting the team at The Window Guys. Stop searching endlessly for a “hurricane windows installer near me in Hallandale” and contact us today for a free estimate. Simply call us at (561) 598-6295 to speak with a Window Guys representative!



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