Hurricane Window Installer Near Me in Boynton Beach

Stop Searching for A “Hurricane Window Installer Near Me in Boynton Beach”

The 2022 hurricane season is on its way so now is the time to make sure your home is ready. Many Boynton Beach homeowners will often feel safe with accordion shutters and other forms of hurricane protection but the reality is that these forms of defense can’t withstand the strong winds and flying debris that hurricanes bring with them. 

Living in Boynton Beach, you’re most likely familiar with hurricanes and what they can do to a home. You never want your home to be the one that gets hit with serious damage. Using aluminum shutters and plywood to protect the weak spots on your home won’t effectively protect your home from hurricane damage. The Window Guys can provide you with hurricane defense capable of defending against the strongest hurricanes.

There are many Boynton Beach homeowners that rely on mediocre forms of hurricane protection to keep their homes safe. The truth is that they’re putting their home and family at greater risk by not investing in a strong defense against hurricanes. These homeowners will often ignore the signs that plywood and other forms of hurricane protection don’t work. If you want to make sure your home and family are safe, it’s time to invest in hurricane windows. 

There’s no reason to search endlessly for a Boynton Beach impact window installer since most of the companies you find will claim to be the leader in impact windows. Homeowners across Boynton Beach have trusted the Window Guys with their hurricane window installations for over 15 years now. Ever since we opened our doors, we have been providing the highest quality hurricane window solutions to protect homes from hurricane-force winds and rain. 

Hurricane Windows is Better Than…

When you think about what kind of hurricane protection to invest in for your home, it’s important to first think about the different options that exist. It’s important to remember that not all forms of hurricane defense provide the same level of protection. These include: 

Tape on the Windows

You’ve probably seen the “X” tape pattern on windows as a form of hurricane protection. This method is meant to keep your windows from breaking during a hurricane. The tape is placed on a window to keep it in place if the pressure begins to compromise the windows of your home. The reality is that this method will keep your windows from shattering entirely, but it leaves you with large, dangerous chunks of glass that can lead to serious injuries. 

Wood Panels

Wood panels have always been the go-to cost-effective solution, but they still pose threats to your home if not secured properly. Flying debris could break the wooden panel leaving your window, and home, exposed to the weather outside. Wooden panels are also difficult to find once a hurricane is on the way. 

Accordion Shutters

The accordion shutter is a much more viable option when it comes to hurricane protection since it covers the entire window. The sturdy aluminum also provides enough protection to defend against low-category hurricanes and other heavy impacts. Accordion shutters unfortunately don’t help the appearance of your home since they are permanently attached to the exterior of your home. They also require manual setup each time a hurricane strikes, leaving you with less time to make other preparations. 

The fact is that although these hurricane protection options have been used for decades in South Florida, none of them come close to the defensive capabilities of hurricane windows. This means investing in hurricane windows will keep your home from winds of up to 155+ miles per hour and heavy impacts. 

When Should I Get Hurricane Windows Installed in My Boynton Beach Home?

hurricane windows boynton beach

There’s no reason to wait for a hurricane to hit. The Window Guys offer competitively priced high-quality hurricane windows that can be installed any time of the year. Don’t wait to look for a “hurricane window installer near me in Boynton Beach”, when you can trust the South Florida experts at The Window Guys. 

Why Choose The Window Guys?

Hurricane-resistant windows are the best way to protect your home and we offer a wide range of options. From high-quality impact window and door brands such as ESW PGT, and CGI, you’ll be sure to love your stunning hurricane windows in your Boynton Beach home. Once you select the windows for your home, you won’t have to look far for an impact window installer, as we have our own team of highly skilled hurricane window installation specialists readily available.

We understand that you want to get your windows installed quickly and efficiently so we will take care of everything for you. Our professional installation team is trained in making sure every detail gets done right, from getting permits through testing to ensuring your new windows are properly installed.

When you need hurricane windows you can count on, trusting the team at The Window Guys. Stop searching endlessly for a “hurricane windows installer near me in Boynton Beach” and contact us today for a free estimate. Simply call us at (561) 598-6295 to speak with a Window Guys representative!


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