15 years logoBefore you purchase new storm impact windows in Pompano Beach, you will want to make sure that you are investing in quality products. Our team of window installation experts will provide you with the quality windows that you need and is certified by the state. If you want to purchase certified hurricane windows for your property, be sure to get your windows from the Window Guys, the top-rated window company in Florida. If you don’t believe we’re the best, just take a look at the reviews and recommendations left by our terrific clients. They will testify that we provide safe and durable products for your home.

Why You Need Impact Window Installation in Pompano Beach

Broward County is one of the heaviest-hit hurricane cities in South Florida with 29 recorded hits. We have been specializing in impact window installation for Pompano Beach for more than a decade. So we know a thing or two about why superior protection is needed in South Florida. With our professional service, you can count on us to protect your home from the harsh elements of Florida weather.

Part of living in Pompano Beach, Florida is protecting your home from the natural risks that can come your way. Secure yourself with approved impact windows for protection against storms and hurricanes.

Why Choose The Window Guys of Florida?

Pompano Beach beach front condo with impact windows installed by the window guys

We provide the best selection and installation services of impact windows in Pompano Beach. With over dozens of personal client testimonials and a spotless A+ BBB Rating, you should only expect excellence from us. That is exactly why your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You’ve heard about impact window installation for hurricane home protection and there’s a reason why many homeowners have made the decision to switch over. Making the decision can be overwhelming, so read through our website and let us educate you about your choices for impact windows solutions that are available to you.


Energy-Efficient Hurricane Impact Windows Installation in Pompano Beach

Before summer starts rolling in, it’s often recommended that you replace your property’s windows as it will be one of the best investments you could make. Your windows contribute to a significant amount of heat gain in your home, which can cause you to live in an uncomfortable environment. But by upgrading your older windows to brand new energy-efficient, impact-resistant models, you can seal off your home’s interior. This will allow your A/C to cool your home with a more significant effect.

Also, due to their energy efficiency, you will gain extra benefits when your energy bill arrives every month. Hurricane impact windows will help keep your home sealed against hot or cold air that enters or escapes your home. With our ultraviolet-resistant impact windows, you can also reduce the amount of heat that enters your home. This type of glass will keep the sun’s rays from invading your home and increasing your home’s interior temperature. As a result, you could save on your energy bills, reducing them by 15% to 20%.


Replace Inferior Hurricane Shutters With Our Pompano Beach Impact Windows 

If you’ve only used hurricane shutters to protect your windows, then you might’ve experienced both some benefits and drawbacks. Hurricane shutters will protect your home from debris but they don’t seal it against rain or wind damage. More so, they can still become easily damaged with enough force.

By eliminating the need for bulky, unwieldy, hurricane shutters, our Pompano Beach impact windows can provide you protection from both flying debris and water. During hurricanes, wind speeds are paired with negative levels of barometric pressure, potentially causing windows to be pulled from their frames. When this happens, your home, furniture, and other personal belongings are ruined. And ultimately, you and other residents are left unprotected.

But once you hire us for Pompano Beach Impact Window Installation services, you can be protected against storm debris, rains, and winds through the creation of a tight seal. With our Pompano Beach impact windows, you will also deter burglars who try to break into your home, which will keep your house and family protected year-round.

Apart from possessing significantly less protection, hurricane shutters are a chore to install. Our windows eliminate this process entirely while also adding a level of noise reduction and decreasing insurance premiums by a noticeable margin.

What is Hurricane Windows Better Than? 

Before you decide to invest in hurricane windows, it’s important to know about the different options available to you and how they all differ. This will help you better understand why some forms of hurricane protection are better than others and why you should invest in one option over the other. These different protection options include:

Taping Windows / The X Pattern

When a hurricane or tropical storm begins to make its way close to home, you may notice lots of businesses and homes taping an “X” pattern onto their windows. This has been a popular form of hurricane protection for years. The idea is that the tape would enforce your window panels and keep them in place. The truth? The tape will not protect your windows from being compromised. The tape will prevent serious shatters, but will instead leave you with large chunks and shards of glass that can be extremely hazardous. 

Wooden Panels

Wooden panels have always been seen as budget-friendly shutters when a serious storm hits. You probably see lots of homes and businesses using them to protect their windows. Wooden panels are good against tropical storms, but nothing more than that. These panels can be ripped off by strong winds and they can be destroyed by fast-flying debris. Once the panel is gone, there is nothing protecting your home. They are also hard to get a hold of once a hurricane is spotted as people race out and stock up on them.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are an actual effective form of hurricane protection. That is because they are made from aluminum, making them durable and resistant to rust. They also cover the entire window frame making them a secure option. Unfortunately, they are affixed to the exterior of your home permanently, making them an undesirable sight once the storm has passed. Similar to the other options mentioned above, they also have to be manually set up when a storm is about to hit and manually taken down once the storm has passed. 

The fact remains that although hurricane protection comes in many forms, it’ll never provide the same level of protection as hurricane-resistant windows. Investing in hurricane windows is investing in the future since these windows will last for years and can defend against high-speed impacts and winds over 155 miles per hour.

Pompano Beach Impact Windows Can Lower Your Insurance

Becoming a Pompano Beach resident usually leads to higher home insurance to cover various damages and costs that could occur during hurricane season. However, by adding protective measures to your home, your insurance provider will often reduce your premiums. And with impact windows, especially, you’re adding one of the greatest forms of protection to your Pompano Beach home. Additionally, insurance companies will often reward their members for taking the extra steps to protect their homes and family.

Pompano Beach Hurricane Impact Doors Provider

We’re most renowned for our impact windows, but we also premier impact door installation for residential, hi-rise, mid-rise condominiums, and commercial specialists. Since 2003 our company stands for quality, professionalism, and peace of mind combined with the latest technologies on impact doors. Our dedicated experts work together as a team to provide our clients with an end result that’s second to none.

Our hurricane impact doors are durable and designed to withstand the shock of flying debris that occurs due to hurricanes or other severe storms. Also, because they’re made with a corrosion-resistant material, the doors are designed to withstand high levels of heat, humidity, and all other types of harsh environmental static. More so, they also add a level of noise reduction to the home and block 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, keeping your home’s furniture safe from fading and dulling its texture.

The Window Guys of Florida can dispatch an impact door installation team to your home or business in our service area of Palm City and the surrounding areas. We will dispatch a qualified installer at your convenience to install your doors.

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We believe that honesty, hard work, and establishing long-term relationships with our clients lead to success. By working with the most advanced engineering systems we make sure that superior elegance and the best functionality are paired with the highest ratings of energy efficiency, noise reduction, and protection that come with our impact windows. Our extensive product lines are designed to adapt to the demands of your property regardless of your budget, maintaining the highest quality standards in compliance with all States of Florida and Broward County. If you’re interested in having impact windows installed on your Pompano Beach property then call The Window Guys of Florida today at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.


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