What Are The Benefits Of Double Glazed Hurricane Windows?


We know that you are smart because you’ve elected to upgrade your home’s windows with The Window Guys of Florida. So now that you’re getting the huge benefits of having reinforced windows, making your home that much more protected in the case of a major storm, there is an additional feature that you may not be aware of. All of our impact hurricane windows are installed with the double glazing technique.


But what exactly does this mean? You see, double glazing was first implemented in areas with extreme climates. Double-glazed windows are now becoming the standard in upgraded windows and window replacements across the nation. You are now a part of a growing community of forward-thinking homeowners.

We already know that impact windows are great at protecting the home from flying objects, hence the “impact” in the name. Our double-glazed windows provide an additional measure of protection.

By layering two panes of reinforced glass onto a frame, an actual breach of an object into your home becomes that much more difficult. While incredibly durable, impact windows are not indestructible.

Should a projectile manage to crack or shatter one of the layers of glass, the adhesive that is added to the inner layers will prevent a shard volley of glass from spraying into your home. What’s more, the projectile would have to manage to press through not 1, but 2 layers of reinforced glass, which is highly unlikely.

You know that your home, belongings, and loved ones are important to protect, so you’ve upgraded your windows that have a double glaze. Right?


Double-glazed windows also do not just have stale air in between the 2 panes of glass. The space between is filled with an inert gas, typically Argon. But why, you may ask. The reason is simple. Argon serves as an insulator.

Gases like argon are high in density than that of typical air, which is what grants its insulative properties. Why is this good? Dense gases allow less heat to escape your home and less cold to enter. In Warmer climates, the benefits are flip-flopped.

The dense air in between the panes of glass keeps cold air (from your air conditioner) from escaping your home’s interior while also keeping warm air from outdoors from entering your home. For more information on estimating heat loss from double glazed windows check this out.

Not only does this keep the comfort level of your home at the level it needs to be, but it also saves you tons of money. By balancing the temperatures like this, it alleviates the workload that is placed on your home’s air conditioner. When your air conditioner is not constantly in use, the energy usage of your home is reduced drastically.

This is excellent as it not only is better for the environment, it saves you a ton of money on your monthly electric bill. With reduced expenditures on things like cooling or heating your home, the double glazing on your impact hurricane windows will pay for themselves in time.

Lastly, upgrading to double-glazed impact windows also gains the homeowner another financial return on their investment. A property appraiser will assess and survey a home and surrounding property to determine its net worth.

While there is a multitude of factors that play into this, we can basically guarantee that a home that is equipped with impact windows will stand out as a key point, therefore increasing the home’s overall value.

Be smart. With all of the information present, the value and protection that comes with upgrading your home with double-glazed impact windows serve to eliminate any uneasiness that the homeowner may have about upgrading.