• What Are Small and Large Missile Tests?

    Hurricane impact windows are a must-have feature for every homeowner and commercial building owner in storm-prone Florida. But how can you be sure that the windows you’re having installed will really perform as they should? Window installation experts in West Palm Beach, FL use products that have been impact-resistant certified. This means the impact windows […]

  • The Main Causes of Window Failure During Hurricanes

    The average hurricane season results in billions of dollars in damage. Homeowners can use insurance payouts and FEMA aid to recover from their losses, but these payments can’t cover everything, and they can’t replace priceless family treasures like photo albums. There’s no way to build a home that is 100% disaster-proof, but it’s possible to […]

  • Horton Automatics: The Pioneer of Automatic Sliding Doors

    In West Palm Beach, FL, sliding glass doors are a common feature of commercial buildings like hospitals, airports, and retail stores. If you’re planning to build or renovate a commercial space, you can call in professionals to install impact sliding doors to improve the customer experience, manage traffic flow, and support the security of the […]

  • A Look at Impact Terrace Doors by WinDoor

    Professional door installers often recommend products made by WinDoor . This company is known for its superior craftsmanship, enviable aesthetics, and exceptional impact construction. If you’re building a new home or it’s time to renovate your existing home, you should take a look at the collection of terrace doors by WinDoor. The V-800 Series and […]

  • Handy Hurricane Tracking App from the Red Cross

    Prevention and protection are the keys to safety, so you need to know what to expect in order to react the right way. Installing impact windows in West Palm Beach, FL is a good preemptive measure because it bolsters your homes against hurricanes, but you should also know the weather forecast so you can brace […]

  • Protect Your Home with HydroShield Technology

    Your entry doors are the gates to your home, and they need to do more than just keep burglars out. The right exterior impact doors in West Palm Beach, FL will turn criminals away in addition to keeping your home free of damage from the elements. Regular screen doors may let moisture inside, and this […]

  • Protect Your Family with New Balcony Railings

    You might be afraid of heights or you might be a daredevil, but a fear of falling won’t have anything to do with the outcome. When you walk through your back screen doors in West Palm Beach, FL to go lean on your balcony railing and admire the view, you might not even be aware […]

  • A Look Back at Hurricane Andrew

    We all tend to worry about man-made threats, but nature can do a greater amount of damage than one individual can. Hurricane Andrew was a devastating weather event that did massive amounts of damage, but it also opened the eyes of the leaders of the construction industry and made it clear that we need better […]

  • Own a More Valuable Home by Investing in Impact Windows and Doors

    Impact resistant doors and windows offer plenty of benefits for homeowners. To learn about one of these benefits, read on to discover how investing in impact windows and storm doors in West Palm Beach, FL can boost your home’s value. Improve Energy Efficiency If you’re like many homeowners, then you are always on the lookout […]

  • Is Your Home Protected from Hurricanes?

    Even if you don’t live on the coast, it’s important to take safety measures when a hurricane is in the vicinity. One way to do this is to equip your home with stormproof windows. If you’re wondering whether you might benefit from installing hurricane windows West Palm Beach, FL , then watch this video to […]