What Are Small and Large Missile Tests?


Hurricane impact windows are a must-have feature for every homeowner and commercial building owner in storm-prone Florida. But how can you be sure that the windows you’re having installed will really perform as they should? Window installation experts in West Palm Beach, FL use products that have been impact-resistant certified. This means the impact windows have passed rigorous testing protocols , including small and large missile tests.

Certified windows are tested to ensure they’ll hold up to small missiles, such as glass particles and roof gravel. A hurricane will typically hurl these small missiles 30 feet or higher above their point of origin. Stormproof windows must also withstand impacts from large missiles, which are typically propelled through the air at heights within 30 feet of ground level. These include timbers, bricks, sheet metal, and roof tiles. Current guidelines state that windows located at 30 feet or less above ground level must pass the large missile test. Those that are located higher up must pass either the large missile or small missile test.


The Main Causes of Window Failure During Hurricanes


The average hurricane season results in billions of dollars in damage. Homeowners can use insurance payouts and FEMA aid to recover from their losses, but these payments can’t cover everything, and they can’t replace priceless family treasures like photo albums. There’s no way to build a home that is 100% disaster-proof, but it’s possible to improve the capability of your house to withstand hurricane damage. Talk to a window replacement expert in West Palm Beach, FL. He or she can explain why storm impact windows are less likely to fail during hurricanes compared to conventional windows.

Windows That Aren’t Impact-Resistant Certified

Older homes in Florida are less likely to feature hurricane impact windows. Some homeowners insist upon dragging out storm shutters every season, despite the fact that these offer inferior protection compared to stormproof windows. Nailing down sheets of plywood over the windows is better than doing nothing at all, but this method still doesn’t offer the level of protection that impact windows do.

Roofs That Are Made from Tile

In addition to installing the proper windows, homeowners in storm-prone areas should evaluate their roofing material. Tile roofs pose more of a threat to windows than shingles, although shingles that are damaged will get blown off easily too. Flat roofs that feature gravel ballast also pose a risk. All it takes is one single shingle or rock penetrating through a window to allow the entire force of the wind to enter the home. When hurricane-force winds breach a home, the damage can be catastrophic. Roofs have been known to be blown off from wind penetration.

Whole Windows That Are Blown Inward

Some homeowners try a DIY approach to window replacement. But if impact windows aren’t installed properly by a professional, there is a greater risk that the entire unit—including the window frame—will blow into the home during a severe storm.

Water That Leaks Around the Window Frames

Another hazard of DIY installation is the risk of water leakage during a hurricane. During a severe hurricane, your home will get pounded with thousands of gallons of water. If your windows aren’t installed properly, they can fail as water leaks through the joints or around the frames.


Horton Automatics: The Pioneer of Automatic Sliding Doors

In West Palm Beach, FL, sliding glass doors are a common feature of commercial buildings like hospitals, airports, and retail stores. If you’re planning to build or renovate a commercial space, you can call in professionals to install impact sliding doors to improve the customer experience, manage traffic flow, and support the security of the building. But without a little-known company called Horton Automatics, this technological innovation wouldn’t have been possible.

When you watch this video, you’ll hear how Horton Automatics invented and manufactured the first automatic sliding glass door in 1960. Over the years, the design has been improved upon, with safety features like incorrect direction locking, body and foot detection, and emergency stops. Now, you can even have a window and door company customize your installation choices.

A Look at Impact Terrace Doors by WinDoor


Professional door installers often recommend products made by WinDoor . This company is known for its superior craftsmanship, enviable aesthetics, and exceptional impact construction. If you’re building a new home or it’s time to renovate your existing home, you should take a look at the collection of terrace doors by WinDoor. The V-800 Series and the 9050 Series are both available with high impact glass. For homeowners in West Palm Beach, FL, these storm doors can offer peace of mind during a busy hurricane season.

V-800 Series

WinDoor’s V-800 terrace door is a beautifully constructed door made from reinforced vinyl. It features a multi-point lock and seal system, and best of all, both the glass and vinyl materials come in high impact-certified options. With the V-800 Series, homeowners and builders can customize the storm door installation. It’s available with either standard or low profile sills, and in fin, flange, and flush framing. This impact-resistant door comes standard with a white finish, but the company does offer the option to have it finished in a custom paint color. Homeowners could even decide to have different finishes applied to the interior and exterior sides. The high impact glass includes an insulated airspace to maximize energy efficiency. Low-E coatings and various tints are available to boost energy efficiency further.

9050 Series

Homeowners and builders who are interested in customizing their terrace doors with a single or double swing should take a look at the 9050 Series by WinDoor. Either of these choices will give you superior pressure resistance and water performance. If you aren’t sure which is right for your home, you can talk to a professional door installer for guidance. Like the V-800 Series terrace door, the 9050 Series is available with fin, flange, and flush framing options, and standard and low-profile sills are available. The standard bottom rail is 5 1/8” tall. The high bottom rail choice is 8 ¾” tall. The type of paint you choose can affect your WinDoor warranty. A clear anodized finish has a five-year warranty. White and bronze options offer a three-year warranty, and Hatteras White and Bermuda Bronze have a 10-year warranty. Custom paint options are also available.


Handy Hurricane Tracking App from the Red Cross


Prevention and protection are the keys to safety, so you need to know what to expect in order to react the right way. Installing impact windows in West Palm Beach, FL is a good preemptive measure because it bolsters your homes against hurricanes, but you should also know the weather forecast so you can brace yourself when a natural disaster strikes. Use this handy hurricane tracking app from the Red Cross to protect yourself and your family.

Hurricane by American Red Cross is an app that lets you know if there are signs that a severe weather event may happen in your area. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can get all the information you need on how to protect yourself and what to do while you wait out the storm, even if you don’t have any connection to cell phone service or the Internet.

Protect Your Home with HydroShield Technology


Your entry doors are the gates to your home, and they need to do more than just keep burglars out. The right exterior impact doors in West Palm Beach, FL will turn criminals away in addition to keeping your home free of damage from the elements. Regular screen doors may let moisture inside, and this puts your household at risk for mold growth and water damage that could go as far as to impact your health. If you’re concerned with protecting your home’s image as well as making it a healthy place to live, HydroShield technology won’t let you down . Keep reading and protect your home with HydroShield technology.

Fortify Your Entry Doors

HydroShield technology from Plastpro is designed to bolster your storm doors so they hold up for as long as possible. Patio doors can’t keep people from breaking into your space if they rot and deteriorate over time. This leaves you and your family vulnerable to an invasion, and it doesn’t do any good for your curb appeal, either. HydroShield technology helps your exterior doors maintain their structural integrity so you can sleep well at night knowing that no one’s breaking yours down.

Minimize Mold Problems and Water Damage

The name HydroShield implies that any patio door with this technology will resist water, which can be helpful in some ways that you might not have expected. Wooden doors are susceptible to rot, which weakens them and ruins their curb appeal. HydroShield technology protects your doors from breaking down due to moisture. This makes it easier to avoid a mold problem and the symptoms that come with mold exposure, and it lets your door last longer. Investing in this kind of upgrade can save you time, money, and frustration in the future.

Don’t Sacrifice Aesthetics

You can protect your home and your patio doors without giving up on your curb appeal, and HydroShield can help. Plastpro doors with HydroShield technology are less likely to show visible wear since they’re resistant to the elements, so you can protect your curb appeal and protect your family.


Protect Your Family with New Balcony Railings


You might be afraid of heights or you might be a daredevil, but a fear of falling won’t have anything to do with the outcome. When you walk through your back screen doors in West Palm Beach, FL to go lean on your balcony railing and admire the view, you might not even be aware of the potential threat you’re engaging. Balcony railings don’t last forever, and they’re not guaranteed to keep you or your family members from falling down. What you can do is maintain your railings and remember to replace them if they get old or become damaged, wobbly, or dilapidated. Continue reading and protect your family with new balcony railings.

A beautiful outdoor balcony lets you soak in the view for miles, but falling off of one will more often than not result in serious injury or even death. You can’t trust all balcony railings to be sturdy enough to hold your weight and protect you from a fall, so you should take a look at yours every now and then to make sure it’s still doing its job. If yours is starting to look wobbly, have it replaced in order to protect your family.


A Look Back at Hurricane Andrew


We all tend to worry about man-made threats, but nature can do a greater amount of damage than one individual can. Hurricane Andrew was a devastating weather event that did massive amounts of damage, but it also opened the eyes of the leaders of the construction industry and made it clear that we need better ways to protect ourselves and our property . If people understood the importance of storm impact windows in West Palm Beach, FL at the time, then maybe there wouldn’t have been such an extreme amount of damage. Read on and take a look back at Hurricane Andrew.

What Happened During Hurricane Andrew

It was in 1992 that Hurricane Andrew swept through a small part of southern Florida, and it left its mark in a number of ways. Although only about 65 people were confirmed to have died as a direct result of the hurricane, hundreds of thousands more were left homeless. Houses and commercial buildings alike were toppled over and destroyed due to the wind and water, and those people that did still have homes were left without power for months after the weather event. Much of Florida’s population is made up of people who moved there after retiring, so people were generally unprepared to deal with this kind of disaster.

How Much It Cost in Damages

Southern Florida was not the only region affected by Hurricane Andrew. The hurricane also hit Louisiana, destroying offshore oil facilities as it went on. This caused about a billion dollars in damage, which is nothing compared to the roughly 25 billion dollars in damage that southern Florida had to recover from. This turned out to be a tragic learning experience for residents of the area, as well as the construction industry.

What It Meant for the Construction Industry

After Hurricane Andrew, the construction industry was motivated to fortify homes in areas where hurricanes are prevalent. Hurricane impact windows have become more prevalent since then, and these secure windows usually lower home insurance premiums while also protecting families from devastating damage.


Own a More Valuable Home by Investing in Impact Windows and Doors


Impact resistant doors and windows offer plenty of benefits for homeowners. To learn about one of these benefits, read on to discover how investing in impact windows and storm doors in West Palm Beach, FL can boost your home’s value.

Improve Energy Efficiency

If you’re like many homeowners, then you are always on the lookout for ways to make your home more energy efficient. If this sounds like you, then you should consider adding value to your home by replacing your old windows and doors with impact resistant ones, which can help keep your home better insulated and promote lower energy bills.

Reduce Storage Needs

If you currently use storm shutters to protect your home when the weather turns bad, then you may be losing valuable storage space. When they are not in use, storm shutters can take up precious real estate in your garage or storage shed, while stormproof windows and impact resistant doors, on the other hand, offer your home hurricane protection without taking up extra room.

Get Convenient Storm Protection

For homeowners using storm shutters to protect their home during hurricane season, they have another good reason to consider impact window and storm door installation. Once in place, these windows and doors protect your home permanently. Because there is no need to manually put up shutters when the weather gets violent, installing impact windows and doors can add more convenience for you and increase the value of your home.

Add Aesthetic Value

Replacing your windows and doors with new, impact resistance ones offers your home aesthetic value, as well. After all, by getting rid of your old, worn-down windows and doors that are out of style and showing their age, you can drastically improve your home’s curb appeal. So, if you are looking for ways to give your home’s exterior a facelift and boost its value, then you have an excellent reason to consider investing in stormproof windows and impact resistant doors.


Is Your Home Protected from Hurricanes?

Even if you don’t live on the coast, it’s important to take safety measures when a hurricane is in the vicinity. One way to do this is to equip your home with stormproof windows. If you’re wondering whether you might benefit from installing hurricane windows West Palm Beach, FL , then watch this video to learn about hurricane preparedness.

Start by considering whether you have boarded up your windows and secured your home. Then, secure loose objects and furniture to keep them from blowing away. Next, bring large items indoors and move low items up, if possible. Now, make sure that you have an emergency kit packed and ready by the door. Also, listen for updates about the storm, only leave your home if advised to, watch out for flooding, and stay away from windows and glass doors during strong winds. Finally, get prepared before the wind starts to blow.