10 Reasons To Install Impact Windows

If you’ve been living in South Florida, then you’re more than aware of the threat of hurricanes and strong weather. This shouldn’t be much of a mystery considering Florida gets hit with the most storms in the United States each year. Since the risk of dangerous weather is so high in South Florida, it’s best to protect yourself before it’s too late. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your home is to install impact windows. 

Impact windows are one of the proven ways to protect your home without having to sacrifice time or aesthetics. The Window Guys have put together 10 reasons why people install impact windows to help you see their true value. 

Reduce Your Energy Bills

It’s not the main reason why people install impact windows, but it’s one of the best benefits they have, besides protecting your home of course. Impact windows have great insulation which helps control the climate inside your home. This reduces the amount of work our air conditioning unit has to do, resulting in less energy consumption. Impact windows will save you money on your eclectic bill year after year.

Install Impact Windows and Add Value to Your Home

Installing impact windows is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home. South Florida is known for its extreme storms, so adding windows that protect against these will interest buyers much more than a home without them. 

Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioning Unit

As we mentioned before, impact windows have amazing insulation. This means that your air conditioning unit will be on less, increasing its life expectancy and efficiency. 

Permanent Protection Against Storms

This is the main and most important reason why people install impact windows. Rather than rushing out a week before a storm hits and buying shutters, impact windows will give you protection from storms permanently.

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

With today’s technology, it’s now possible to create impact windows without sacrificing aesthetics. They often look better than the normal windows you have on your house currently. Installing impact windows will add instant curb appeal to your home. 

Protection Against Intruders

While impact windows are meant to keep out storms, they also help with keeping out intruders as well. If they can hold up against hurricane winds, then they’ll be able to withstand someone trying to force their way in. 

Noise Reduction

If you live somewhere with lots of noise, impact windows can reduce the noise. Since they’re thick and insulated, they help block noise.

Easy to Operate

Impact window operation is no different than normal window operation. They’re just as easy to use and require no special technique. 

Insurance Premium Discounts

Insurance companies in states with high frequencies of storms will see impact windows as a heightened safety measure. This will give you insurance premium discounts. 

UV Damage Protection

UV damage can cause damage to items inside such as wood, fabric, carpets, and everything else. If you install impact windows, they will block these UV rays and protect the items in your home. 

Install Impact Windows Today

Installing impact windows can provide lots of benefits for your home. If these reasons have convinced you to get them installed, have The Window Guys install them today! Visit our contact page to get started or if you have any questions.