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What Makes TWG Different?

The Window Guys of Florida, located in Wellington, FL is one of the industry leaders providing the highest quality impact windows and doors in the market today. We carry top leading manufacturers such as ES Windows, PGT, Windoor, Andersen and many more.
We are a general contractor servicing residential, commercial, wholesale and condos. Our installation team has many years of experience and our quality craftsmanship is second to none.

We provide free estimates, and on time quotes, delivery, and installation for your new windows and doors. We have one of the largest state of the art showrooms in Wellington, FL to show all of the products we carry and their options. Please call us today to make an appointment to visit us.

TWG are the preferred installers for many of Florida’s hurricane impact window manufactures. We have developed a reputation among impact window manufactures and demanding builders by adhering to the manufacturers recommended installation protocol.

Your window is part of a total house envelope, so it is absolutely imperative that it be installed correctly in order to withstand the enormous pressures generated in a hurricane.

Each manufacturer has specific guidelines for installation as to how its impact-resistant windows must be installed in order for them to meet current wind load requirements. Proper installation provides for the intended designed protection when storm-driven debris impacts the window.

The proper installation of hurricane resistant windows to the building structure is critical. In a category 4 storm, the pressure on an average size window could be equivalent to over 2000 pounds.

For the window to meet its intended design pressures correctly, the load must be transferred to the building itself. This is accomplished by using the proper specified anchors. This allows the load to be transferred from the window to the rough opening therefore eliminating risk of unintended failure.

Keep Windows Tight

It is absolutely imperative when installing impact-resistant windows that a watertight caulk seal is accomplished to prevent water intrusion “Both the window bucks [the square box or frame within a concrete foundation for future window installation] and the window itself must be thoroughly sealed to the building.”

The accepted presence is the closer the structure is to the coastline, the more stringent the requirement for fasteners. Structures on the coastline would require stainless steel screws to stand up to the ocean environment. For those structures further inland, the fasteners required would be galvanized screws. Screws rather than nails are mandatory because screws are designed to pull material together and won’t pull out.

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