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Hurricane Impact Windows

Secure Windows Made From Hurricane Glass

Hurricane Impact Window InstallersThere are many reasons why you should replace your old windows and doors with new hurricane impact windows. Here are some of the reasons: 

  1. To protect your home against hurricanes without the need of the bulky hurricane shutters.
    If you purchase new shutters you still have old windows and doors. Shutters only protect against the impact of debris against your old glass, not against the high winds and negative pressure from storms.The negative pressure can cause a suction that can still pull your windows out of the opening and allow for wind water to enter your home. Hurricane windows can withstand the harsh conditions from storms.
  2. Your old windows and doors are hard to operate.
  3. You are concerned about the safety of your Windows and doors.
  4. Decrease insurance premiums by about half in some cases.
  5. Forced Entry Security, Impact Windows do not only get tested for hurricanes, but burglary resistance as well, so you will feel safe with new secure windows.
  6. Energy Efficiency, with your new hurricane impact windows will cool your home easier and reduce your energy bill considerably. We have a variety of energy efficient windows available.
  7. Storm proof windows are the only investment to your property that not only increases your property value but pays for itself in insurance reduction costs and energy savings in the long run, while protecting your home from hurricanes and forced entry.
  8. Improved visibility
  9. Improved protection against sunlight

The Window Guys of Florida will be happy to provide you with a free hurricane impact windows estimate. We will go to your home, meet with you to gather information on your needs, measure, take pictures and assess the needs of your home.

We like to take our time and give you an accurate, detailed estimate with what you need. We carry a lot of different product lines, because everyone’s needs are different and we like to give our clients what they need and not try to push a product because it’s the only one we carry.

A lot of small window dealers do this and you do not always get what you need and either over spend or have an inferior product. This is a sizable investment and one that will protect your life in a hurricane so it is very important that is done the right way.

Our commitment

At The Window Guys of Florida, we are committed to our clients first and will work relentlessly to give you a great value for your investment. We believe that honesty, integrity, and doing the right thing is the best policy and because of that most of our business is found through referrals and word of mouth.

Our goal is to make you happy by protecting your home with great products that will beautify your home and give you piece of mind for years to come.

Our Impact Window Resistant Products

The Window Guys of Florida is one of the industry leading sources for storm impact windows in West Palm Beach, FL. We specialize in condo replacement impact resistant products and high end residential impact products, carrying multiple window lines with all budgets in mind.

We have strong relationships with only top manufacturers with high quality products and excellent reputations for impact windows.

Hurricane Impact Windows Installation Service

The Window Guys of Florida takes pride in being the best at our craft and installing our hurricane impact windows with our own team of professional installers that have been with our company for years. Our guys are factory and safety trained to use the latest tools and high technology equipment available for residential and commercial window installation services.

We also offer window replacement services in West Palm Beach, FL. We use only the best materials to install your hurricane impact windows. No matter how good the product that you purchase is, if it’s not installed with top quality screws or sealants it will not be a quality installation. That is why we use sealant brands such as Dow Corning, Sikaflex, Vulkem and Tremco.

When it comes to screws which will attach your impact windows to your concrete structure we use tofasteners such as Hilti, Tap-con and Elco. We do not buy any materials made in china or buy inexpensive home depot materials to protect your home. When The Window Guys of Florida arrive at your home before commencing any work, the first thing we will do is protect your floors, cover your furniture with plastic protection, and build a temporary partition between the area that we will be working in and the rest of your home.

We realize that your home is not a construction site and that we are a guest at your home. All of our guys are professional, honest, courteous, and very aware that we have to accommodate to your needs not the other way around.

All of the installers in our company work for us and have been properly trained and have to meet the approval of our owner which is General Contractor and has installed Impact windows himself. We are not satisfied until your job is perfect and you are 100% happy with the final product we have provided to you.

Types of Hurricane Impact Windows – Aluminum & Vinyl

  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Horizontal Roller
  • Picture Window
  • Architectural
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Storefront – Ony available in ES & SIW


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