Hurricane Impact Doors

Hurricane Protection For Your Home near West Palm Beach, Boca Raton & South Florida

Hurricane Impact Sliding Glass DoorThe hurricane glass used in impact resistant doors have been manufactured by a special type of process known as the special silicone glazing process. These glazed hurricane glass hurricane impact doors don’t break out of the frame when facing high-velocity impact.

Due to the glazing process, the different layers of the glass interconnect with each other and this prevents the glass from breaking even when subjected to high-speed winds.

These high hurricane impact glass doors have been designed, manufactured and tested according the building codes available for the South Florida region. The standard codes available for the region include Miami-Dade Building code and AAMA protocol. Impact sliding doors conform to the standards available in these protocols.

In addition to these codes, the hurricane impact doors also pass through an air infiltration test as specified in the ASTM E283 standard. Impact door frames can either be made out of Vinyl or Aluminum. These door frames are also subjected to various tests including the air infiltration tests.

Impact door manufacturers also follow the stringent design, manufacturing and testing standards followed by the South Florida impact door manufacturers. By installing hurricane impact doors through a quality hurricane impact door manufacturer in South Florida, families in South Florida and Palm Beach get benefited to a great extent.

Some of the important benefits provided by the hurricane impact doors are listed here.

  1. Impact doors provide round the year hurricane and storm protection to the homeowners and family members in the south Florida region
  2. These doors are made out of corrosion resistant material, which makes the doors withstand the wet, heat and salty environment surrounding South Florida
  3. The sliding glass doors come with heat reduction and noise reduction capabilities
  4. Impact resistant doors have been specifically designed and tested to withstand the forced entry of debris
  5. In addition to being corrosion resistant, exterior impact doors substantially reduce the heating and cooling energy costs. Storm doors are made with a structure that reduces the loss due to heat transfer between the home interiors and the surrounding atmosphere
  6. These doors have been designed to prevent 99% of the sun’s Ultra violet rays from entering the home interiors. This prevents the drapes and furniture from fading quickly and retains its texture for a longer period of time.
  7. Impact hurricane doors also play a major part in increasing home resale value. Without these impact doors the homeowner can still homeowner house in South Florida, but at considerably lower prices.

With such a wide range of benefits provided by the impact doors, people living in West Palm Beach, FL can choose a quality supplier in the region, who also has the necessary resources required for completing the installation process. We provide high quality patio doors, glass front doors, entry doors, french doors, siiding glass doors and more!


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