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Giving your West Palm Beach home hurricane impact windows not only provides protection during hurricanes, but can also provide sound reduction and lowered insurance premiums.

The Window Guys of Florida proudly extend our services for West Palm Beach as a premier residential, hi-rise, mid-rise condominiums, and commercial specialist in West Palm Beach for Impact impact windows and doors.

Since 2003 our company stands for quality, professionalism, and peace of mind combined with the latest technologies in impact doors, windows, store-front, railings, fire rated glass, and more. Our dedicated professionals work together as a team to provide our clients with an effortless process and an end result which is second to none.

it is a great idea to take the time to retrofit your windows and doors. Impact doors that are constructed from high impact glass are designed to remain secure and in place, even when they are subjected to high winds and heavy rains. Our company specializes in impact windows and doors for West Palm Beach that can provide you with functional and stylish home doors and impact windows that will protect you during a hurricane.


Impact Resistant Glass

Storm proof doors are typically constructed from impact resistant glass, which is designed to let light into your indoor spaces, while also protecting your home from high winds. Impact resistant glass is constructed from a series of silicone glazed layers, which lock together in a special way. When high winds hit the impact resistant glass, it is very unlikely to shatter.

Corrosion Resistant Material

Along with being wind proof, storm proof doors are also engineered to resist corrosion and other forms of water damage. The wood elements that are found in conventional doors may break down and deteriorate when they are exposed to rain and excessive humidity in West Palm Beach. Your storm proof doors will be made out of special metals that will not break down in the days and weeks following a storm.

UV Protection Film

Between storm seasons, the state of Florida sees plenty of sunshine. Fortunately, your storm proof doors will be designed to protect your home during sunny days, as well.

A storm proof door features UV protection film, which will prevent sunlight from penetrating your door and damaging your furniture and other belongings. Your door retrofitting specialist can answer your questions about the benefits of switching over to storm proof doors.

We believe that integrity, and doing the right thing, is a platform for success in establishing long term relationships with our clients. By working with the most advanced engineering systems we ensure superior elegance and the best function ability with the highest ratings of energy efficiency, noise reduction, and protection.

Our extensive product lines are designed to adapt to the demands of your project regardless of your budget, keeping the highest quality standards and complying with all State of Florida and Miami Dade. The Window Guys of Florida offers a complete line of high performance automatic doors including sliding, swinging, fire rated, folding, ADA compliant and revolving door equipment.

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Learn by investing in impact windows and doors makes your west palm beach home more valuable.


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