Are you looking to make your home and family safer this hurricane season? Look no further than hurricane impact windows. Hurricane impact windows protect your loved ones 24 hours a day from the devastating effects of a storm. Not only do they protect, but they also provide improved energy efficiency, discounts on insurance, noise reduction, and protection from harmful UV rays. However, installing hurricane impact windows can be a bit tricky. As a result, here is a guide to installing impact windows.

Install Hurricane Impact Windows

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Installing hurricane windows does more than just protect your home, they will also reduce the noise, protect from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and improve the energy efficiency of your home. Many insurance companies appreciate the value of these windows and offer discounts on their homeowner’s insurance for homes and offices that have hurricane impact windows.

Installing Hurricane Impact Windows

Typically, impact-resistant windows do not necessarily need special installation and two people should be able to install them with ease. However, we recommend that you enlist the help of expert Florida impact Window Installers to ensure that your installation goes off without a hitch. Especially for multistory and older homes.

To install your hurricane impact windows, first, separate the existing window from its frame and put it to the side. Next, dry-fit the assembled impact windows into the opening of the frame. Dry fitting will ensure proper size and operation before you apply any sealer or caulking.

After dry fitting, the windows, remove the unit, and apply an approved sealant to the outside perimeter of the opening. Then very carefully put the new window into the opening and nail the window into the frame.

Sealing Your Hurricane Impact Windows

For extra hold, put your approved silicone caulking onto the edges of the frame. This will ensure that your hurricane impact windows will not be compromised by air leaking through. To make sure the window is completely sealed, attractive moldings and casings are installed around the window. Casings are usually outside and help ensure that the hurricane window is sealed completely. This stops leaking heat of air conditioning and keeps out pests. Inside the room, moldings are for aesthetics as well as completing the seal.

As always, if you are unsure or unfamiliar with installing windows please contact a professional who can install your windows with ease. Hiring a professional ensures that your windows are being installed correctly and in accordance with the manufacture’s specifications.

How Much Does Hurricane Impact Windows Cost

According to an independent study by the North American Laminated Glass Information Center, adding impact-resistant windows will only increase construction costs by a few thousand dollars on an average new home. As with all building enhancements, the familiarity of the crew with the product will directly impact how long the windows take to install and how much labor will cost. Compare the cost of the product, installation, and any insurance benefits before making your decision.

Hurricane Window Manufacturers in Stock

Nothing is more important than the protection of your family and the security of your home. Impact windows and impact doors can grant you peace of mind no matter what Mother Nature sends your way.

  1. Protection from storms: Impact windows and doors are specially constructed to withstand the force of airborne debris during a hurricane. These products are designed to maintain the atmospheric pressure inside your home, despite the high winds outside. This is important during a hurricane because if the winds breach the home, the damage will be significant.
  2. Protection from intruders: Impact windows and doors offer superior protection against would-be burglars. They help prevent the theft of your valuables and they protect your family from harm. In fact, their renowned theft protection may even lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums.
  3. Aesthetic appeal: Hurricane shutters are bulky and visually unappealing features that detract from the beauty of your home or business. Impact windows and doors are designed with aesthetics in mind. There are many decorative designs to choose from. You’re sure to find a style that seamlessly blends in with the other features of your home or business.

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