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With its beautiful weather and close proximity to Hollywood Beach, many people flock here when planning their vacations or retirement. If you are one of the many who’ve chosen Hollywood Beach as their home, then you know that there is always an occasional threat of severe weather. But thanks to the team behind The Window Guys of Florida, the ultra-strong and reliable impact windows in Hollywood Beach including impact doors, installed by our trusted company, have never failed in protecting our customers and their valued property. 

Staying safe during severe weather is not difficult if you have Hollywood Beach impact windows and doors. These products are specially designed to withstand the extreme forces of high winds caused by such things as hurricanes. However, you may be wondering why you should choose us for your protection. Generally, if you need advanced and modern impact windows to protect your Hollywood Beach home, then continue reading below for an overview of what our impact windows can offer you.

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The Window Guy’s Extensive Benefits of Hollywood Beach Impact Windows

There are many benefits to choosing The Window Guys to purchase your Hollywood Beach impact windows and doors from us. Perhaps the biggest benefit though, is that we offer affordable products that meet or exceed Florida building codes. Additionally, you can enjoy the following benefits when you purchase your impact windows and doors from us.

  • Financing Available with no money down
  • Warranties on All Products (Lifetime on Some)
  • Quick and Easy Installation by Expert Technicians
  • Better Business Bureau Approved with A+ Rating
  • Custom Windows and Doors in a Vast Array of Designs and Styles
  • Burglar and Hurricane Resistant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Affordable Prices
  • Free In-Home Consultations
  • State of the art showroom

Energy Efficient Hurricane Impact Windows Installation in Hollywood Beach

Before the summer months start coming in, it’s often most ideal that you replace your home’s windows. This is because they’ll turn out to be a good investment on your end. Your windows contribute to a huge amount of heat gain on your property causing you to live in an uncomfortable living environment. By upgrading your older, drafty windows to brand new energy-efficient impact windows you can seal off your home’s interior and allow your air conditioner to cool your house’s interior with greater effect.

Also, because of their energy efficiency, you’ll gain additional benefits when your energy bill arrives every month. Hurricane impact windows will keep your home sealed against hot or cold air that can enter or escape your home. And, if you choose to have your impact windows to have ultraviolet-resistance, you can also reduce the amount of heat that enters your home. This type of glass will keep the sun’s rays from invading your home and increasing your home’s temperature. As a result, you could reduce your energy bills by 15% to 20%..

Replace Inferior Hurricane Shutters With Our Hollywood Beach Impact Windows 

There are benefits to only using hurricane shutters to cover your windows, but you may have also experienced some drawbacks to their usage as well.  Hurricane shutters may protect your home from debris impact, but they will not seal off your home against rain or wind damage. More so, with enough force, they can still become easily damaged.

Eliminating the need for bulky hurricane shutters, our Hollywood Beach impact windows provide protection from both flying debris and water. During a hurricane, high wind speeds and negative levels of barometric pressure can cause windows to be pulled from their frames.  This can end up ruining your home, furniture, and other personal belongings. But, ultimately, it can leave you and other residents unprotected.

With our Hollywood Beach impact windows installation services, however, a tight seal is formed around frames. Meaning you can be protected against storm debris, rains, and winds. These windows will also deter burglars who try to break into your home, keeping your home and family protected year-round.

Apart from possessing significantly less protection, hurricane shutters are a chore to install. Our windows eliminate this process entirely.

Hollywood Beach Impact Windows Can Lower Your Insurance

When you become a Florida resident, one of the biggest nuisances that can occur is higher home insurance. These come about in order to cover various damages and costs that might occur during hurricane season. However, with simple additions to your home, your insurance provider will often reduce your premiums. Home improvements like impact windows are protective measures that will keep your Hollywood Beach home safe from damage. Insurance companies will often reward their members for taking the extra steps to protect their home and family.

Hollywood Beach Hurricane Impact Doors Provider

Other than impact windows, The Window Guys of Florida are Hollywood Beach’s premier door installers. For 17 years, our business has stood for quality, professionalism, and peace of mind. We’ve combined our efforts with the latest technologies on impact doors. Our dedicated experts work together as a team to provide our clients with an end result that’s second to none, ensuring that you receive the ultimate protection.

Designed to withstand the shock of flying debris brought about by a hurricane or other severe storm – impact doors are made to be durable and long-lasting. They’re constructed with a corrosion-resistant material tat withstands high levels of heat, humidity, and all other types of harsh environmental static. More so, they also add a level of noise-reduction to the home and block 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, keeping your home’s furniture safe from fading and dulling its texture.

The Window Guys of Florida can dispatch an impact door installation team to your home or business in our service area of Palm City and the surrounding areas. We will dispatch a qualified installer at your convenience to install your doors.

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We believe that following the road to success is done by performing hard work, being honest, and establishing long-term relationships with our clients. By working with the most advanced engineering systems we make sure that superior elegance and functionality are paired with the highest ratings of energy efficiency, noise reduction, and protection. Our extensive product lines are designed to adapt to the demands of your property regardless of your budget while maintaining the highest quality standards in compliance with all the State of Florida.

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