If you had hurricane windows installed poorly, they could fail as a result leaving you to wonder what you should do next?

When you’re in the market for hurricane windows in South Florida, it’s always smart to have them done by a professional installer. Since you’ve already invested money in the windows, you might as well have them installed correctly so you get the results you want. However, you may have tried to let a friend or even yourself install them which can lead to things going wrong. Here is what you should do if your hurricane window installation fails. 

Poor Window Performance – Call Professionals

If you or someone else attempted to install the windows, it’s possible that the unprofessional installation is leading to lackluster performance. If this is the case, there’s only one thing you can do, call the professionals. They should have been called in the first place, but if they weren’t, you need to call them the second time around. Hopefully, they’ll be able to reverse what happened and can install them properly, giving you the performance you deserve. It will most likely cost more for them to do this rather than having them install them in the first place. 

The House was Damaged – Call a Contractor

Whoever installed the windows incorrectly isn’t responsible for the damages done to your house, you are. Depending on the damage, a contractor may need to be called so they can assess the damage severity, who can fix it, and how much it will cost to fix. You may also need a window professional. 

Someone Got Injured – Call Your Insurance Company

Having a friend install your windows sounds inexpensive and convenient, but what if they get injured in the process? That type of injury on your property will be your responsibility. It’s a wise decision to call your insurance company and see if they can cover the costs that your friend has incurred. You’ll be the responsible person in this case.

A Contractor Misrepresented – Call a Lawyer

If a contractor fooled you into thinking they were professional installers and in reality, they weren’t, call a lawyer immediately. It’s possible to get your payment back or even get a settlement to help pay for the damages. It’s usually your job to find someone professional but if you were fooled, they could be held responsible for fraud. 

Just Call the Professionals

If you’re having hurricane windows installed in your South Florida home, do the right thing and have them installed professionally by the Window Guys. Don’t put yourself at risk of losing money by doing it yourself. Visit our contact page today to have your hurricane windows installed the right way.