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Why Your Business Needs a Curtain Wall


A curtain wall is an aesthetically tasteful façade for commercial buildings. Different styles and arrangements are available, but the basic composition is of glass and aluminum. For business owners in West Palm Beach, FL, impact windows are a smart investment for their curtain walls. Hurricane-resistant windows can make a dramatic architectural statement, while also offering the practical protection needed for buildings located in the heart of Hurricane Alley.

Aesthetic Appeal

Your new curtain wall will give your commercial building a beautiful, sophisticated façade. These structures are not load-bearing. Rather, the aluminum framing and its impact windows are attached to the exterior of the building. Since curtain walls don’t support the weight of the roof or any other element of the building, the glass can take on a starring role. Few things are as impactful on clients as a breathtaking, dramatic wall of windows to greet them.

Natural Lighting

Although curtain walls are designed primarily to make a dramatic statement on the exterior of the building, they also offer benefits to the building’s occupants. Curtain walls are an excellent way to let natural lighting pour into the workspace, and they offer remarkable panoramic views. Natural lighting can effectively curb eye strain and help to reduce physical and mental fatigue, encouraging the productivity of all who work there.

Enhanced Security

The installation of a curtain wall can substantially reduce the risk of a security breach. While the business is open, the wall of windows provides a convenient way to monitor activity outside, while simultaneously making it harder for individuals to see inside the building. Plus, these secure windows are shatterproof, as they are designed to withstand airborne projectiles caused by hurricane-force winds.

Environmentally Friendly

Curtain walls designed with impact windows are a great choice for eco-conscious business owners. These structures act as a windbreaker, which improves the efficiency of the building’s HVAC systems. This has a beneficial effect on both the utility bills and the building’s carbon footprint.

Property Value

Should your business ever expand to the point where relocation is necessary, you won’t be able to take your curtain wall with you—but your investment will pay off in spades. Curtain walls increase a building’s value substantially. You can use the extra money you’ll receive from the sale to install a new curtain wall on your new building.