We are barely a month into hurricane season and already there have been 5 named storms. So one thing is for certain, it is going to be a busy season. As Florida residents, we know that hurricane season brings with it many challenges. Your home or business will undoubtedly be subjected to the elements at some point during and even after the season. The most affected areas are usually your windows and doors. Choosing the right sliding impact door can mean the difference between your family’s safety and having your home or business devastated by strong winds and flying debris.

Florida’s blessing is also its curse. It is possibly the most beautiful state of the lower 48. With 1197 miles of coastline and 663 miles of beach, it is a mecca for tourists and one of the most moved to states. All this coastline means we are never too far from the ocean and also never too far from the path of hurricanes. For this reason, choosing a hurricane rated sliding glass door allows you to have both the protection you need and access to the views you love.

What Are Sliding Impact Doors?

Sliding impact doors are a lot like Double-Hung impact doors, only they’re turned on their side. Sliding doors are composed of two parts, one fixed, the other designed to slide horizontally.  These doors can be ideal for homes with low ceilings, and conveniently require no interior space to open and close.  For a homeowner, utilizing impact glass in a Sliding door provides the aesthetic appeal of a pure Slider, without the fear of glass shatter. This allows you to implement a sleek, modern aesthetic, even if you live in an area heavily impacted by wind and rain. All of our Sliding doors come equipped with a range of features such as:

  • Easy Sliding – Each Sliding door provides smooth, effortless operation on corrosion-resistant, tandem brass rollers. This allows your doors to glide open and closed.
  • Minimal Air Infiltration – Specially designed air barriers and weather stripping substantially reduce the amount of external air that enters a home.
  • Easy Cleaning – The sashes in our Sliding doors tilt inward, much like a Double Hung, which allows easy cleaning.  This ultimately prolongs the life of your doors and helps ensure that they stay looking brand new.

Impact Glass Door

How To Choose The Right Hurricane Rated Sliding Glass Door

Not all Florida sliding doors are created equal. In fact, some doors are not rated for hurricane protection. When deciding to install Florida impact doors make sure that they are hurricane rated by checking the following:

Superior Engineering

In order to be effective against everything a hurricane can hurl at your home or business, your sliding glass doors should be engineered to withstand impact from tropical storm force winds and large debris, While  Category 5 hurricanes are rare, they do happen and can be devastating. Having impact doors and windows that are rated for Category 5 hurricanes will ensure that your home or office is protected against the biggest punch that nature can offer. The best impact doors are those that ideally lock into thicker aluminum components to provide the stability and strength needed to endure the elements that are present during a hurricane.

Building Code Compliance

Florida has some of the best building codes in the country. Hurricane Andrew forced a reckoning that led to Florida establishing some of the toughest storm-specific building codes in the United States, if not the world. Building codes are designed to protect your investment but more so to protect your life if a hurricane comes weeping through your neighborhood.

It is vital that your impact-resistant sliding doors are rated for and comply with all applicable Florida and US building code regulations. At The Window Guys of Florida, all our sliding doors are compliant with state and national building codes including those that speak to wind-borne debris areas that are outside the high-velocity hurricane zone.

Locking System

You could look for the best lock systems that are virtually unbreachable! For instance, one of the best options available nowadays is a standard sentinel 3-point lock system that also comes with lever handles and decorative backplates. You could even consider commercial lock mechanisms that come with elegant pull handles.

Quality Finishing Choices

Impact doors no longer come in just white. There are multiple finishing options to choose from that will fit the exterior facade of your home as well as match the decor on the inside. Modern finishes include bronze and anodized finishes as well as woodgrain finishes that give off a more rustic lo and feel.

What Makes Our High Impact Glass doors The Perfect Choice For Your Home or Office

With our high-impact entry doors, you don’t have to choose between safety and style. Enjoy the personalized feel of unique glass and finish options, without losing peace of mind. With numerous configurations, all of which are both versatile and durable, you can have the best of both worlds with our selection of high-impact entry doors.

  • Heavy-duty multi-chamber design provides superior performance in heat, humidity, and severe weather.
  • Durable weatherstripping, metal reinforcement, and interlocking center rails work together to keep your door tightly closed.
  • Premium vinyl doors are colored throughout and never need to be painted.

Where To Buy Impact Doors in Florida 

If you are looking to replace a broken door or change out your existing doors to energy-efficient doors, then look no further than The Window Guys of Florida. We stock only the highest quality impact doors in all of South Florida. We possess the technology and expertise to install hurricane impact doors to protect your home and loved ones. Contact us today or give us a call at (561) 598-6295 to speak to an impact door professionally and get started on the road to installing hurricane impact doors.