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What The Window Guys of Florida Can Do for Your Condominium

What The Window Guys of Florida Can Do For Your Condominium

Condo owners have unique concerns regarding impact windows, given that condos are often situated in high-rise buildings. After all, when Hurricane Andrew struck in 1992, it destroyed most of the windows in the Brickell Townhouse condo tower. Hurricane Wilma in 2005 had a similar effect. The area’s building codes are far stricter today, but condo owners should still make sure they choose an impact window provider for West Palm Beach, FL who adheres to these strict standards. The critical importance of hurricane-resistant installations is why so many condo owners have chosen The Window Guys of Florida.

Over the years, we’ve built an unbeatable reputation for home improvement excellence. We’ve worked with single condo owners who were interested in protecting their investment and their families with top-quality storm proof windows and doors. We’ve also worked with HOA boards to complete window installations for entire condo buildings. Our certified technicians look forward to helping you make your home safer for your family.