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Top Reasons To Install Hurricane Windows In Your Home


Impact windows—also known as hurricane impact windows in Boca Raton, FL—are essential additions to your home. They will replace your hurricane shutters and old windows, making your home stronger against storm debris, water damage, and high winds. Hurricane impact windows can also save you money in reduced insurance premiums and lower energy costs. To learn more about the top reasons you should install impact windows, read more below:

Replace Inferior Hurricane Shutters

If your home has only hurricane shutters over your windows, then you may have experienced some benefits and drawbacks during the hurricane season. Hurricane shutters may protect your home from debris impact, but they will not seal your home against rain or wind damage. Hurricane impact windows will protect your home against storm debris, rains, and winds by creating a tight seal that keeps water and wind out. Impact windows will also deter burglars who try to break into your home, which will keep your house and family protected year-round.

Receive Insurance Benefits

Living in Florida makes it necessary to purchase higher home insurance to cover various damages and costs that might occur during the seasonal hurricanes. However, with simple additions to your home, your insurance will often reduce your premiums. These home improvements, like impact windows and storm doors, are protective measures that will keep your home safe from unnecessary damages. Insurance companies will often reward their members for taking the extra steps to protect their home and family.

Increase Energy Efficiency

You may also find additional monetary benefits when your energy bill arrives every month. Hurricane impact windows are also energy efficient, because they keep your home sealed against hot or cold air that might enter or escape your home. You can also reduce the amount of heat that enters your home with ultraviolet-resistant window glass. This type of glass will keep the sun’s heat and damaging rays from invading your home and increasing your home’s interior temperature. As a result, you could save between 15% and 25% on your energy bills.