The Hurricane Window Installation Process

For any homeowner, new and old alike, the prospect of upgrading to impact resistant hurricane windows can certainly feel like a big jump. Often, a multitude of questions arise, which is why we will be taking the time to outline the process in a streamlined manner for you. As with all things, situational instances occur, varying the standard approach to installing hurricane windows, but it is our aim to provide a general overview of what we do to ease your mind.

Step 1: Research and Receive Quotes
Naturally, a primary concern of anyone making an addition to their home lies within the cost to do so. Larger jobs, such as incorporating hurricane windows into one’s abode, typically are cause for concern. We recommend that prospective clients do some research on what types of windows work within their budget, as well as the types of windows needed to best fit the project. Even the most minimal level of independent research can go a long way when sitting down to hash out the details of a project. The homeowners input allows the contractor to grasp a better understanding of their needs and what they can do to suit them.

We also encourage anyone to check to see if the licenses and insurance of any contractors are up to date and valid.

Step 2: Making the Choice
Once you have contacted various installation companies, you, the homeowner, must make the final decision on who you choose to work with. We know that doing this can be a big commitment and we hope that we can make the process that much easier for you.

Step 3: Permits
Before installing, please check to see if any permits need to be acquired or if a homeowner’s association must be notified. Dodging the necessary channels such as these can result in fines, citations, and other inconveniences.

Step 4: Installation
Our expert team has years of experience in installing hurricane windows. We are proud to state that all personnel are safety and factory trained, making use of the best technology and techniques currently available. We also make a point to use only the highest quality materials for any job. We don’t just grab cheap screws and caulking from chain home improvement stores, either. Quality is our biggest concern, and without quality materials, the level of durability drops considerably.

We also make a point to keep other sections of your home undamaged during the installation process. We cover all floors and partition off sections of the home that are being worked on. We understand that your home is not a construction site and that we are guests, which is why our service personnel maintain a high level of professionalism while remaining courteous and thoughtful. Additionally, we make sure to cover all furniture before starting a job, again making sure to keep your home as stunning as it was before we began.