Impact windows and doors have been growing in popularity. This rise in growth has resulted in companies producing cheaper alternatives to functional items. Today, you can find a long list of low-quality items that are meant to serve the same function as their expensive counterparts. In some instances, a cheaper alternative can be safe, but when it comes to hurricane protection for windows, cheap alternatives can be extremely dangerous. 

South Florida, while beautiful, comes with its annual reminder of how dangerous it can be with devastating hurricanes that roll through towns leaving them in shambles. This is reason enough for why it’s so important to have reliable hurricane protection in Palm Beach County and other high-velocity hurricane zones throughout Florida. While it may seem obvious why quality hurricane protection is important, it can help to consider the risks of using cheap alternatives. 

Below is an overview of the risks that you pose to your home and family when you use cheap hurricane protection on your home. 

Cheap Hurricane Protection for Windows

The world of cheap alternatives has allowed people to access things that are otherwise outside of their price range. However, when it comes to something as serious as hurricane protection, relying on cheap alternatives puts you, your family, and your home at large risk. 

Plywood Panels

For countless years, plywood panels have been the relied-on form of hurricane protection for many people. The material is light and affordable and is easy to nail outside your home. Compared to hurricane-resistant windows and shutters, there are a number of drawbacks. In terms of impact protection, plywood provides little to no protection. If a piece of debris were to hit these panels, chances are it will buckle and split, allowing the debris to hit your window or door. Nailing the plywood outside your home also damages the weatherboards and can allow leaks in your home.

Fabric Hurricane Panels

One of the more recent cheap alternatives to hurricane protection is fabric hurricane panels. These panels are meant to be easy to install and are supposed to offer impact protection. The issue with these is fabric is extremely easy to pierce. Just by stretching it out, it becomes even easier to break through. These panels also need to be nailed to your home just like plywood. This introduces the threat of leaks once again.

Hurricane Protection for Palm Beach County

Hurricane protection is something that should be taken seriously, especially in Palm Beach County. The Window Guys of South Florida are here to protect you. We offer a wide selection of impact windows and doors that we can help you select and install. If you’re looking for serious hurricane protection that looks good and will keep you protected, reach out to us through our online contact form today!