Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows


Are you wondering if you should replace your old windows with stormproof ones? There are a number of signs that can indicate a need for window replacement. Whether you’re looking for storm protection, better energy-efficiency, or your windows are old and in bad shape, impact window installation can solve a variety of issues for homeowners. Here’s a closer look at some of the signs that indicate it’s time for window replacement.

Lack of Storm Protection

If your home has standard windows and you live in an area that’s frequented by hurricanes or tornadoes, then your windows are at risk for shattering. In the case of homes with hurricane shutters, these add a level of protection which blocks flying debris that might break the windows, but they offer no protection against the high winds and negative pressure caused by major storms. Despite storm shutters, low pressure can suck the windows from their frames, leaving the home vulnerable to added damage from flying objects, broken glass, and rainwater.

High Bills and Premiums

Energy-efficiency is a common concern for homeowners, and many find that a high monthly energy bill can be significantly reduced by having impact windows installed. This is because storm proof windows provide better insulation and reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Additionally, your home’s insurance premiums will drop, sometimes by as much as half, due to the added protection these windows offer. Impact window installation is an investment that increases your property value and can pay itself off through reduced energy bills and insurance costs.

Other Signs

Older and poor-quality windows offer little protection against noise pollution, but when you upgrade to impact windows, their superior noise reduction allows you to enjoy more peace and quiet while inside your home. Additionally, high impact windows are resistant not only to storm pressure, but to breaking through other means as well, and this added benefit better-secures your home against burglary. In some cases, people should consider window replacement simply because their current windows are unattractive or difficult to operate.