Signs of Failing Balcony Rails

Your balcony is a very important feature of your property. It provides you with outdoor space where you can perform various activities at your leisure that you can’t often perform indoors. More so, It’s also a place where one can just completely relax and unwind. But unfortunately, like many other facets of your property, it’s also a feature that’s susceptible to wear and tear, especially when it comes to its balcony rails. And eventually, if you don’t tend to the issues of your balcony rails soon enough, you can put yourself in a very dangerous situation as faulty balcony rails carry the potential to cause severe damage. For this reason, it’s crucial that you learn about the signs of failing balcony rails.

Despite what our company’s name implies, The Window Guys is also well-versed and knowledgeable about balcony rails as our business offers patrons the chance to receive balcony rail replacement when they need it. To learn more about the signs of failing balcony rails, continue reading below.

Signs of Failing Balcony Rails

Loose Railings

If at any point when you’re out on your balcony you feel that your rails are loose, stand back immediately. Loose railings are a surefire sign that they will need to be repaired or possibly replaced as soon as possible.

When you notice that your rails are loose, closely and carefully inspect them to see where they could be loose at. Look to where they are connected to your balcony and see if there are any loose nuts or bolts. Regardless if you notice any or not, call a professional service such as The Window Guys in South Florida. They’ll assess your balcony with their equipment to see where the source of your balcony’s rails wobbling is coming from.


Many balcony rails on numerous properties are constructed with metal. And while most of them are a rust-resistant metal (such as aluminum), they are only rust-“resistant”, not “proof”. So make sure to carefully evaluate your balcony rails for rusting if you think they are failing. Rust can easily degrade the quality and structure of your metal balcony rails. As a result, rusted balcony rails carry the potential to be very dangerous to property occupants.

Broken Pieces

Obviously, one of the most promising signs indicating failing balcony rails is broken components. When you notice that your balcony rails feel a little loose, ensure to thoroughly inspect for not only loose nuts and bolts but also missing and/or broken pieces. If you notice any, you will want to hire a professional service as soon as you can to replace your balcony rails. You can’t risk dwelling in your property for too long with failing balcony rails that are missing parts as you don’t want to risk sustaining severe injuries.

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