Sheltering in Place? Here’s What Every Homeowner Needs to Know


When the next major hurricane arrives, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that your home is prepared. With new hurricane windows, you can provide your property with additional protection against high winds and heavy rains. If you are considering sheltering in place, it is essential to talk to a company offering hurricane windows near Boca Raton and follow these helpful tips.

Avoid Opening Windows and Doors

A common myth surrounding sheltering in place during a hurricane is that opening up windows and doors will help to minimize the impact that wind has on your home. The reality is that open windows and doors will create an additional safety hazard. Driving rain and forceful winds can easily enter your home through open windows. To ensure that your home remains protected and sealed during a hurricane, you should always keep your windows and doors closed and locked.

Remain Indoors During the Entire Storm

The concept of sheltering in place encourages homeowners to remain indoors for the duration of the storm. Most hurricanes contain an eye, which will provide a false sense of calm in the midst of the mayhem. When you and your loved ones stay inside of your home during the entire hurricane, you will remain protected against dangerous weather conditions that are occurring outside.

Install Impact Windows and Doors

In order to shelter in place safely, you may need to upgrade your home’s existing windows and doors. Conventional windows can easily shatter when they encounter hurricane force winds. Whether you are gearing up for an exceptionally active hurricane season, or you are simply seeking additional peace of mind, installing impact windows and doors is a terrific investment for your home. As you are bracing for a hurricane, you can rest assured that your impact windows and doors are ready to keep your family safe.