Replacing Your Home’s Windows? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes


Spending too much on utilities? Thinking about putting your home on the market? Tired of looking at cracked or damaged window frames? If any of your answers are “yes,” it’s time to schedule a window replacement consult in West Palm Beach, FL. The window installation representative will walk you through your options and explain what you can expect from the process. In the meantime, don’t make the following common mistakes.

Don’t wait too long to schedule a window installation.

Delaying your project could prove costly. Time passes quickly, and before you know it, it’ll be hurricane season again. There’s no sense in waiting for the next big storm to pass through, hoping that your old windows will hold up. If they don’t, your entire home could sustain considerable damage. Plus, the longer you delay your home improvement project, the more money you’ll waste on sky-high utility bills, thanks to your drafty old windows.

Don’t overlook the importance of storm impact windows.

Hurricane impact windows are a must-have in every Florida home. The path of a hurricane is difficult to predict. Even if you think you’re far enough inland to avoid the brunt of the storm, this isn’t a hope you should rely on to protect your family’s home. During your consult, you’ll learn about the innovative technology in the latest models of storm windows. Investing a little more money into your window project at first will reduce the risk of greater financial losses later on.

Don’t purchase “reclaimed” windows.

The reclaimed look is among the most popular trends in home design in recent years. Upcycling furniture, wooden floorboards, and sink fixtures is an affordable way to make your home reflect your unique style personality. However, don’t make the mistake of extending this approach to your windows. Older windows simply can’t withstand hurricane-force winds and airborne projectiles, and they aren’t energy-efficient.

Don’t hire an unlicensed, general contractor.

The installation of hurricane windows must be done precisely to eliminate air transfer, as a breach can allow storm winds to enter the home and possibly tear off the roof. Only hire a licensed contractor that specializes in window replacement projects.