Manufacturer Highlight: Jeld-Wen's Interior & Exterior Doors. Jeld-Wen's Dutch Door

We here at The Window Guys offer clients the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of manufacturers when they’re in need of quality windows and/or doors. It’s what makes our company the go-to for those who are seeking to furnish their property with only the highest quality materials. So when you’re in need of some high-end impact windows or doors yourself, be sure to visit our website. In this blog, we’ll be highlighting one of our manufacturers – Jeld-Wen –  that sells some of the best interior and exterior doors you can’t get anywhere else. To learn more about what this amazing manufacturer has to offer, continue reading below.

Jeld-Wen’s Variety of Interior & Exterior Doors

Interior and Exterior doors are a great addition that can be added to anyone’s home. But too often, consumers are challenged in finding a manufacturer that sells more than just three standard door styles. And if you happen to belong to such a group of consumers, just know that you’re search is coming to an end. Jeld-Wen understands that customers love variety. For this reason, they offer clients man different interior and exterior door styles in order to decorate their properties. Below, are just a few of the many interior and exterior doors they sell.

Dutch Doors

Almost no door type can compare to Dutch doors in regard to versatility and beauty. Dutch doors make one of the best exterior doors that can be fitted onto any property. They serve as a “two-in-one”, and this is because Dutch doors are constructed to have two openings; one at the top, and one at the bottom.

Dutch Doors are great as they help to fulfill a variety of purposes. If you want the outside breeze to come and chill your interior, you can just simply open the top door without risking a random animal entering your home. You can also have the top door opened when you’re throwing a party so that you can designate an area in which guests can enter. Or if you have a pet, you can just open the bottom door to let them out whenever they want to.

Dutch Doors are one of the most amazing exterior doors to have installed on your property. It will certainly beautify your home and will be appreciated by you, occupants, and guests. They’re also one of three exterior door types you can purchase from Jeld-Wen.

Glass Panel Doors

Jeld-Wen has numerous glass panel door designs that you can choose from. Each one is unique in structure and can be fitted into any interior of a property.

Your exteriors are just as important as the interiors when it comes to appearance. So when you want to improve the appearance of your property’s interior, you might find that a glass panel interior door is exactly what you need. Have an office in your home? A glass panel door could help to designate it as such. Or maybe you have a room specifically designed for leisure. If so, a glass panel door would make a fine addition. In any case, if you think a glass panel interior door would benefit you, don’t hesitate at all to inquire about this amazing product.

Patio Doors

Patio Doors can enhance the aesthetics of just about any patio setting. If you happen to have a large patio, you’ll be happy to know that Jeld-Wen can provide you with large multi-sliding patio doors. These patio doors will grant you total visibility for both the outside and inside of your property. They also help to accommodate for large groups of guests that will visit to attend your parties.

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