Before hurricane season arrives, you’re left with the task of finding the best way to defend your home from mother nature. While one would think it would be an easy task, there are several things a homeowner has to consider. One must consider permanency, strength, aesthetic, appeal, and costs. The choice of hurricane shutters or impact windows is up to you, but it’s important to think about the pros and cons of each option before making your decision.

The Window Guys of South Florida is here to provide you with a comparison of hurricane shutters or impact windows that should help you make the right decision. We’ve been helping residents of South Florida find the perfect impact window solutions for years.

Impact Windows

Impact windows are often referred to as hurricane-resistant windows. These windows come with a huge pro and that’s never having to put up hurricane shutters again. These amazing windows can withstand the wind and forces of any storm, no matter how strong it is. When thinking about hurricane shutters or impact windows, it’s also important to consider that impact windows will save you money on your power bill.

This is made possible because impact windows reflect outside heat better than normal windows and they regulate your home’s temperature. You can save even more money by applying a tint or e-coating on the impact windows.

The only real downside to having impact windows installed is that they cost much more than hurricane shutters. However, in the long run, they will pay for themselves with the money saved on your energy bill. Click here to view some of our residential impact window installations. 

Hurricane Shutters

If the initial cost of impact windows is too much, then hurricane shutters are the solution for you. It’s important to note that when deciding hurricane shutters or impact windows, hurricane shutters still have a good list of pros! Hurricane shutters, like impact windows, come in a variety of styles and colors. This will make protecting your home easy without compromising the exterior style of your home. Hurricane shutters also protect your home from UV rays and any storm debris that is flying around. 

The cons that come with hurricane shutters include not letting sunlight into your home when they are being used and they aren’t guaranteed to protect your windows. This can happen because hurricane shutters take on a lot of pressure and, if enough pressure is applied, the windows can shatter.

Time to Protect Your Home

Choosing between hurricane shutters or impact windows can be a big decision for residents of South Florida. Your home is almost guaranteed to be exposed to hurricane-speed winds and weather, so it’s best to protect your home before it’s too late. If you’re looking to protect your home with impact windows, call the impact window experts at Window Guys. We’ll make sure your home looks good while also being safe from mother nature. If you’re ready to have impact windows installed or you have any questions, visit our contact page or call us at 561-598-6295.