When deciding on hurricane defense options for your home, there are certainly some choices that are beyond subpar. These are solutions that you should avoid at all costs, yet they still seem to persist even to this day. Forget what you’ve heard others say, and trust us when we say that you should never rely on the following hurricane defense options for your home. 


The idea that you can stop a window from breaking during a massive storm like a hurricane by placing an “X” pattern on it with tape is completely false. No matter the type of tape you use, applying tape to your windows for hurricane defense is a dangerous idea. Should a window break due to thrown debris from outside or the immense pressure of the storm, the tape may cause larger pieces of glass to break off, which could seriously hurt someone inside. This concept of home defense does not work whatsoever and only provides zero positive benefits during a hurricane.

Wood Boards

Wood boards are an affordable, but temporary solution for protecting your windows. Nailing these onto the frame will provide some defense against weaker winds until they are ripped away by stronger storms that turn them into dangerous debris themselves. Your windows are thus defenseless, leaving them exposed to the elements throughout the remaining duration of the storm. In addition, installing these wood panels can be a nightmare, as going shopping for them once a storm is announced can be very time consuming as other south Floridians rush to buy them as well. You’ll also have to go window by window nailing them in, which eats away more time you could spend securing other essentials.

Nothing At All

Many South Floridians, especially residents who have lived through their fair share of hurricanes, throw caution to the wind when it comes to hurricanes. Many of them have become desensitized to the destructive power of hurricanes as so many come and go without leaving a devastating impact. What they don’t realize is that it only takes one storm to pass over South Florida to feel the devastating power of a hurricane. We strongly advise against leaving your windows unprotected during a storm, as it only endangers you and your family.

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Home’s Windows

Hurricane Season 2022 is underway, which means it’s time to defend your home from the upcoming barrage of storms. Don’t get stuck with subpar hurricane protection and upgrade to impact windows with The Window Guys. Simply contact the Window Guys online or give us a call at (561) 598-6295 and a representative will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!