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How Much Sound Reduction Do You Get With Impact Windows?


Have you ever planned a luxurious sleep in on a Saturday morning, only to be rudely awakened by an over-zealous neighbor mowing their lawn at 8 am? Do you live in a busy urban area where you are constantly surrounded by traffic and noise pollution? Or perhaps you live in a suburban area where houses are being built closer together and in closer proximity to highways? With noise complaints such as these becoming increasingly typical, there is a growing need for sound-reduction solutions for homes. Impact windows are the answer.

One of the comforts of home is having a place to quietly relax whenever you wish. Although nobody chooses impact windows for the sole purpose of noise reduction, it is a fantastic added benefit to consider.

Window manufacturers typically use impact resistant laminated glass to reduce noise. An inner layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is sandwiched between two panes of laminated glass. PVB has a different density than glass, breaking up the sound as it travels through the three layers. With a lower number of sound waves be allowed to travel through the window, noise entering the home is decreased.

Transmission of noise through windows is evaluated using the Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) scale. The higher the STC, the better the window is at obstructing noise. To compare, a standard window has an STC of about 29 or less, while an impact window with laminated glass has an STC of 32 to 35. Considering that for every increase by 10 in the STC rating noise is reduced by about 50%, this is quite an impressive difference. Although you can’t completely block out noise, you can dampen it considerably by selecting impact windows.

Your home should be an oasis of solitude and relaxation. Choosing impact windows can solve many common noise problems, providing excellent sound reduction and making your home a more enjoyable place to be. Be sure to pay attention to the STC rating when shopping for impact windows, as this will give you an idea of how much sound is blocked. Noise dampening, on top of the numerous other protective benefits impact windows offer to homeowners in hurricane affected areas, makes them an ideal window choice.

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