How Hurricane Windows Can Protect Your Home

If you live in a location that often encounters heavy storms and winds, you should consider calling your window contractor near Boca Raton. He can advise you on the best solutions to protect your home, such as installing hurricane windows. These impact-resistant windows are the best choice to keep you and your home safe from destructive debris and damaging rain. Here is a brief look at how your home will be protected with hurricane windows.

Keep Debris and High Winds Away

When your home experiences a hurricane, with heavy winds, rains, and flying debris, it can incur a great amount of damage. From broken windows to splintered doors to caved-in roofs, you and your home can become severely damaged or even destroyed. With hurricane windows in place, you can greatly reduce the possibility of damage to your home, inside and out. Hurricane windows, also known as impact windows, employ high-impact glass, usually made from panes of tempered glass. This tempered glass will look like standard window glass, so your views and your home’s appearance will be unaffected.

Hurricane windows are the best choice against hurricanes and heavy storms, especially over hurricane shutters or window film. Shutters will only protect your windows in the chance that debris hits. They will not protect your home from possible rain and water flooding, and they will not prevent high wind pressure that can suck out your windows. Hurricane windows will be screwed and sealed into your home to create the best seal against inclement weather.

Deter Thieves and Vandalism

Even if you are unafraid of hurricane weather, you should be concerned about potential thieves and vandalism to your home. Installing hurricane windows as your window replacement will also help protect your windows and home from people trying to invade. If something impacts your window, the window will either remain unaffected, or it will break in a way that there are no dangerous glass pieces around. Either way, you and your home will be better protected from people with bad intentions.