Living in any part of Florida, you’re used to the yearly hurricane season where hurricanes threaten Florida’s landscape, homes, and other properties. It makes sense why you would want hurricane windows in Florida. It may come as a surprise that other areas of the country, even those who don’t experience hurricanes, also enjoy hurricane windows. Why would that be? It’s because hurricane windows have other amazing features other than protection from hurricanes. 

Installing hurricane windows can also improve the chances of selling your house, even to people from out of the state. Below are a few reasons why these windows are amazing, no matter where you live. 

Energy Efficiency That Excites

If you get new windows installed, even if they aren’t hurricane-resistant, your home will see improved energy efficiency. New windows, no matter the type, are going to be more technologically advanced than the old ones you have in your home. These windows will seal and insulate your house better than ever before. Hurricane windows do this the best. If these windows won’t let hurricanes through, they definitely won’t let a little breeze get into your house. They are strong, long-lasting, and will give your home the energy efficiency it deserves.

Impenetrable Glass

Living in Florida, it makes perfect sense why you would want glass that doesn’t break when a hurricane rolls through. Why would you need this in other states though? Suppose a house is living on a golf course. This can lead to a lot of golf balls flying towards your house. Handle any golf ball impact.

Daycares could benefit from these windows to deal with children who may throw objects around. Hurricane windows will not shatter from any rouge toys hitting them, reducing injury and keeping everyone safe. 

These windows are perfect for any house that worries about break-ins as well. Windows are the most vulnerable part of any home. They can be easily broken which allows intruders away in. These windows can withstand any amount of force thrown at them. Not even a brick thrown at these windows will let them in.

There are many things that hurricane windows can do for homeowners other than protection from hurricanes. While they are amazing at this, they work just as well on clear sunny days. If you’re interested in hurricane windows and doors, the Window Guys of South Florida are here to help. If you want to get windows or doors installed or you have any questions, reach out to our online contact form to get started.