Common Questions About Impact Windows. Impact Windows installed by The Window Guys of Florida

Whenever you make any sort of improvement on your property, there will always be many questions that perplex you concerning the improvement. And when it comes to impact windows, we completely understand how difficult it can be to comprehend these models. You may have a lot of questions concerning impact windows, and while we may not be able to answer them all, we’ve prepared a small list of answers below to the most common questions concerning impact windows. So if you’re curious to learn more about impact windows, then continue reading below.

Common Questions About Impact Windows

Why Should I Buy Impact Windows?

One of the main reasons why you should consider purchasing impact windows is that it provides additional protection from the outside. If you happen to live in South Florida, then you know just how popular we are for our hurricanes. For this reason, having an impact window will likely prove to be a very valuable and important asset to incorporate into your property.

Once your impact windows are installed, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your newly installed windows won’t shatter or break. More so, you can also rest assured knowing that other occupants will be kept safe from harm’s way as well.

Will Impact Windows Boost My Home’s Resale Value?

The short answer: most definitely.

Impact windows will significantly boost your property’s resale value. So you can trust that when the time comes to sell your home or another property type, your impact windows will be a terrific selling point for prospective buyers. In summary, impact windows are a terrific investment for any property.

Do Impact Windows Only Protect Against Hurricanes?

While impact windows are mostly recognized as a good source of protection against hurricanes, they can also serve to protect your home in other ways as well. For instance, your new impact windows will help to protect you from the dangers of a home intrusion as virtually no amount of human force is strong enough to shatter your windows.

Why Should I Replace My Current Windows With Impact Windows?

Replacing your standard windows with impact-resistant models is a sensible idea for home-improvement. Obviously, the greatest benefit impact windows provide is amazing protection. But impact windows can also help you save money as they will help to lower heating and cooling bills. Also, as mentioned above, impact windows can also help to increase the resale value as it will greatly protect and beautify your home.

Will Impact Windows Break?

Although they are exceptionally strong against impact, impact windows are not entirely impervious to damage. Impact glass is designed in a way to be resistant to impacts, but they will break in a safe way as opposed to standard windows.

Standard windows will easily shatter and broke into small and sharp pieces that will be dangerous to handle. Impact glass, however, is shatter-proof. So even if your impact windows do break, they will still remain intact so that no harm is brought to you or other property occupants.

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