Why Impact Windows Are The Best Hurricane Defense

Impact Windows Hurricane Defense

Floridians are notorious for shrugging off hurricanes, no matter how severe the storm is. We idly take our time to make the preparations that are needed to ensure we are kept safe during the storm’s duration. It isn’t until the storm actually arrives that we fully understand the danger of the storm. Usually, a week or two before the storm arrives, Floridians will flood the local home appliance store and create shutters and plywood covers for their windows. And while these serve as good defenses for your home, they’re not necessarily the best choices. Don’t wait until the last minute to protect your home with cheap supplies. Upgrade your house now with impact windows. Impact windows are the best form of hurricane defense. Continue reading below to see why impact windows are unparalleled to any other home defense.

What Makes Impact Windows Resistant?

Impact windows are multilayered, which contributes immensely to their defense against storms. Impact windows are actually two sheets of glass with a layer of vinyl inserted in between them. Even if the window gets struck, the glass will crack but the vinyl layer will help keep the window intact while still ensuring protection from not just the storm, but also from harsh winds and rain. They function similarly to a car windshield: they are made to take a beating without shattering.

Impact window are often regarded as the best hurricane defense tool because their benefits outweigh the cons as opposed to other methods of protection. Below are some common methods many Floridians apply to their property to ensure protection but also have a lot of drawbacks.


Plywood tends to get the job done in property protection and is typically a cheap option. However, they carry a few drawbacks that make them not so worthwhile. Plywoods need to be stored throughout the year, lessening the space in your property. Some homeowners typically opt to keep them outside but that usually ends up being a bad idea considering outdoor elements can damage your plywood. Also, when placed on windows, they can block light from coming in and extreme impacts can cause them to break or bend in towards the windows. This won’t only damage your home but will also put residents inside at risk. On top of that, you now have a broken plywood cover and are left with one less window/opening protected against the hurricane.

Duct Taping Windows

Probably the most ineffective method to exist in hurricane protection. It’s a common myth that many Floridians, unfortunately, practice in order to protect their property. The myth is that taping your windows will prevent them from shattering but that isn’t true whatsoever. A taped window can still shatter but instead of tiny pieces the tape can cause your window to shatter into larger, dangerous shards.

Hurricane Shutters

Probably the next best thing to impact windows. Aluminum or accordion shutters will keep flying debris from entering your home and damaging your window. Plus, they can take a lot of hits without losing their strength. Shutters, however, still have a few drawbacks. Much like plywood, they keep light out and take time to set up and also take up a lot of space in storage. Accordion shutters remove the inconvenience of setting up, but then you have an unsightly box above your windows all throughout the year. On top of that, both options can be expensive depending on how big your windows are.

Protect Your Home With Impact Windows Installed By The Window Guys of Florida

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Benefits of Impact Windows (Besides Defense)

Impact windows’ primary function is to provide protection to residents and patrons within a building. They are seen as the best option to choose compared to other alternatives (shutters, plywood, etc.) when it comes to storm protection. But what you may not know is that impact windows have other benefits besides property protection. Continue reading below and see what other pros accompany your impact windows after installation.

Energy Efficiency

Utility bills can pile up in regions with extremely hot weather, such as South Florida. But once you install impact windows, you’ll actually increase your energy efficiency. In fact, having standard windows on your home consumes over 40% of your home’s annual energy budget. Impact windows actually improve your home’s indoor temperatures even during the hottest days of the year. This is due to their tight seal trapping temperatures within while also preventing outside temperatures from entering.

UV Protection

If you order your impact windows to be made with UV protection you will also further benefit your energy efficiency. With UV protection, you can keep the sun’s heat out of your home and increase your home’s interior temperature, further saving you money on energy bills. As an added bonus, you are also protecting your residents from skin-related health issues by blocking UV rays. You’d also be protecting household items such as furniture and artwork.

Reduce Noise Pollution

If you live in a crowded neighborhood or city, then you’ve probably had to deal with unbearable noise. Apart from protection from afflicted damage, impact windows also allow protection from loud noises. The noise reduction that impact windows grant will allow you to enjoy peace and quiet while living comfortably in your home.

Insurance Discounts

Impact windows are regarded as one of the most significant forms of protection from outside factors. Because they’re recognized by countless insurance agencies, you’re likely to receive a deduction or discount on insurance. Also, many homeowners that have impact windows qualify for a wind mitigation insurance rebate.

Have The Window Guys Of Florida Install Your Impact Windows

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Signs That You May Want To Install Hurricane Resistant Impact Windows For Your Home

By most accounts, South Florida is a great place to live.

However, hurricane season sets many homeowners on edge as they prepare for what could be disastrous weather.

One of the best ways to protect your family, your belongings, and your home from damage is to invest in impact windows.

Here are a few signs that you could benefit from installing hurricane resistant impact windows.

Your windows are in poor shape.

If your windows are old, warped, peeling, or otherwise in poor condition, you’re probably already considering replacing them.

If you’ve gotten that far in your thinking, then you might as well replace them with sturdy impact windows.

These windows can stand up to water leakage and debris from high winds.

Your neighborhood is too noisy.

Most people have dealt with noisy neighbors in one form or another.

If your neighbors are especially noisy, or if you live next to a busy street, you would do well to invest in some impact windows.

You’ll find that your new impact windows cut down exterior noise considerably, granting you a peaceful night’s sleep.

You want to reduce your insurance costs.

As a South Florida resident, you likely pay a substantial homeowner’s insurance premium, as your home is more likely than most to experience damage from a hurricane or tropical storm.

Impact windows can greatly reduce the amount of damage that your home incurs during a storm, thus reducing the hypothetical insurance payout in the event of such a storm.

In short, installing impact windows can reduce your insurance premium significantly.

You want to reduce your energy bills.

Old windows can cause outside air to come indoors, undermining your HVAC system.

Impact windows aren’t just designed to keep the outdoor elements out—they can also keep your precious air-conditioned air inside.

This will help reduce the pressure on your air conditioner, thus reducing your total energy costs.

Questions To Ask Before Your Window Installation

Whether you are installing impact windows or planning a window replacement in West Palm Beach, there are a few questions you should ask your window contractor. Window installations are very important to keeping your home protected and energy efficient. You need to make sure you are receiving the best product from the most qualified contractor.

Which window and frame materials will protect my home the best?

Depending on where you live, you may benefit from a specific type of window, such as impact windows. Other locations may not need impact windows, but they still cannot support a wood-framed window installation. There are a number of factors that go into a successful window installation. Consult your window contractor on the best windows for your home and location.

In what ways will this purchase benefit me and my home?

When investing in a new window installation, you want to know all of the ways you can benefit from it. The window may protect your home against debris, but you should know if it will also contribute to making your home more energy efficient. With the right window installation, you could easily pay off your investment with added savings from your energy bill, damage replacement, and insurance discounts.

Will this purchase be covered by my insurance policy?

Many insurances will not cover window replacement, unless it is part of the policy. However, you may be able to receive a discount based on the type of windows you choose. Ask your window installer and homeowners’ insurance provider if there are any deals or discounts you can receive.

Does the company, and its employees, carry the necessary insurances and licenses?

Every home improvement company should carry insurances to cover their business and employees. They should also be licensed and certified by the appropriate organization to work on your home. Your window contractor should be licensed by the state, as well as carry code-approved products for every home or commercial building.

The Impact Window Installation Process

Getting rid of your home’s old windows in favor of impact windows can increase its protection during storm season, while also adding noise reduction and potentially decreasing your insurance premiums. If you’re considering window replacement in Wellington, FL, you may be wondering what the process involves. You’re in luck—keep reading to find out.

In-Home Quote

Your impact window installation process begins with an in-home quote. You’ll meet with the window installation company at your home to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve with your new windows, how many and which windows you’d like to replace, and what type of windows will work best.

The installation team will measure each of your windows, take pictures, and determine how and where your home could benefit the most from impact windows and doors. You’ll have several window product lines to choose from, and your installation expert can help you decide which makes the most sense for your home and budget.

Installing the Windows

Once all of the decisions have been made and a date set, your installation team will arrive at your home. Before any work is done, the window installers will protect your floors and furniture with plastic covers to prevent any possible damage and to reduce any necessary cleanup.

They will also erect a temporary plastic partition to isolate their work area from the rest of the home throughout the process. Once these steps have been taken, the team will begin installing your new stormproof windows.

Selecting a Company

Before you hire an installation company for your new wind-resistant windows, learn what materials they use for installation. The quality of everything from the windows themselves to the screws and sealants that secure them should be of top caliber to ensure your home’s protection and that you receive a high-value service.

An excellent installation company will use the best tools and technology available to assess your home and install your hurricane windows, and their team should be trained to use them safely and properly. When the process is complete, your home will benefit from increased storm protection.

The Hurricane Window Installation Process

For any homeowner, new and old alike, the prospect of upgrading to impact resistant hurricane windows can certainly feel like a big jump. Often, a multitude of questions arise, which is why we will be taking the time to outline the process in a streamlined manner for you. As with all things, situational instances occur, varying the standard approach to installing hurricane windows, but it is our aim to provide a general overview of what we do to ease your mind.

Step 1: Research and Receive Quotes
Naturally, a primary concern of anyone making an addition to their home lies within the cost to do so. Larger jobs, such as incorporating hurricane windows into one’s abode, typically are cause for concern. We recommend that prospective clients do some research on what types of windows work within their budget, as well as the types of windows needed to best fit the project. Even the most minimal level of independent research can go a long way when sitting down to hash out the details of a project. The homeowners input allows the contractor to grasp a better understanding of their needs and what they can do to suit them.

We also encourage anyone to check to see if the licenses and insurance of any contractors are up to date and valid.

Step 2: Making the Choice
Once you have contacted various installation companies, you, the homeowner, must make the final decision on who you choose to work with. We know that doing this can be a big commitment and we hope that we can make the process that much easier for you.

Step 3: Permits
Before installing, please check to see if any permits need to be acquired or if a homeowner’s association must be notified. Dodging the necessary channels such as these can result in fines, citations, and other inconveniences.

Step 4: Installation
Our expert team has years of experience in installing hurricane windows. We are proud to state that all personnel are safety and factory trained, making use of the best technology and techniques currently available. We also make a point to use only the highest quality materials for any job. We don’t just grab cheap screws and caulking from chain home improvement stores, either. Quality is our biggest concern, and without quality materials, the level of durability drops considerably.

We also make a point to keep other sections of your home undamaged during the installation process. We cover all floors and partition off sections of the home that are being worked on. We understand that your home is not a construction site and that we are guests, which is why our service personnel maintain a high level of professionalism while remaining courteous and thoughtful. Additionally, we make sure to cover all furniture before starting a job, again making sure to keep your home as stunning as it was before we began.