How Do Impact Windows Keep Your Energy Bill Low?

How Do Impact Windows Keep Your Energy Bill Low?

Impact windows have been known as the ultimate way to defend your home against serious storms such as hurricanes and tropical storms, but did you know that they can also lower your monthly energy bill? Many homeowners don’t know that impact windows do more than just protect against harsh impacts. These windows come with a number of different benefits other than just protecting your home from severe weather (which is still an amazing benefit). 

Window Guys of South Florida know how incredible impact windows and doors can be on your home. We are a leader in impact windows and we want to show you how these impact windows can save you money. 


How Impact Windows Improve Energy Efficiency

While these may just be windows, they do more than just keep out outdoor elements. Impact windows receive high energy rankings due to their dual-layered glass and reinforced window framing. The tempered and laminated glass these windows are created from results in a hard-to-break glass that doesn’t let anything through. This means even the air in your home won’t be able to make its way out. 

Even during cooler months, impact windows will keep heat in, meaning your air conditioning unit won’t have to run as frequently. On the other hand, impact windows will keep out heat on hotter days. While you’ll still have to run your AC, it again won’t have to run nearly as long. 

Impact windows have the highest energy performance ratings of their competitors. No matter what the climate is, impact windows will be able to minimize energy bills. 


How Much Will I Save Installing Impact Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat gain and loss through windows are responsible for 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. By replacing even one window pane with an energy-efficient option, you can save anywhere from $125-$465 a year. 

The traditional windows that come equipped on your home are leaky and inefficient, not to mention unsafe when hurricanes roll in. These windows can’t compare against the incredible quality of double-paned impact windows. 

One of the main reasons for leaky windows is rushed installation, deteriorating seals, single-pane construction, and worn frames. The best way to fix this problem is to install new impact windows in your home. 

Depending on where you live and what you need, there are a number of impact windows that you can choose from. There are different frames, insulation options, and glazing that work better for certain homes than others. Before you upgrade your windows, make sure to consider the following:

  • Energy Star Rating: This rating will display the windows’ energy rating
  • Glass Tints: Tints will help reduce the amount of heat in the room 
  • Argon Gas: Energy-efficient windows that are infused with argon gas is a great way to add additional insulation. 


Get New Impact Windows in South Florida Today

If you want to save money on your energy bill while also keeping your family safe from major storms, impact windows are what you have been waiting for. Window Guys of South Florida is ready to help you find the perfect impact windows for you and your home. Click over to our contact page today if you have any questions about our different impact products.

5 Things to Look for in New Impact Windows

Hurricanes are devastating storms that can completely destroy buildings. Those who live in South Florida have to prepare for these storms each year to ensure they can make it through the storm safely. Being a South Florida resident, you’ve more than likely had to prepare for one of these storms before, so you know how large of a task it can be. 

Collecting food, water, and other essential supplies is important, but so is protecting your home and the people inside. There are a number of ways you can do this, including shutters and wooden barricades, but nothing provides the same amount of year-round protection as impact windows. Impact windows are the ultimate solution for making sure your home is safe from hurricane winds and flying debris. The Window Guys want to help you find the right impact windows for your home. Here are 5 things to look for in new impact windows. 

Corrosion Resistance

One important thing to look for is impact windows that can resist corrosion from the salty air. If impact windows aren’t corrosion resistant, they will become even more vulnerable to hurricanes and other strong storms. Corrosion-resistant impact windows will ensure they last for years to come. 

High Durability 

In the state of Florida, buildings are inspected every 40 years to ensure they are up to weather protection standards. Condos are usually tasked with replacing all of their impact windows and doors. This can be a costly task that you don’t want to be stuck with. That is why you should make sure the impact windows you purchase are durable and meet the usual standards to last many years.

Hurricane Level Resistance

Checking the hurricane level of resistance is vital to ensuring the windows you are purchasing can withstand winds from a hurricane. Hurricanes come in different categories so it’s important to know that your impact windows can defend against a category 5 hurricane. Having category 5-resistant windows is the best way to know you’ll be safe when a storm hits. 

Follow Proper Building Codes

If you want to not get hit with fines from the city you live in, it’s best to know that the impact windows you’re installing follow proper building codes. Both federal and state governments have codes in place that need to be met. The Window Guys follow all of these guidelines and you’ll never have to worry about any potential fines or notices. 

Buy Locally Made Impact Windows

Buying locally-made impact windows, like the ones from The Window Guys, will give you the best windows for the state you’re in. Buying local means they will more than likely follow the correct building codes. 

Get Local Impact Windows

If you want to stay protected all year round from storms of every category, then the Window Guys are here for you. Our windows are manufactured locally and follow all of the codes and standards in the state of Florida. We’re ready to provide you with the ultimate storm protection. Visit our contact page today if you have any questions. 

Key Questions To Ask About Hurricane Windows

Questions About Hurricane Windows

Deciding to get hurricane windows can be a big step which means you probably have questions about hurricane windows. The Window Guys of South Florida is here to help answer the questions you may have. 

When your old windows are worn out, they’ll need replacing, especially if you live in South Florida where hurricanes tend to visit. Many homeowners, old and new, have probably never had to change windows. It’s one of the best decisions you can make living in South Florida but that doesn’t answer the questions you have about hurricane windows. Here are some answers to a few things you’re probably considering. 

What’s a Good Budget for This Process?

When having new windows installed, it’s reasonable to have a budget planned out for it. The budget for hurricane windows will be higher than normal windows, but you’ll need to ask the company supplying and installing the windows what would work best for your wants and needs. They should be open about setting a price estimate and how much it will be in the end. This is the best way to prepare for what the price will be.

What Options are Available?

Like a typical window replacement, hurricane windows have a number of different options that homeowners will love. You can choose from different styles, colors, hardware, and other elements that make your hurricane windows your own. Customizing those details will give you the hurricane windows that you love. 

How Long Will These Windows Last?

You won’t have to worry about changing these windows for a long time. These windows are built durable and use materials that won’t let you down. Hurricane windows will typically last for 8 – 10 years but could go on for even longer than that. Having these windows installed properly will ensure that they last as long as possible. 

What Do You Recommend?

If you’ve never had windows installed, the professionals at The Window Guys can help. Since every home is different, our experts will need to see your home in order to give a proper recommendation. Let our team know every detail you can to help make an even better recommendation. 

Get Hurricane Windows

The Window Guys of South Florida want to help your home look better and be more protected. We’ve been helping South Florida residents find the perfect hurricane windows for years and we can do the same for you. If you have any more questions or you’re looking to get hurricane windows installed, visit our contact page today.

10 Reasons To Install Impact Windows

If you’ve been living in South Florida, then you’re more than aware of the threat of hurricanes and strong weather. This shouldn’t be much of a mystery considering Florida gets hit with the most storms in the United States each year. Since the risk of dangerous weather is so high in South Florida, it’s best to protect yourself before it’s too late. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your home is to install impact windows. 

Impact windows are one of the proven ways to protect your home without having to sacrifice time or aesthetics. The Window Guys have put together 10 reasons why people install impact windows to help you see their true value. 

Reduce Your Energy Bills

It’s not the main reason why people install impact windows, but it’s one of the best benefits they have, besides protecting your home of course. Impact windows have great insulation which helps control the climate inside your home. This reduces the amount of work our air conditioning unit has to do, resulting in less energy consumption. Impact windows will save you money on your eclectic bill year after year.

Install Impact Windows and Add Value to Your Home

Installing impact windows is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home. South Florida is known for its extreme storms, so adding windows that protect against these will interest buyers much more than a home without them. 

Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioning Unit

As we mentioned before, impact windows have amazing insulation. This means that your air conditioning unit will be on less, increasing its life expectancy and efficiency. 

Permanent Protection Against Storms

This is the main and most important reason why people install impact windows. Rather than rushing out a week before a storm hits and buying shutters, impact windows will give you protection from storms permanently.

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

With today’s technology, it’s now possible to create impact windows without sacrificing aesthetics. They often look better than the normal windows you have on your house currently. Installing impact windows will add instant curb appeal to your home. 

Protection Against Intruders

While impact windows are meant to keep out storms, they also help with keeping out intruders as well. If they can hold up against hurricane winds, then they’ll be able to withstand someone trying to force their way in. 

Noise Reduction

If you live somewhere with lots of noise, impact windows can reduce the noise. Since they’re thick and insulated, they help block noise.

Easy to Operate

Impact window operation is no different than normal window operation. They’re just as easy to use and require no special technique. 

Insurance Premium Discounts

Insurance companies in states with high frequencies of storms will see impact windows as a heightened safety measure. This will give you insurance premium discounts. 

UV Damage Protection

UV damage can cause damage to items inside such as wood, fabric, carpets, and everything else. If you install impact windows, they will block these UV rays and protect the items in your home. 

Install Impact Windows Today

Installing impact windows can provide lots of benefits for your home. If these reasons have convinced you to get them installed, have The Window Guys install them today! Visit our contact page to get started or if you have any questions.


What is The Difference Between Impact Glass and Regular Glass

What Makes Impact Glass Different from Regular Glass?

Impact glass is designed to protect your Florida home during a severe weather event, like a hurricane. Standard glass windows are made of a single layer of glass, called float glass, that breaks into large shards when something hits it. Not only are these shards extremely sharp and dangerous, the open window now leaves the home interior vulnerable to wind, rain, and debris from the raging storm — not what anyone wants or needs during a hurricane.

Door glass, however, is different than window glass. Doors are made with tempered glass, which is designed to break into small, relatively harmless pieces. Tempered glass is heated and quickly cooled to create tension and strength in the glass and forces the glass to break into small pieces upon impact. However, tempered glass will shatter, so it’s not a perfect solution for homes affected by hurricanes and severe weather.

The solution is impact glass. Florida Impact glass is made by sealing two pieces of glass to an interior resin layer that’s incredibly strong. Instead of shattering upon impact, the glass pieces stay adhered to the resin, leaving the window broken but intact and the home’s interior protected. Impact glass is the ideal building material for homes in areas impacted by hurricanes and can be used to build extreme weather-resistant windows and doors.

impact glass door

How to Tell if a Door Has Impact Glass

Because severe weather glass is created by laminating several layers of materials together, certain “tells” set it apart from standard or tempered glass.

  • Check the corners for permanent Etched Marks: Impact glass requires more time and resources to manufacture. Many companies will include an etched mark in their glass, so homeowners have no doubts about the quality of the materials installed in their home.
  • There May Be a Temporary Label: A temporary sticker or label is another way manufacturers set their impact glass apart. If your door is new, you’ll likely be able to find a sticker to let you know it’s impact-resistant.
  • Look for reflections: Because of impact glass’s multiple layers, you can see multiple reflections in the glass. Checking for two or more reflections in the glass is a way to tell that it’s impact-resistant, even if there are no stickers or etched labels present.
  • Ask an Expert: If you’re unsure about the caliber of the product in your home, don’t hesitate to call in a glass expert who can verify the type of glass.
  • Work With the Professionals at The Window Guys of Florida: We rigorously test, design, and certify our impact glass offering for the most extreme weather conditions.
  • When you choose ODL products, you can be sure you’re getting the highest level of value in a weather-resistant glass.

Live in a Hurricane Zone? Your Front Door Should Be Impact Glass

Compared to the rest of the glass windows in your home, you might not think that your front door would pose a risk in the event of a hurricane or other extreme weather. But, the truth is that damage to entryways and windows causes more destruction to the home than most other factors due to the relative pressure differences inside the home compared to outside during a storm.

Impact glass from The Window Guys of Florida is a superior safety product and has undergone rigorous testing, including missile impact, water infiltration, structural loading, and forced air infiltration tests. We design our severe weather door glass products for wind-borne debris regions and high-velocity hurricane zones, and they are certified to meet Florida building codes.

This can make building and remodeling easier in hurricane zones. For example, our impact glass is approved by the Florida Building Commission for substitution in any glazed door or sidelight. That means that homeowners and remodelers won’t need to perform any additional testing to meet the building codes. Instead, they’ll simply have to provide the building inspector with documentation of our product’s approvals.

However, our severe weather products are also beautiful. The Window Guys of Florida offers a wide array of decorative door glass options that include impact glass. Whether a project needs a pop of modern privacy glass, traditional caming, in-door blinds, or classic clear glass, The Window Guys of Florida’s Severe Weather line has you covered.

It’s critical that your doors are equipped with the impact glass you need to stay safe. Not sure if your home is covered? Keep reading to learn more about identifying impact glass.

Where To Buy Hurricane Impact Doors in Florida 

If you are looking to replace a broken window or change out your existing windows to hurricane impact windows, then look no further than The Window Guys of Florida. We stock only the highest quality impact windows in all of South Florida. We possess the technology and expertise to install hurricane impact windows to protect your home and loved ones. Contact us today or give us a call at (561) 598-6295 to speak to an impact window professional and get started on the road to installing hurricane impact windows.

Can Hurricane Windows Break?

It’s no secret that Florida is smack dab in the middle of the hurricane basin. Each year Floridians watch the forecast during hurricane season with bated breath. Crossing their fingers that a catastrophic hurricane will not make landfall. Having lived through a few Category 4-5 hurricanes in recent history and especially after Hurricane Katrina, many Florida homeowners have been increasingly making the switch to Hurricane Impact Windows. Hurricane windows have become a popular choice in South Florida. They are made to withstand the strong winds of tropical storms and hurricanes, as well as debris that is blown around by the wind during a hurricane. Hurricane winds can become so furious that they fling around tree branches and other debris as if they were light as a feather, sometimes striking your windows.  

But will your Florida hurricane impact windows survive a direct hit? Are impact glass windows and doors impenetrable? Can a hurricane break your windows? These and many other questions are at the forefront of Florida homeowner’s minds.

Can Impact Windows Break

Will Hurricane Windows Break?

The simple answer is yes. Glass is glass and glass breaks. And because impact windows are made from glass yes can break. That is because they are impact-resistant and not impact-proof. Impact glass is designed to resist heavy blows, and for this reason, it has become the mainstay in windshields for cars, trucks, and busses and more recently houses windows. Just like a car windshield, however, it can break if hit hard enough.

How Are Impact Glass Windows Made?

Florida Hurricane Impact windows are constructed with three individual layers. The two outer layers are made of glass, while the inside layer is a polyvinyl butyral (PVD) compound. These three layers are fused together via the process of lamination or heat treatment. Once cured or cooled, the resulting glass is strong and durable. In fact, it is so strong that the glass can withstand continuous wind speeds of up to 200 mph or direct strikes by wood, stones, and other debris.

Post-hurricane surveys have determined that damage sustained by most buildings is a direct result of a breach of other parts of the structure such as doors and roofs, and not from the impact windows failing. This is a direct result of the years of research and development that has gone into developing Florida Impact Windows.

What Happens If Your Impact Window Breaks?

We have established that impact glass can break, with the right conditions including high wind speed and debris. But what happens when impact windows break? Well the internal PVD polymer keeps the glass from shattering in the same manner as typical windows. This means that while an impact window can shatter, the glass will remain in place, giving you continued protection during the storm. For this reason, hurricane windows are an excellent choice in South Florida, not just for the safety they offer in storms, but also as a way of preventing break-ins.  

Can Broken Impact Windows Be Repaired?

Impact windows that have been damaged or even broken during a storm can be easily replaced. Our team of hurricane window replacement and repair experts are trained in the removal and installation of Florida Impact windows and doors. The experts at The Window Guys of Florida have years of experience in providing the best impact windows in South Florida. Out-certified window professionals will expertly assess the amount of damage done to your property and provide you with a FREE quote for replacement. Our first-class team of installers will then set about removing the existing broken glass and inserting the new glass in its place. The beauty of our impact windows is in their construction. They are modular in design so you oftentimes only have to replace the glass and not the entire window (depending on the level of damage)  

Where To Buy Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors in Florida 

If you are looking to replace a broken window or change out your existing windows to hurricane impact windows, then look no further than The Window Guys of Florida. We stock only the highest quality impact windows in all of South Florida. We possess the technology and expertise to install hurricane impact windows to protect your home and loved ones. Contact us today or give us a call at (561) 598-6295 to speak to an impact window professional and get started on the road to installing hurricane impact windows.