Impact Doors vs Normal Doors

Impact Doors vs Normal Doors. Rain on a window

More and more by the day, Floridians are making the choice of replacing their current standard doors with new impact-resistant models. And if you’re amongst the many, you’re probably left to wonder why the switch. More so, you’re also probably left wondering if you should get yours replaced, too. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your normal doors, so why get impact doors?

While there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with your normal doors, they’re not usually built optimally for the use of defense. Especially here in Florida, where the weather and other elements can cause a devastating impact on your property. But when your normal doors are replaced with impact doors, you’ll begin to notice right away why these models are installed into countless Florida properties. And if you’re interested in knowing more about why impact doors are better than normal doors, continue reading below. The Window Guys of Florida can provide you with the best impact doors that you can’t find anywhere else.

Impact Doors Vs. Normal Doors

Normal doors on just about any property are constructed with two steel facings and a filler. Other types also include one solid wood block with an attached handle and lock for added security. And even though such models are generally safe, they’re not always strong enough to protect property occupants from the forces of hurricanes and other severe storms. In fact, if you live in regions where such forces are common – such as Florida – it’s highly recommended that you get them replaced with impact-resistant models as soon as you can. And this is because impact doors are designed and made with materials that have been tested and approved to withstand even the most powerful weather conditions.

Impact doors are constructed with thick fiberglass skins with both wood and composite materials. They’re also made with reinforced hinges and dense door frames that provide an extra layer of protection. Generally, with impact doors, you’ll get the ultimate protection.

Benefits of Impact Doors over Normal Doors

Impact Doors provide a myriad of other benefits to property owners. The best ones, however, include:

Protection From Criminals

Floridians often get impact doors installed because they’re seeking protection from powerful storms. But one other benefit of impact doors is that they also provide protection from criminals as well. Any home invader or vandal can easily break your normal doors. But with our impact doors, you can rest assured that no amount of human force will be able to break through. In fact, we feel certain that there won’t even be a single crack.

Increased Property Value

Owning property also means that you own an investment. So when your property is faltering in some areas, you’re losing out on the potential of your investment itself. By getting your normal doors replaced with impact doors, you’ll be able to increase your property value substantially. And as a result, investors will acknowledge the worth of your property and will be more than willing to purchase it from you when you’re ready to sell it.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Becoming a Florida resident often coincides with paying a lot for insurance premiums. And this is so that you’ll be covered in the event that disaster strikes your property. But by making the necessary home improvements, the insurance company will acknowledge your efforts and will likely reduce your insurance premium. When an impact door is installed, it’s very probable that your insurance premiums will drop drastically.

Replaced Your Normal Doors With Our Impact Doors Today!

When you’re ready to make the change for the better when it comes to your property, don’t hesitate at all in contacting us here at The Window Guys. We are highly recognized throughout all of Florida for outstanding services when it comes to property protection. Our impact doors and windows are unequal in quality and when they’re installed on your property, we feel confident that you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers as you benefit from our service. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.

Manufacturer Highlight: Jeld-Wen’s Interior & Exterior Doors

Manufacturer Highlight: Jeld-Wen's Interior & Exterior Doors. Jeld-Wen's Dutch Door

We here at The Window Guys offer clients the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of manufacturers when they’re in need of quality windows and/or doors. It’s what makes our company the go-to for those who are seeking to furnish their property with only the highest quality materials. So when you’re in need of some high-end impact windows or doors yourself, be sure to visit our website. In this blog, we’ll be highlighting one of our manufacturers – Jeld-Wen –  that sells some of the best interior and exterior doors you can’t get anywhere else. To learn more about what this amazing manufacturer has to offer, continue reading below.

Jeld-Wen’s Variety of Interior & Exterior Doors

Interior and Exterior doors are a great addition that can be added to anyone’s home. But too often, consumers are challenged in finding a manufacturer that sells more than just three standard door styles. And if you happen to belong to such a group of consumers, just know that you’re search is coming to an end. Jeld-Wen understands that customers love variety. For this reason, they offer clients man different interior and exterior door styles in order to decorate their properties. Below, are just a few of the many interior and exterior doors they sell.

Dutch Doors

Almost no door type can compare to Dutch doors in regard to versatility and beauty. Dutch doors make one of the best exterior doors that can be fitted onto any property. They serve as a “two-in-one”, and this is because Dutch doors are constructed to have two openings; one at the top, and one at the bottom.

Dutch Doors are great as they help to fulfill a variety of purposes. If you want the outside breeze to come and chill your interior, you can just simply open the top door without risking a random animal entering your home. You can also have the top door opened when you’re throwing a party so that you can designate an area in which guests can enter. Or if you have a pet, you can just open the bottom door to let them out whenever they want to.

Dutch Doors are one of the most amazing exterior doors to have installed on your property. It will certainly beautify your home and will be appreciated by you, occupants, and guests. They’re also one of three exterior door types you can purchase from Jeld-Wen.

Glass Panel Doors

Jeld-Wen has numerous glass panel door designs that you can choose from. Each one is unique in structure and can be fitted into any interior of a property.

Your exteriors are just as important as the interiors when it comes to appearance. So when you want to improve the appearance of your property’s interior, you might find that a glass panel interior door is exactly what you need. Have an office in your home? A glass panel door could help to designate it as such. Or maybe you have a room specifically designed for leisure. If so, a glass panel door would make a fine addition. In any case, if you think a glass panel interior door would benefit you, don’t hesitate at all to inquire about this amazing product.

Patio Doors

Patio Doors can enhance the aesthetics of just about any patio setting. If you happen to have a large patio, you’ll be happy to know that Jeld-Wen can provide you with large multi-sliding patio doors. These patio doors will grant you total visibility for both the outside and inside of your property. They also help to accommodate for large groups of guests that will visit to attend your parties.

Contact The Window Guys of Florida Today to Receive The Best Interior And/Or Exterior Doors Around

If you’re ever in need of high-end interior and/or exterior doors, trust no other than The Window Guys of Florida to bring you in contact with Jeld-Wen. This windows and doors manufacturer will ensure that you’re provided with the best doors around. In fact, we feel more than confident that when you choose them, you’ll be more than satisfied with their work as you’re added to their growing list of happy customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.

The Window Guys of Florida’s Condo Remodel Services

The Window Guys of Florida's Condo Remodel Services

The Window Guys of Florida are notorious for providing their impact window services to patrons requiring residential and storefront protection. But did you know that they also offer a condo remodel service? That’s right; if you own a condominium complex and are in need of quality windows, you can trust that The Window Guys will provide it for you. Their impact windows are provided by the manufacturer of your choice, and with them, they can help construct the condominium of your dreams. If you’re curious to know how The Window Guy’s condo remodel services can benefit you, continue reading below. You’ll be surprised by the advantages you gain from their work.

Why Hire The Window Guy’s For Their Condo Remodel Services

The Window Guys of Florida have provided their condo remodel services to countless complexes. With The Window Guy’s condo remodel services, you can trust that your condominium complex’s impact windows will be of high quality. They’ll also provide quite a few benefits, such as:

Attract New Tenants

A condominium complex is a business in and of itself. And like any business, it needs customer engagement in order to keep it thriving. So in order for your condominium to stay in business, you will need some tenants to move in. And when you need tenants, the best thing you can do is highlight the features of your complex.

By having impact windows installed on your condominium complex, you will attract numerous tenants to your property. They will be satisfied to know that when they move into your complex, they’ll be well-protected by their windows. This is one of the absolute best reasons why you should hire The Window Guys for their condo remodel services.

Increase Property Value

Your condominium complex property is a very important asset to own. And not just because it’s your business. But also because it has tremendous investment potential. Someday, it may be likely that you’ll sell your complex to an investor. So when you want to make the best out of your property’s investment potential, you should always aim at improving its features. By getting impact windows fixed into your condominium complex, you’ll find that your property’s value will soar drastically.

Increased Protection

The greatest benefit you can gain from our condo remodel services is increased protection. With our impact windows, you can trust that your tenants will be protected from the outside elements. In fact, we feel certain that your condominium’s new impact windows will last for many years without a single crack on them. And when you want to provide extra protection to your tenants, you can also request to have our impact doors fitted in as well. With our impact doors, your tenants won’t ever need to worry about burglars or vandals breaking into their condos.

Contact The Window Guys Today For Their Condo Remodel Services Today

If you find yourself needing impact windows and/or doors fitted into your condominium complex, then trust no other than The Window Guys of Florida for their condo remodeling services. When you contact The Window Guys, they’ll provide you with a network of impact windows and doors manufacturers for you to choose from. We can guarantee that when you choose The Window Guys, you’ll be absolutely happy with their work as you’re added to their growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.

How to Maintain Your Impact Windows

How to Maintain your Impact Windows

If you own impact windows then you want to make sure that your windows are kept clean. Doing so will free them from any hazards that could hinder their performance. Impact windows are made to protect your home and though they are sturdy, lack of care will cause their features to diminish. But how exactly do you clean your impact windows? 

Though they are much different from a standard window cleaning your protective windows is not difficult. Continue reading down below to see what you need to do to maintain your Impact windows.


Supplies you’ll need to clean your windows include:

  • microfiber towels
  • non-abrasive cleaner
  • Water hose
  • Squeegee 

It’s important that you get these materials to clean your impact windows and nothing else. 

You’ll want a microfiber towel instead of paper towels. Paper towels aren’t able to absorb all the moisture off of your impact windows which can leave spots due to drying from the sun. 

Though cheaper, the standard blue window cleaner solution you see in stores won’t be enough to maintain the performance of your impact windows. Using a non-abrasive cleaner will help clean your impact windows much better. But be warned, you’ll want to check the chemicals that are in the cleaner you are using. Certain chemicals can harm the coating on your impact windows, causing it to peel or degrade. If you are unsure of what chemicals can harm your windows, contact your impact window provider for inquiries.

You’ll want to use a hose as opposed to a pressure cleaner. Applying high pressure to your window will cause caulking issues. The squeegee will be needed to remove water that remains on your windows.


  1. First, take your hose and turn it on. Thoroughly hose the window down to remove any unwanted dirt and bacteria off.
  2. Starting from left to right, top to bottom, use your squeegee to remove any water remaining on your impact window.
  3. Once the impact window is dry, take your non-abrasive cleaner and apply gently with a microfiber towel, evenly coating all areas of the window.
  4. Lastly, take another dry microfiber towel and wipe away any excess cleaner remaining on your window.
  5. Repeat steps 1 – 4 for all of your windows.

Hire The Window Guys of Florida

If you’re in need of installing impact windows on your home, don’t hesitate to call The Window Guys of Florida. The Window Guys of Florida have serviced the South Florida area for over 15 years and can guarantee windows that protect your home. If interested, give us a call at 561-232-6612 or visit our contact page.