Impact Windows: From Protection to Innovation

Impact windows have been vital in coastal and hurricane-prone areas, providing crucial protection against storms. Their significance lies in safeguarding homes and businesses from devastating winds and debris. Keywords: Impact windows, hurricane protection, coastal homes

The Origins of Impact Windows:

The development of impact-resistant glass stemmed from the need for safer building materials. Initially used in military and industrial settings, advancements led to broader applications in residential and commercial construction. Keywords: Impact-resistant glass, storm protection, safety glass

Technological Advancements in Impact Windows:

Innovations in materials, such as laminated glass and polycarbonate, have greatly enhanced impact window technology. These advancements have significantly improved frame strength and durability, ensuring better protection for properties. Keywords: Laminated glass, polycarbonate, impact window technology

Impact Windows and Building Codes:

The introduction of building codes mandating impact-resistant features revolutionized the construction industry. These regulations have driven the development of impact windows, ensuring compliance with stringent hurricane safety standards. Keywords: Building codes, hurricane safety standards, impact window regulations

The Role of Impact Windows in Modern Architecture:

Impact windows have become integral to modern architectural designs, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. Their incorporation allows for seamless integration into various architectural styles, with customizable options catering to diverse preferences. Keywords: Modern architecture, impact window design, aesthetic appeal

Impact Windows and Energy Efficiency:

Beyond protection, impact windows contribute to energy efficiency by reducing energy costs and minimizing carbon footprint. Advanced coatings and glazings provide additional benefits such as UV protection, enhancing sustainability in buildings. Keywords: Energy efficiency, sustainable living, UV protection

The Future of Impact Windows:

As technology continues to advance, the future of impact windows looks promising. Emerging innovations, including smart windows and climate-resilient designs, hold the potential to further enhance safety and efficiency in building construction. Keywords: Future of impact windows, smart windows, climate resilience

The evolution of impact windows reflects a journey from basic protection to innovative solutions. Their importance in ensuring safety, efficiency, and design integrity underscores their significance in modern construction practices. Keywords: Impact window installation, home safety, energy savings. Explore the range of impact window options available for your home or business.

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Do I Need Impact Windows If I Have Hurricane Shutters?

Do I Need Impact Windows If I Have Hurricane Shutters?

The home you live in is important to you for many reasons. It’s the place where you relax and sleep each day, as well as an important investment you want to protect. Living in South Florida, one of the biggest threats to your home is serious storms known as hurricanes. Hurricanes are massive storms that bring seriously rain and winds with them. 

When it comes to preparing for hurricanes, the two most popular options for hurricane home protection come in the form of hurricane shutters and hurricane windows, also known as impact windows. While hurricane shutters have been around for some time, hurricane windows are a relatively new form of hurricane protection. 

If you currently have hurricane shutters, you may be wondering if you need impact windows at all. The Window Guys want to help answer that question and show you why impact windows are the best option compared to hurricane shutters and other forms of hurricane defense. 


What are Impact Windows?

First, you need to understand what impact windows are and why they are considered to be the best form of hurricane protection for your home. Impact windows are made from durable glass that protects your home from strong winds and the flying debris caused by those winds. These windows were designed to withstand high-intensity impacts from even a category 5 hurricane. 

These windows also provide the additional benefits of noise reduction, additional value to your home, and a clear picture of what’s happening outside, even during a hurricane.


Should I Buy Impact Windows If I Have Hurricane Shutters?

Hurricane shutters are considered to be an effective way of defending your home against a storm, but they aren’t perfect. Shutters will require manual closing and opening each time a storm is announced, which can be difficult to do when hurricane warnings are given only 36 hours in advance. Impact windows will provide passive protection all year long, regardless of the weather outside. Hurricane shutters can also be broken by flying debris. If a piece of debris hits the lock that holds the shutters together, it can fly open and leave your window exposed. So while they are effective, they aren’t going to provide 100% protection.

There’s no reason why you can’t combine both impact windows and hurricane shutters to create the ultimate form of hurricane defense, but it makes the most sense to go with one method.

Hurricane shutters can do an alright job of keeping you protected, but if serious storms roll in, there’s a chance that debris can cause them to break if a severe impact were to occur. When this happens, there is nothing keeping the hurricane from breaking the exposed window. 

Hurricane windows on the other hand are designed to withstand severe impacts and hold strong. The Window Guys test all of our impact window products to ensure they won’t fail you when it matters the most. On top of that, they’re a passive form of protection which means once they are installed, you never have to worry about manually setting up hurricane protection ever again. 

Putting hurricane shutters over impact windows won’t make them lose their passive protection, but it will remove the natural light and ability to view the storm as it’s hitting. Installing both hurricane shutters and impact windows will ensure you have the highest level of protection, but it will be costly and mostly unnecessary since impact windows can handle the task alone. 

While both methods provide hurricane protection, impact windows are the best way to ensure you’re safe during a hurricane.


Stay Safe From Hurricanes With Impact Windows

Impact windows are the ultimate way to protect your home and family when a serious storm strikes. While shutters will still do an ok job when they break there is nothing protecting you from the storm outside. If you want to ensure you’ll stay safe, contact the Window Guys today. We have a large inventory of hurricane-proof impact windows and doors that will keep you safe when the weather outside becomes unpredictable. 

Impact Windows Cost – Is This The Most Important Factor?


One of the major questions about impact windows and doors is how much do they cost. The reality is that the answer depends on a variety of factors, including the number required, size and brand of window or door, the materials used, installation, and so much more.


Occasionally we will have a customer that just wants to purchase material only.  We are a impact window company that has a great relationship with the top manufacturers in the business. If you are a homeowner or a contractor that is looking to purchase impact windows, you are definitely in the right place.

In general, impact windows and doors cost more than your standard builder’s windows, but they offer a number of benefits that more than make them worth the investment. Impact windows and doors can help to improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce noise pollution, and protect your property from severe weather conditions. To discern the cost of your impact windows, you first have to be aware of each of the following factors:

What determines the pricing for impact windows?

  • Manufacturer
  • Type of Window
  • Type of Frame – Aluminum or Vinyl
  • Type of Glass – Tinted, Lo-e, or privacy
  • Size
  • Type of opening – stucco, cbs, drywall, etc.
  • Design pressures required per building code
  • City or County Codes for energy efficiency
  • Permitting

Types of Windows

  • Single Hung Window
  • Double Hung Window
  • Casement Window
  • Architectural Window
  • Picture Window
  • Horizontal Roller Window
  • Awning Window
  • Storefront Window – Commercial

Window Sizes

There are commodity sizes which are designated by two numbers or two numbers and a letter.  For the most part those sizes would be considered the normal sized windows. When actually measuring openings, windows have to be adjusted to custom size. The bigger the window, the higher the square footage becomes, in return more framing material is needed which reflects the cost of the window.

Choosing new or replacement windows can be very overwhelming. After careful thought and consideration, you’ve decided to buy Hurricane Impact Windows. So, what comes next?

Now you need to determine whether you want vinyl or aluminum frames. But again, with so many options, advantages and disadvantages, how do you know what type of frame you really need for your home?

Impact Window & Impact Door Frames

Equally important as the window or door itself, the frame makes a tremendous difference in protecting your home against heavy storms, intruders, and more. Some of the most common materials include wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Both aluminum and vinyl are far less likely to crack, splinter, or rust as compared to traditional wood frames, and as such will cost more. 


Aluminum window frames are known for their strength and durability. They are also very lightweight, making them easy to install and maintain. Additionally, aluminum frames are resistant to rust and corrosion, making them a good choice for coastal areas or homes that are exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Another advantage of aluminum window frames is that they can be painted to match any style of home. However, it is important to note that aluminum is a good conductor of heat and cold, so aluminum window frames may not be as energy-efficient as other types of frames.


Vinyl window frames are also a good choice for homeowners who are looking for a durable and low-maintenance option. Vinyl is a synthetic material that is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Vinyl frames are resistant to moisture, rot, and fading, making them a good choice for all climates.

Vinyl window frames are also very energy-efficient. Vinyl is a good insulator, so it can help to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Additionally, vinyl frames are typically less expensive than aluminum frames.

How aluminum impact window costs compare to vinyl

Aluminum is usually the go to choice for impact window framing because it is more affordable and usually has higher design pressures, the pricing ranges depending on the size and style per opening. Vinyl Frames are tailored for greater energy efficiency, they come standard with laminated insulated glass depending on the manufacturer you have the option of argon gas or air in the thermal break. Vinyl frames are more expensive and again depends on the size and style per opening.

Your windows will have a major effect on the energy efficiency of your household. When you are shopping for new hurricane impact windows, you will need to consider which types of windows will offer you the best energy efficiency. Typically, vinyl windows are slightly more efficient than their aluminum counterparts. With new vinyl windows, you can save on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Impact resistance is another key factor to consider when you are shopping for replacement windows. In order to remain intact under the pressure of hurricane force winds, your windows will need to be incredibly strong and durable. Overall, aluminum impact windows offer better impact resistance than vinyl windows. You can also ask your window installers to provide you with more information about the impact resistant qualities of each type of window.

Both vinyl and aluminum windows should be fairly easy for your window contractor to install. By choosing new impact windows that offer simple installation, you will be able to get your home up to hurricane code in no time. Whether you choose vinyl or aluminum windows for your property, you will want to make sure that you hire a reputable contractor for your installation. A trained window installation professional will make sure that your new windows are ready to withstand a major storm.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Hurricane Impact Windows: Vinyl vs Aluminum Frames:

  1. Cost – Vinyl windows cost about 20-30% more than aluminum options. Cost is always a big consideration, but depending on your specific needs, the extra investment may be worthwhile.
  2. Energy Efficiency – Vinyl windows are more energy efficient (thus the higher price tag), however both types of frames still provide much better insulation than a window that is not impact-resistant. Aluminum windows attract heat from the outside into the building, but for an added cost can be protected with thermal breaks to improve energy efficiency.
  3. Curb Appeal – For the most part, vinyl windows are more appealing to the eye and are available in a wide variety of finishes. However, they cannot be painted, so exact color matches may not be possible. Due to their thicker frames, they also may not suit the style of the building they are needed for. Aluminum windows can be painted and therefore more color options are possible for exact matches. Their thinner frames also have a more modern appearance, which may be more suitable for bigger, commercial buildings.
  4. Durability – Although both types of frames offer some resistance to scratches, marks and denting, vinyl windows are highly resistant. If they do become damaged, the exposed parts are the same color as the rest of the frame due to consistent use of one material throughout the frame. Comparatively, when there is damage to an aluminum window, the paint on the frame can be scratched off, revealing the metal underneath and making them less pleasing to the eye. The steel or zinc fasteners also have the potential to corrode over time. However, aluminum windows are stronger than vinyl.
  5. Maintenance – Aluminum windows require more maintenance such as paint touch-ups and lubrication of their metal moving parts. Vinyl windows are relatively low-maintenance.

hurricane impact window average cost

Source: https://www.manta.com/cost-hurricane-impact-windows-west-palm-beach-fl

Majority of homeowner in West Palm Beach paid an average of $3,500-$8,000 in 2018.
Does not include:

  1. Any permits required for hurricane impact windows West Palm Beach projects.
  2. Inspection and/or West Palm Beach building fees.
  3. Materials and supply Palm Beach and Florida sales taxes.
  4. Materials and supply West Palm Beach sales taxes.
  5. Any general contractor fees, if used for the project. Such fees generally add another $223.44-$279.30 to the total.

How to choose what brand of window to buy?

1. All window companies or dealers represent one or more manufacturers of impact hurricane windows and doors.

It is similar to buying a stereo at Best Buy, you go to the store and ask the clerk what you are looking for and base your decision on what information is given to you, price, quality and warranty etc.

Best Buy carries a lot of different brands and manufacturers and it is the same way window companies operate.

However, unlike big department stores not all window companies carry the same windows and some dealers only carry 1 or 2 manufacturers and push those brands, because it is the only ones they sell.

All windows manufacturers have to go through Miami-Dade testing and/or State of Testing testing so that their products are approved so that they meet the Florida Building Code to be used for hurricane protection.

What this means is that a product can be Miami-Dade or Florida approved and meet code but not necessarily be the best fit for your building or project.

2. So how do you choose? Do your home work in first hiring the right contractor meeting criteria above.

Also that the company has plenty of choices in different window brands so that they cater to your needs, not theirs.

Any window company with prestige and a good reputation will have references, pictures of work and a showroom to compare products.

I always like to take my customers to existing jobs where my installers are working and show them the work in progress, work completed and the product we are proposing.

This also gives the potential customer to talk to the existing customer and get feedback about the work we are doing with them.

3. On a more technical level you should choose your impact hurricane windows and doors based on your needs for the product itself and the design pressure of the building.

How Much do Impact Windows Cost? – Factors That Determine Price

  • Window Type
    • The main factor that often defines the cost of installation for most windows is the window type. Typically, something such as rounded architectural window installation cost can turn out to be twice as high as for standard rectangular. And when it comes to protection, you’ll be paying the most for the price of hurricane windows
  • Window opening location
    • Hurricane impact windows cost can also be determined based on where the window is being installed. If the window is being installed on ground level in an area that’s fairly convenient and easy for installers to work in, then the cost will be likely within a cheap amount. If, however, installers need to work on a second floor or higher and are working on an area where flexibility and space is limited, then the average cost of impact windows offered to you may be on the higher end of the spectrum.
  • Opening materials
    • As simple as they are, the design and style of opening materials can also determine hurricane proof windows cost. The more complex they are in design, the more it will cost.
  • Size of window
    • storm window prices can soar depending on how big your new impact windows are. If you’re having standard, average-sized windows installed on your property, then you may either be offered the average cost of impact windows or a lower rate. However, if the window requires two people to install it, costs will likely be higher.
  • Window sill material
    • The strength of a window sill also contributes to the price of hurricane windows. Most who want impact windows typically choose stronger window sill material, leading to higher costs. But you can also opt-in having average strength window sill material installed as well.
  • Stucco patching/painting
    • Areas that often reside in hurricane zones usually have stucco siding – very common in Florida. Usually, the stucco that surrounds the window frame is damaged, even when replacement windows are being installed from inside the property. When the siding is damaged, a stucco specialist will need to be called in, further contributing to the increase in hurricane impact windows cost.
  • Lift Rental
    • For any windows that are being installed on the second floor or higher, a lift rental will be required. And with a lift rental, the average cost of impact windows tends to go up higher. Also, the duration for installing a second-story window tends to be fairly lengthy, further increasing cost estimates.
  • Time of Year
    • During hurricane season, the entire state of Florida will go into a frenzy just trying to get the necessary protection. So if you’re getting an installation during this time, hurricane proof windows cost will usually be above the average cost of impact windows. But during the off-season, you can definitely get it at a lowered price.
    • Installers are busier, so costs are higher, during hurricane season – and especially if a hurricane or tropical storm is brewing out at sea.
  • New vs. Replacement
    • Replacing your current windows can prove to be fairly costly. Installers will need to remove your current windows and implement the new impact windows, which will increase the average cost of impact windows. And this isn’t just due to the complexity of such a procedure, but also because it’s very time consuming. But if you’re property is currently undergoing construction and hurricane proof windows are installed to begin with, installation is much faster and less difficult to perform, making it more affordable to purchase.

Impact Window and Impact Door Installation

The last major component of impact window and door pricing is the installation. The typical installation process can take anywhere from one to three days, and this is ultimately determined by the number of windows and doors and the location of the windows and doors. While it can be DIY’d, we strongly recommend trusting in a highly-skilled impact window and door installation team. There are various nuances and technical skills required to ensure a flawless installation across an entire house, and an improper job can lead to the entire impact system failing.

As the largest dealer in impact windows within South Florida, we’re proud to also offer our in-house installation team. Experts for decades, our installers are able to minimize installation time while also ensuring an ideal execution for every single window and door. You can rest assured knowing that your new windows and doors will never fail you, even when a major hurricane is raging outside. 

The average cost for window replacement with hurricane impact windows varies on the size of the windows.

When you are looking to replace your windows give us a call and we will provide you a free estimate.

In Conclusion, when you are prepared and ready to purchase hurricane impact windows, give us a call today at (561)598-6295 and schedule a free estimate or fill out our form.

One of our experts in the estimating department will speak to you and give you the best options.

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Are Impact Windows Soundproof?

If you and your family are suffering from outside noise penetrating your home, then you’re likely looking for any solution that will stop it instantly. Things like neighbors mowing their lawns, dogs barking, and traffic passing by can really damper your quality of life in your own home.

One solution that we get asked about all the time is impact windows for sound-proofing their home. The reality is: impact windows don’t cancel out noise completely from the outside world, but they do make a significant difference in the amount of ambient and distracting noise that tends to seep in.

Why Is So Much Noise Coming From Outside?

The main reason you’re likely hearing so much noise from outside is due to your windows. Older windows have a hard time deflecting sound pollution, allowing sounds to easily penetrate through and disrupt your day to day live.

While we would love to enjoy the benefits of noise-canceling windows, they simply don’t exist yet. Instead, all windows abide by a sound transmission class, or STC. STC measures the amount of noise that’s able to pass through a window. Standard windows typically have an STC of around 25-29. Impact windows have an STC of 45 or higher due to their construction.

STC and What Can Be Heard At Each Level

25: soft speech can be clearly heard and interpreted
30: normal speech can be clearly heard and interpreted
35: loud speech can be clearly heard and interpreted
40: loud speech can be heard but not interpreted
45: privacy threshold
50: loud sounds can be faintly heard
60+: true soundproofing

How Do Impact Windows Soundproof Your Home?

While standard windows are typically constructed from a wood frame and a single pane of glass, impact windows offer significant upgrades. The frame is usually constructed from either aluminum or vinyl which prevents cracking, splintering, or rusting. The outer layer of glass is tempered, providing a significant boost in energy efficiency, and the interior heat strengthened impact glass helps to dampen the noise outside and thus raises its STC dramatically.

In addition to its ability to lower ambient noise from outside, impact windows:

  • Improve HVAC efficiency
  • Reduces UV and heat entering home
  • Defends home against high winds, storm pressure, flying debris, and intruders
  • Insulates your home
  • What Noises Do Impact Windows Reduce?

When it comes to impact windows installed in your home, you can expect them to significantly reduce:

  • Street traffic
  • Car alarms
  • Construction
  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Loud music
  • Neighbors talking
  • Dogs barking

Enjoy Peace With The Window Guys

If you’re looking to enjoy some peace and quiet in your home, then the Window Guys have your back. To learn more about impact windows and receive a complimentary consultation with our experts, simply contact us online or give us a call at (561) 598-6295.

8 Tips To Ensure A Flawless Impact Window Installation

You’ve purchased your new impact windows and scheduled an appointment with The Window Guys, so you’re all set! Actually, that’s not the case. There are actually a few steps involved in ensuring that your home is prepared for our installation team during their visit. If your impact window installation appointment is coming up soon, you should consider the following steps to ensuring a perfect installation.

Trim Landscaping

Landscaping directly in front of your windows can be an immediate barrier to the window installation team getting your home’s impact windows placed. While you don’t have to fully remove them, you will need to clear space so that they can navigate through towards your window sill. Things like bushes, trees, and shrubs will need to be trimmed and cleared.

Clean Inside & Out

Anything directly inside and outside of the window space should be cleared out. Things like planters, wall art, exterior and interior furniture, tables, etc will need to be removed from the general area of your windows, as our team will be in and around the area very frequently. That way, you can rest assured knowing that our team won’t cause an accident with some of your belongings, as careful and experienced as they are.

Cover Furniture

Placing blankets or sheets over your furniture will keep them safe from any dust or debris that may be produced from the installation. Furniture should be about four-six feet away from your windows to ensure they’ll be safe.

Remove Window Covers

Window covers such as blinds and drapes will need to be momentarily removed, as they will also get in the way of the installation and will slow down the process.
Cover Floors

Deactivate Alarms

Our installation teams will be in and out of your home, as well as constantly working on your existing windows. As such, leaving your alarms active will have them beeping nonstop. For the sake of the installation, please disable all alarms until our team’s work is complete.

Create Workspace

Our window installation team will need to work frequently on your windows, making adjustments as needed. If possible, setting up a small workspace for our team will be a tremendous help, as they’re able to set up their equipment and get to work in an efficient and organized manner.

Keep Kids and Pets Away

For the safety of everyone involved, including you and your loved ones we recommend that during an installation period access to work areas be restricted. If there is something specific needing attention while this process goes on then just let us know so it can get done right away for all parties involved!

With these steps in place, you’re ready for your impact window installation! Have a question about preparing for an impact window installation that you don’t see listed above? No problem! Contact the Window Guys online or give us a call at (561) 598-6295.

3 Reasons Shouldn’t DIY Your Impact Windows

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Impact Resistant Glass Windows

diy impact resistant glass | man installing impact windows

Upgrading your windows to impact resistant glass is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and defense. Your home shouldn’t have to suffer from subpar windows any longer. When purchasing impact resistant glass for your home, you’ve probably been considering if you can save and skip on the installation services provided by an impact windows supplier. While you certainly could DIY your impact windows, we strongly recommend against it. Even if you’re a highly experienced DIY-er, impact windows require significant technical know-how to install properly. Three of the main reasons why you should never DIY your impact resistant glass are:

You Can Only Size Them Once

Projects like building a wood deck for your backyard are great for both the emerging and seasoned DIY-er. If you make a mistake, you can drive over to your local hardware store, pick up the necessary supplies, make the necessary repairs/updates, and continue on. That’s not the case with impact windows. Despite its name, impact glass is still glass, and an improper measurement or cut could spell disaster. You’ll find yourself spending more on new pieces of impact glass than you would if you had just trusted in an experienced installation team.

Poor Installation Can Ruin Their Effectiveness

When you decided to upgrade to impact windows, you probably made the decision with the idea in mind that your current windows just weren’t cutting it. Whether your home was too hot/cold when it shouldn’t have been, or exterior noise was just constantly seeping in, you knew it was time to make a switch. An improper installation could lead to impact resistant glass that is just as underperforming as your current standard windows.

Incredibly Difficult And Dangerous For One Person

Make no mistake: impact windows are remarkably difficult to install, and can be very dangerous if installed incorrectly. Impact window installation is, at minimum, a two-person job. It’s practically impossible for even one highly skilled DIY-er to accomplish alone, and can lead to dangerous situations. When placing the impact window in its frame, if not sealed properly it can potentially fall out of its frame at any given time.

Impact window installation becomes even more difficult with multi-story homes, as you’ll likely have to have someone on the roof to help install it correctly.

Count On The Impact Window Installation Experts At The Window Guys

The expert installation team at The Window Guys has the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to provide you with a flawless installation. Improper installation can lead to your windows voiding warranty—our team makes sure that isn’t the case. Contact the Window Guys team today for a free quote and see how easy working with our installation team can be!