3 Reasons Shouldn’t DIY Your Impact Windows

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Impact Resistant Glass Windows

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Upgrading your windows to impact resistant glass is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and defense. Your home shouldn’t have to suffer from subpar windows any longer. When purchasing impact resistant glass for your home, you’ve probably been considering if you can save and skip on the installation services provided by an impact windows supplier. While you certainly could DIY your impact windows, we strongly recommend against it. Even if you’re a highly experienced DIY-er, impact windows require significant technical know-how to install properly. Three of the main reasons why you should never DIY your impact resistant glass are:

You Can Only Size Them Once

Projects like building a wood deck for your backyard are great for both the emerging and seasoned DIY-er. If you make a mistake, you can drive over to your local hardware store, pick up the necessary supplies, make the necessary repairs/updates, and continue on. That’s not the case with impact windows. Despite its name, impact glass is still glass, and an improper measurement or cut could spell disaster. You’ll find yourself spending more on new pieces of impact glass than you would if you had just trusted in an experienced installation team.

Poor Installation Can Ruin Their Effectiveness

When you decided to upgrade to impact windows, you probably made the decision with the idea in mind that your current windows just weren’t cutting it. Whether your home was too hot/cold when it shouldn’t have been, or exterior noise was just constantly seeping in, you knew it was time to make a switch. An improper installation could lead to impact resistant glass that is just as underperforming as your current standard windows.

Incredibly Difficult And Dangerous For One Person

Make no mistake: impact windows are remarkably difficult to install, and can be very dangerous if installed incorrectly. Impact window installation is, at minimum, a two-person job. It’s practically impossible for even one highly skilled DIY-er to accomplish alone, and can lead to dangerous situations. When placing the impact window in its frame, if not sealed properly it can potentially fall out of its frame at any given time.

Impact window installation becomes even more difficult with multi-story homes, as you’ll likely have to have someone on the roof to help install it correctly.

Count On The Impact Window Installation Experts At The Window Guys

The expert installation team at The Window Guys has the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to provide you with a flawless installation. Improper installation can lead to your windows voiding warranty—our team makes sure that isn’t the case. Contact the Window Guys team today for a free quote and see how easy working with our installation team can be!

10 Types Of Home Damage During A Storm

When a large storm makes its way for South Florida, there’s only so much you can do to properly defend your home as you hunker down. South Florida storms can be anything from a brief sun shower to the infamous category 5 hurricane. However make no mistake: every kind of storm can actually cause damage to your home. There’s a variety of ways a storm can affect your home, including:

Storm Damage Types

Rain Damage

One of the most common storm damage types that occurs to homes is, of course, rain damage. Constant heavy downpours can lead to rainwater seeping through cracks in your roof and walls. Rainwater that enters your home can become stagnant, pooling on certain parts of your ceilings. It will eventually form cracks allowing the rainwater to reach the ground, before bursting completely. Water that makes it inside your walls can damage the frame and rot the wood.

Wind Damage

Wind, depending on the strength of the storm, can be severely damaging. While mild gusts may knock over exterior furniture or decorations, hurricane force gales can uproot large trees, flip cars, and even rip your roof off completely.

Thrown Debris

As wind speeds pick up during a storm, loose debris, furniture, decorations, and more left outside can be picked up and thrown around. Flung tree branches can completely destroy standard windows, and cause tremendous damage to vehicles left outside in the driveway.

Hail Damage

While an uncommon occurrence, hail has been known to fall during storms in Florida from time to time. Large, baseball sized hail has been known to fall on occasion, causing major damage to your property. You could find things like your mailbox and car completely dented from an onslaught of hail, as well as damaged tiles on your roof.

Mold Formation

Mold formation can occur following rain damage from a heavy storm. That stagnant water creates damp, humid spots in your home that are ideal for mold formation. Mold will begin to grow exponentially, leading to potential health risks for your entire family.

Flood Damage

During heavy South Florida storms, there can be enough rainfall in a short enough period of time to cause flash floods. These fast moving, high rising waters are extremely dangerous, so it’s imperative you get to safety as soon as possible. Flash floods can rise so high that they enter your home, causing damage inside and out.

Fire Damage

An uncommon type of damage that occurs during storms, fire damage certainly is possible. Heavy storms can down power lines, causing sparks to fly. Nearby branches, trees, bushes, and grass can catch ablaze.

Additionally, lightning strikes can also cause fires to form, which can cause massive damage to the surrounding area as well.

Landscaping Damage

Landscaping and hardscaping done to your home can, unfortunately, be damaged during South Florida’s storms. Heavy rains and winds can rip trees and bushes right out of the ground, and damage tiles in your driveway and backyard patio.

Exterior Property Damage

During heavy south Florida storms such as tropical storms and hurricanes, it is highly recommended that you bring exterior furniture such as grills, patio sets, and your car inside to avoid being damaged or causing damage elsewhere to your home. Even so, heavy winds can completely destroy things like your backyard fence.

Window Damage

As major storms roll in they bring heavy pressure that puts major stress on your home. Standard windows can only bear so much before they completely shatter. This can be a major disaster, as your windows are the only barrier between your home’s interior and the outside world. When there’s a major storm raging outside, you need a home defense solution that can and will protect your family—that’s where the Window Guys come in. As the largest provider of high-quality impact windows, you can ensure your home’s interior is defended against whatever that storm may bring. Contact us to receive a free quote and ensure your home’s ready for hurricane season 2022 today!

Hurricane Shutters or Impact Windows?

Before hurricane season arrives, you’re left with the task of finding the best way to defend your home from mother nature. While one would think it would be an easy task, there are several things a homeowner has to consider. One must consider permanency, strength, aesthetic, appeal, and costs. The choice of hurricane shutters or impact windows is up to you, but it’s important to think about the pros and cons of each option before making your decision.

The Window Guys of South Florida is here to provide you with a comparison of hurricane shutters or impact windows that should help you make the right decision. We’ve been helping residents of South Florida find the perfect impact window solutions for years.

Impact Windows

Impact windows are often referred to as hurricane-resistant windows. These windows come with a huge pro and that’s never having to put up hurricane shutters again. These amazing windows can withstand the wind and forces of any storm, no matter how strong it is. When thinking about hurricane shutters or impact windows, it’s also important to consider that impact windows will save you money on your power bill.

This is made possible because impact windows reflect outside heat better than normal windows and they regulate your home’s temperature. You can save even more money by applying a tint or e-coating on the impact windows.

The only real downside to having impact windows installed is that they cost much more than hurricane shutters. However, in the long run, they will pay for themselves with the money saved on your energy bill. Click here to view some of our residential impact window installations. 

Hurricane Shutters

If the initial cost of impact windows is too much, then hurricane shutters are the solution for you. It’s important to note that when deciding hurricane shutters or impact windows, hurricane shutters still have a good list of pros! Hurricane shutters, like impact windows, come in a variety of styles and colors. This will make protecting your home easy without compromising the exterior style of your home. Hurricane shutters also protect your home from UV rays and any storm debris that is flying around. 

The cons that come with hurricane shutters include not letting sunlight into your home when they are being used and they aren’t guaranteed to protect your windows. This can happen because hurricane shutters take on a lot of pressure and, if enough pressure is applied, the windows can shatter.

Time to Protect Your Home

Choosing between hurricane shutters or impact windows can be a big decision for residents of South Florida. Your home is almost guaranteed to be exposed to hurricane-speed winds and weather, so it’s best to protect your home before it’s too late. If you’re looking to protect your home with impact windows, call the impact window experts at Window Guys. We’ll make sure your home looks good while also being safe from mother nature. If you’re ready to have impact windows installed or you have any questions, visit our contact page or call us at 561-598-6295.


Why You Should Get Impact Windows Before Selling Your Home

When homeowners are preparing to sell their home, they typically beautify the home to some degree to make it more presentable to potential buyers. Whether it be trimming the hedges, repainting the exterior of the home, or pressure cleaning the driveway, these little tricks can make your home appear much more attractive to eager buyers looking for the home of their dreams. One way you boost your chances of selling your home for well above asking price is to have residential impact windows installed. While it may seem like a waste of money right when you’re trying to move out, residential impact windows are one of the most sought after features in any home. 

Old Windows Will Turn Buyers Away

With the market moving as quickly as it is right now, you need every advantage to appeal before another home. As more and more buyers are looking for turnkey homes that don’t require work, nobody wants to have to pay for residential impact windows themselves. Living in South Florida, not having residential impact windows can be a serious concern, especially with hurricane season looming overhead every year. The more modernized your home is, the better suited it is for today’s home buyer.

More Benefits To Highlight

The more a seller has to offer, the better. Buyers are always looking to get the most bang for their buck, and residential impact windows offer just that. Not only do they provide homeowners peace of mind with their heavily increased protection against general impacts, but residential impact windows bring a myriad of benefits alongside it. Due to increased thickness, they offer increased insulation, which both reduces outside noise, as well as keeps less heat from entering your home. This in turn lowers your overall energy bill all year long. With South Florida’s constant heat, this is a major bonus for any potential homebuyer that’s guaranteed to draw more eyes towards your property.

Increased Value On Your Home

Due to the benefits that come with residential impact windows, they boost your properties overall value as well. Where potential buyers might see your home as a value with the residential impact windows installed on your home, they actually raised it from what its base asking price would be without them. Your realtor will be able to highlight the feature and get you the most amount of money possible for your home when it’s all said and done. 

Install Impact Windows Today And Get The Most For Your Home

Before you start preparing to sell your home, make sure you have impact windows installed first. Avoid turning potential buyers away while boosting your home’s value almost immediately. To learn more about getting impact windows installed, contact The Window Guys team today online or give us a call at (561) 598-6295!

Benefits Of Installing Impact Windows In South Florida 2021

Impact Windows are something that many South Florida homeowners are curious about. They know that they can be beneficial, but how exactly? This is a question that we get a lot at the Window Guys. The answer? There are a slew of benefits to installing impact windows in your South Florida home. From protection against severe, seasonal storms, as well as intruders to increased home value and more. Installing impact windows is an incredibly responsible decision to make as a homeowner. In this post from the Window Guys blog, we’ll get over the benefits of installing impact windows in your South Florida home.

Increase The Safety Of Your Home

Installing impact windows at your home is a surefire way to safeguard your home from storms that threaten South Florida six months out of the year. Those that have lived in Florida for years know the mass destruction that hurricanes can cause. Whether you experienced Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Wilma, Or even Hurricane Irma – these storms caused massive damage across South Florida. When you install impact windows, gone are the days of having to scramble to get shutters or plywood up before a storm rolls through the area. No action will have to be taken to protect your home from hurricanes when it’s protected by high-quality impact windows.

Furthermore, impact windows can defend your home from potential intruders. Not much is making it through impact windows. In fact, apart from a bullet (bulletproof glass is available from the window guys), we’re confident that nothing is making it through an impact window. Impact windows are designed to handle flying projectiles hitting the window at upwards of 200 miles per hour. Rocks, bricks, or anything else like that will not break impact windows.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Another thing that can be accomplished by installing impact windows is increasing the value of your home. How does installing impact windows increase the value of your home? Once again, the answer lies in the increased safety. Potential homeowners won’t have to worry about installing shutters, which can cost thousands of dollars. Additionally, the increased security of the home makes it an eye-catching offer to anyone looking to purchase your home.

Additionally, impact windows can lower the cost to insure your home. This is due to the fact that since the home has increased security, it’s less likely to be damaged. This is another financial benefit of installing impact windows in South Florida.

Choose Window Guys Of Florida For South Florida Impact Window Installation

Window Guys Of Florida is your number one choice for impact window installation in South Florida. We’ve been providing window installation in the area for over 15 years. Want to request a free consultation regarding impact window installation? Give us a call at (561) 232-6536 or contact us online to learn more.


Why Use Impact Windows?

When South Floridians think of upgrading their home for protection against hurricanes, they immediately go to impact windows. Impact windows can be a fantastic addition to any home, providing immediate support against even the toughest storms. That said, your home’s protection doesn’t have to start and stop at your windows. While many homeowners don’t give it much thought, impact windows can be a gamechanger for protecting your family against anything. Aside from protection, impact windows offer a wealth of benefits, guaranteed to be a valuable investment from day one. 

Hurricane Protection

Each year from June to November, South Floridians hunker down against the elements as hurricanes and tropical storms crash against the coast. Each storm has the capability of causing mass devastation in its wake, so it’s crucial to defend your property to the best of your ability. Hurricane-resistant windows and shutters are the first line of defense against one of the most vulnerable places in your house. However, impact windows provide that same protection across your home as well. Impact windows were engineered to withstand winds and flying projects well over 150 miles per hour. Even the strongest hurricanes will have trouble trying to get through.

Peace Of Mind Against Burglars

Not only do impact windows shelter you against the elements, but burglars as well. While the stereotype is for burglars to bust in through your door, home invaders have been known to bust windows down and enter that way. Some homeowners even leave their windows unlocked, as they believe nothing bad could happen while they’re out. That’s just not the case, even in the safest neighborhoods. Fortunately, that worry becomes a thing of the past with impact windows. The same impact-resistant windows protecting you and your family from hurricane-force winds will also protect against any burglar with a baseball bat. That peace of mind is sure to help you and your family sleep soundly through the night. 

Insurance Benefits

With insurance costs steadily climbing across South Florida, homeowners are looking everywhere for any opportunity to get it lowered. Thankfully, most insurers in South Florida are offering discounts for homes with impact windows and doors installed. As long as every entry point is properly updated, you’ll be eligible to receive those insurance savings. 

Improved Soundproofing

Another bonus of having impact windows installed is soundproofing. The added protective layers built into impact windows naturally insulate your home from any noise. 

Plenty of Styles Available

Much like impact doors, impact windows come in a variety of styles. You’re never stuck to a specific style when it comes to your impact windows, allowing you to get something that fits the look of your home. Whether it be a contemporary or rustic feel you’re after, our team here at The Window Guys Of Florida will be able to get what you want installed.

Looking to get impact windows installed on your South Florida home? Let our team assist. For years, The Window Guys Of Florida have been the premier installer of high-quality impact-resistant windows and doors. We’ve helped homeowners from as far south as Miami-Dade to the tip of Palm Beach and everything in between. Our hurricane impact-resistant windows and windows were designed to imitate the look of wood, yet eliminating the high maintenance, swelling, and cost. Contact us online or give us a call at (561) 598-6295 to get a free quote today!