Why Use Impact Windows?

When South Floridians think of upgrading their home for protection against hurricanes, they immediately go to impact windows. Impact windows can be a fantastic addition to any home, providing immediate support against even the toughest storms. That said, your home’s protection doesn’t have to start and stop at your windows. While many homeowners don’t give it much thought, impact windows can be a gamechanger for protecting your family against anything. Aside from protection, impact windows offer a wealth of benefits, guaranteed to be a valuable investment from day one. 

Hurricane Protection

Each year from June to November, South Floridians hunker down against the elements as hurricanes and tropical storms crash against the coast. Each storm has the capability of causing mass devastation in its wake, so it’s crucial to defend your property to the best of your ability. Hurricane-resistant windows and shutters are the first line of defense against one of the most vulnerable places in your house. However, impact windows provide that same protection across your home as well. Impact windows were engineered to withstand winds and flying projects well over 150 miles per hour. Even the strongest hurricanes will have trouble trying to get through.

Peace Of Mind Against Burglars

Not only do impact windows shelter you against the elements, but burglars as well. While the stereotype is for burglars to bust in through your door, home invaders have been known to bust windows down and enter that way. Some homeowners even leave their windows unlocked, as they believe nothing bad could happen while they’re out. That’s just not the case, even in the safest neighborhoods. Fortunately, that worry becomes a thing of the past with impact windows. The same impact-resistant windows protecting you and your family from hurricane-force winds will also protect against any burglar with a baseball bat. That peace of mind is sure to help you and your family sleep soundly through the night. 

Insurance Benefits

With insurance costs steadily climbing across South Florida, homeowners are looking everywhere for any opportunity to get it lowered. Thankfully, most insurers in South Florida are offering discounts for homes with impact windows and doors installed. As long as every entry point is properly updated, you’ll be eligible to receive those insurance savings. 

Improved Soundproofing

Another bonus of having impact windows installed is soundproofing. The added protective layers built into impact windows naturally insulate your home from any noise. 

Plenty of Styles Available

Much like impact doors, impact windows come in a variety of styles. You’re never stuck to a specific style when it comes to your impact windows, allowing you to get something that fits the look of your home. Whether it be a contemporary or rustic feel you’re after, our team here at The Window Guys Of Florida will be able to get what you want installed.

Looking to get impact windows installed on your South Florida home? Let our team assist. For years, The Window Guys Of Florida have been the premier installer of high-quality impact-resistant windows and doors. We’ve helped homeowners from as far south as Miami-Dade to the tip of Palm Beach and everything in between. Our hurricane impact-resistant windows and windows were designed to imitate the look of wood, yet eliminating the high maintenance, swelling, and cost. Contact us online or give us a call at (561) 598-6295 to get a free quote today!

Impact Windows: Fact Or Fiction?

As South Florida impact windows have become increasingly popular throughout the years, we’ve seen plenty of myths pop up. Whether it’s clients asking us about possible trends, or other companies making claims, it can muddy the waters on what’s true and isn’t surrounding impact windows. While we’re always more than happy to answer your questions and appease your mind on whether to get them installed in your home or not, there are a few questions that we tend to receive more often than not. Don’t fret, the Window Guys are here to help make impact windows as transparent as possible.

FACT: Impact Windows Are Designed For Improved Protection

Impact windows were designed to be the best option available for protecting your home against even the harshest of storms. Rated to withstand wind speeds over 150 miles per hour, impact windows stand to be the best protection option available above traditional options such as wood boards, accordion shutters, and tape on the windows. 

MYTH: Impact Windows Should Only Be Installed Before Hurricane Season

The fact of the matter is that drastically improved protection shouldn’t wait for anyone or anything. Hurricane season in South Florida lasts between June and November, or 50% of the entire year. While people tend to get South Florida impact windows installed right before the hurricane season rolls around in April & May, any time during the season is as good a time as any to get them installed. In fact, chances are you’re better off getting them installed now to avoid the long line of people looking to install them in the offseason. 

FACT: Impact Windows Protect Against More Than Just Hurricanes

Although most people have made impact windows synonymous with protection against heavy tropical storms and hurricanes, they were made with the sole purpose of protecting your home against any impact. Intruders can try as they might, but they’ll never be able to break in via bashing your windows. Additionally, impact windows offer substantially improved insulation via standard windows, protecting your home from both outside noise & traffic as well as heat entering your home and raising your energy bill.

MYTH: Impact Windows Are Far Too Expensive

While impact windows do typically cost more than standard windows, they truly aren’t that far out of reach. There’s this unspoken myth that having impact windows installed is so exorbitant in cost that there’s no point in even getting a quote for your home. That just isn’t the case.

When it comes to your windows, you get what you pay for. That’s why the added benefits and peace of mind that come with getting them installed in your home more than make up for the marginal difference in price point at the end of the day. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are safe from whatever comes your way. Additionally, we do offer financing through Ygrene to help you get impact windows installed in your home.

Seen another myth floating around impact windows that you need debunked? Contact The Window Guys today! Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have, simply reach out online or give us a call at (561) 598-6295.

Get Impact Windows in Time For Hurricane Season

Florida is known for its sun, sand, and sea. The miles and miles of beaches that encapsulate this peninsula is a paradise that makes Florida a popular destination for vacationers as well as people looking to live in the thick of it all. What they don’t show you on the brochure is the fact that Florida is located smack in the middle of a major hurricane zone.

Floridians are very resilient people and after rebuilding from devastating storms (especially Hurricane Andrew) the building codes were revamped to make Florida homes and businesses more structurally sound and have the ability to withstand these catastrophic storms. One area that had not seen much innovation until recently is windows. During hurricanes of yesteryear, the norm would be to apply tape and ope for the best or nail plywood in front of your windows and ride out the storm in total darkness.

Thankfully, in today’s market, we have an alternative and that’s hurricane impact windows. In this blog, we will look at some of the benefits of installing hurricane impact windows

Set It And Forget It – One Time Installation

A major benefit of having Florida impact windows is the fact that you only have to install them once. Unlike plywood or shutters that need to be installed and then removed for every hurricane scare, impact windows are basically set it and forget it. Once impact windows are installed, there’s nothing else you need to do. Other than occasional cleaning with some soap and water… you install them and forget ‘em! Floridians know all too well how unpredictable hurricane forecasts can be, sometimes we don’t know if we will get a direct hit until its almost on us so imagine having to put up shutters every time we have a forecast only to have to take them down if the storm shifts course, This can be incredibly frustrating. This is where having Florida impact windows pays off as you do not need to do any special preparation with them before the storm hits.

Impact Windows Saves You Money Money Money

It’s no secret, South Florida gets HOT!!! Temperatures in the summer months can reach into triple digits. This can cause your HVAC system to work double-time to keep your home or office cool. A huge chunk of energy loss comes from windows and we don’t have to tell you because we know you’ve seen those FPL bills. Impact windows are designed to reduce solar heat gain during the summertime and help retain heat during the cooler months.

Impact Windows Offer Security and Protection

Impact windows not only provide protection from hurricanes but also provide security from uninvited intruders. This added security has everything to do with their construction. Most impact windows consist of several layers of glass or other synthetic materials that make shattering and penetration difficult. Instead of shattering on impact like regular glass, impact windows will absorb the impact of lesser blows and for harder blows it will splinter but hold its shape due to its laminated bonds.

Impact Windows Are Noise Resistant

If you live in a busy metropolitan area or near a major roadway then you are faced with copious amounts of noise pollution. This is where the insulation properties of impact windows really shine. Florida Impact windows are great at noise reduction. That’s because the extra-thick, layered glass, and super sealed framing prevent sound and air leakage, keeping sound from the inside contained and disturbance from your neighbors or the street trapped outside.

Why Impact Windows?

Some may question the necessity of impact windows. Why take a chance? Most impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to higher performance thresholds. The benefits of hurricane impact windows far outweigh the cost difference, and in many cases, the cost difference is minimal. Keep in mind; it’s not only the performance in a storm but also the longevity of the product that makes it worth buying. The product features that make these impact-resistant windows stronger also allow them to last much longer than the competition. Good manufacturers stand behind their products with a competitive warranty. Quality hurricane windows and doors installed over 10 years ago can still be performing and operating as when they were first installed. If you are considering purchasing impact-resistant windows or doors, you owe it to yourself to understand the long-term value difference between manufacturers and their products.

The Best Impact Resistant Windows and Doors in South Florida

Selecting hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors for either whole-house or commercial projects is a big investment. Before making this big decision, compare things like designs, finish quality, aluminum sections, hardware components, and product approvals. Look for a supplier with market longevity and a real focus on quality performance. At The Window Guys of Florida, we stand behind our impact windows and offer the best combination of beauty, durability, innovation, and value

Where To Buy Hurricane Impact Windows in South Florida 

If you are looking to replace a broken window or change out your existing windows to energy-efficient windows, then look no further than The Window Guys of Florida. We stock only the highest quality impact windows in all of South Florida. We possess the technology and expertise to install hurricane impact windows to protect your home and loved ones. Contact us today or give us a call at (561) 598-6295 to speak to an impact window professional and get started on the road to installing hurricane impact windows.


Get Ahead of Hurricane Season Today

Every year, South Floridians start to see the news cycle of the upcoming cycle of storms on their way from the Atlantic. Rather than begin preparing, most tend to wait till the last minute to board up their shutters and hunt for bottles of water. While many South Floridians are accustomed to the constant storms and feel there’s nothing to fear, each hurricane season is unique and can bring devastating storms right through Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. There are many South Floridians that don’t know hurricane season starts as early June 1st. Rather than wait till the last minute before a catastrophic category 4-5 hurricane here are some initial steps you can take to ensure your family is ready for whatever comes. 

Stock Up On Supplies

As soon as that first hurricane looks as if it’s heading right for South Florida is the moment all the local stores run out of essentials. Things like batteries, bottled water, and toilet paper are wiped clean as everyone fights to get the last pack. Rather than wait like everyone now, it’s a good idea to get a jump start and begin stockpiling now. While you don’t have to buy everything all at once, it’s a good idea to buy little by little over the next two-three months to be prepared come June. Keep in mind if you’re buying any food in preparation, it should be nonperishable as you may lose power and won’t have the ability to prepare/store it properly.

Plan Your Evacuation Route

Every hurricane season, there are typically 2-3 named storms that get between a high-level category 4 and category 5 hurricane. Storms like that aren’t meant to be tested, as they’ve been proven to cause massive amounts of devastation in their path. Cities have been known to lose power for weeks, and severe flooding can disrupt neighborhoods for days. Should a massive storm be heading directly for South Florida, you must have an evacuation plan in place. Consider that if you make the move when it’s first announced you’ll be able to cruise to your destination. Those who wait till the last minute typically get stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic for hours on end. Ensuring that you have the right route and plan in place will guarantee a smooth and safe evacuation away from what’s to come.

Protect Your Home With Hurricane Resistant Impact Glass

Whether you’re staying in your home during the next storm or you evacuate, it’s critical that you protect your home. While many rely on wood panels, traditional shutters, or just some tape on the glass, hurricane-force winds have been known to rip through them all. Most homes built before 2001 in South Florida were not constructed with hurricane-resistant impact glass. It’s crucial to get your homes updated as they offer protection higher than most shutters on the market. Even if you’ve had shutters installed, it’s not a bad idea to double your family’s protection with hurricane-resistant impact glass windows. They offer peace of mind that is sure to put you at ease no matter what mother nature throws your way.

Shopping for the best installer of hurricane-resistant impact glass can be an overwhelming task. With so many brands, types, and sizes, it’s hard to figure out what’s right for you. Thankfully, the team at Window Guys of Florida has your back. Simply contact us today or give us a call at (561) 598-6295 so we can work on getting you your free estimate.

Top 5 Most Popular Types of Impact Windows

Top 5 Most Popular Types of Impact Windows

If you’re ready for something new to spruce up your property, then perhaps maybe you might be interested in impact windows.

Impact windows may seem like a boring addition to your property, but truth be told, they can come in a variety of different styles that best fit your criteria. Most manufacturers these days understand how important appeal is to property owners, which is why they do their best to fabricate different types of impact windows. Below are the top 5 most popular types of impact windows that you can have fitted into your home or commercial property.

Top 5 Most Popular Types of Impact Windows

1 . Single Hung Impact Windows

Single-hung impact windows are probably the most popular impact window types that you’ll see sold on the market. They fit the style of the most common windows you probably already have on your property, and it’s for this reason alone that so many property owners buy them. Generally, they’re pretty much your everyday window; the bottom glass pane slides up to open, moving down vertically to close again.

This window style is most ideal for standardly-sized openings and is also the most cost-effective option across almost every room of your home.

2 . Double Hung Windows

When you want better airflow, double hung impact windows is the optimal choice. Double hung windows are able to open up from both the bottom and the top pane, allowing airflow to function at its highest performance. Because of the extra mobility, double-hung windows are often slightly more costly than single. For a lot of homeowners, it’s worth the cost for the wider airflow.

3 . Casement Windows

Casement windows function much like doors. As opposed to single and double hung windows, which open by vertically sliding panes, casement windows open by pulling the windows inward or outward.

This type of impact window offers a more open, clean line-of-sight than single or double-hung windows. This is mainly due to the fact that a middle brace bar isn’t obstructing the view from the outside. However, despite how aesthetically pleasing they may sound, it’s important you recognize that casement windows are only really ideal for rooms with extra space.

4 . Fixed/Picture Windows

If your property has an amazing view (say, the ocean, for instance), this style is a wonderful option as fixed/picture windows serve as one solid sheet of glass with one open, spacious pane.

Also known as “window walls,” picture windows can be placed nearly anywhere from floor-to-ceiling to wide panes over a bathtub or in a living room. Although they don’t open, they can provide you with the illusion of openness – similar to a sunroom.

5 . Roller/Sliding Windows

There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than long, horizontal windows spanning across an entire wall. Much like a sliding glass door, sliding windows function in the same manner: to open them, you just simply need to slide the pane across.

This window type is often most ideal for dining rooms or even spacious bedrooms as they can help to illuminate a space with outside light. And even when they open, they can let in a nice breeze as well as a view from the outside.

Interested in Any of These Impact Window Types? Call The Window Guys of Florida Today!

When you’re interested in sprucing up your home, feel free to call The Window Guys anytime for any one of these impact window types. The Window Guys of Florida is deeply connected with some of the most popular impact window manufacturers in the Sunshine State. When you hire choose them for their quality work, we can promise you that you’ll be happy with your models as you’re added to their growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit their contact page.

Can Hurricane Impact Windows Break?

Can Hurricane Impact Windows Break?

Hurricane Impact windows are widely known to protect individuals from all sorts of outside factors. Some of which include hurricanes, thunderstorms, burglaries, and much more. But while they’re perceived to be indestructible, many individuals are left to wonder if they’re able to withstand just about any force. More so, it’s even wondered if hurricane impact windows can actually break at all.

If you’re thinking about purchasing impact windows but are too scared to because you think they might break, then continue reading below. The Window Guys of Florida are well-informed about impact windows and can tell you all you need to know.

Can Hurricane Impact Windows Break?

The short answer is yes. But they don’t break in the way that a standard window would.

When a regular window breaks, it can easily shatter, causing glass pieces to spread all over the ground. As a result, you have to be cautious as you’re picking up glass pieces in order to properly clean the area. More so, you’ll have to pay expensively out-of-pocket for a new window to be replaced.

But impact windows are shatter-proof, meaning that if they’re damaged glass pieces won’t fall everywhere. And even when they crack, they can still provide protection for some time before you get the proper repairs done. The keyword here is “repairs” as opposed to “replacement”.

Typically, with replacements, you’ll have to pay a lot in order to get brand new models. But with impact windows, you can get the same contractors who installed them to come to repair them for you for far less in costs.

How Soon Should I Get My Impact Windows Repaired?

It all depends on how severely broken they’ve become.

If a burglary was attempted and only a small crack appears on your window, we would recommend that you call the contractor that installed the impact windows to repair it as soon as possible. However, you don’t necessarily need to be hasty in scheduling an appointment with the contractor due to how small the crack is.

If, however, your windows are severely damaged — either by attempted burglary or through a very harsh storm — you’ll want to get them replaced immediately when possible. Severely damaged impact windows, though still intact for now, can break off later

Get Your Hurricane Impact Windows From The Window Guys Today!

While impact windows can break, they’ll still hold much stronger than what standard windows possess. So when you’re ready to make the switch to stronger windows, don’t hesitate at all in contacting The Window Guys. The Window Guys will help you choose from one of their many manufacturers so that you can receive impact windows that best fit their needs. And regardless if they break or not, you can trust that the manufacturer who supplied it to you will be able to repair it with no issues at all. When you’re ready to get your brand new impact windows, call The Window Guys today at (561) 598-6295 or visit their contact page.