Welcoming Elegance: Exploring Doors in Fort Lauderdale’s Architectural Landscape

The city of Fort Lauderdale, known for its vibrant culture and stunning architecture, boasts a diverse range of doors that not only serve as gateways to homes and businesses but also contribute to the unique charm of its neighborhoods. In this article, we take a closer look at the doors of Fort Lauderdale, exploring their styles, materials, and the impact they have on the city’s architectural identity.

A Gateway to Style: Fort Lauderdale’s Door Design Palette

Doors in Fort Lauderdale are more than just functional barriers; they are statements of style and sophistication. From historic neighborhoods to modern developments, the city’s doors exhibit a broad spectrum of designs that reflect the diverse tastes and influences shaping the local architectural scene.

1. Mediterranean Influences: Ornate Elegance

In the neighborhoods influenced by Mediterranean architecture, doors often feature intricate wrought-iron detailing, arched frames, and vibrant colors. These doors not only exude elegance but also pay homage to the city’s coastal allure.

2. Coastal Contemporary: Sleek and Modern Designs

In the more contemporary developments along the coast, clean lines and minimalist designs define the doors. Sliding glass doors, pivot doors, and oversized entryways embrace the panoramic views of the water, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor living.

Materials That Endure: Crafting Doors to Withstand the Elements

Fort Lauderdale’s doors are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are also designed to withstand the city’s unique climate and weather conditions. The choice of materials plays a crucial role in ensuring durability and longevity.

1. Hardwood Elegance: Classic and Timeless

Many homes in Fort Lauderdale feature doors crafted from hardwoods like mahogany or oak. These materials not only withstand the tropical climate but also lend a classic, timeless appeal to the city’s architecture.

2. Impact-Resistant Doors: Navigating Stormy Seasons

Given Fort Lauderdale’s susceptibility to hurricanes, impact-resistant doors are a common feature. Crafted from reinforced materials, these doors provide an added layer of protection without compromising on style.

Craftsmanship That Tells a Story: Local Artisans and Door Designers

The doors of Fort Lauderdale often bear the mark of skilled craftsmanship, with local artisans and designers contributing to the city’s unique architectural narrative.

1. Custom Creations: Artisanal Excellence

Many homeowners in Fort Lauderdale opt for custom-designed doors, showcasing the talent of local artisans. These bespoke creations not only reflect individual tastes but also contribute to the city’s reputation for artistic expression.

2. Innovative Designs: Modern Trends in Door Craftsmanship

Fort Lauderdale’s door designers are embracing modern trends, incorporating innovative features like smart technology, energy-efficient elements, and sustainable materials into their creations. These doors seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

Front Doors as Statements: Boosting Curb Appeal in Fort Lauderdale

The front door is often the first impression a visitor gets of a Fort Lauderdale home. Homeowners take great care in selecting doors that enhance curb appeal and contribute to the overall aesthetic harmony of their properties.

1. Bold Entryways: Making a Statement

Bold colors, unique hardware, and eye-catching details characterize many front doors in Fort Lauderdale. These design choices contribute to a sense of individuality and vibrancy, setting the tone for the entire home.

2. Landscaped Entrances: Doors as Part of the Overall Design

In many cases, the doors are seamlessly integrated into carefully landscaped entrances. Lush greenery, stylish lighting fixtures, and well-designed pathways complement the door’s aesthetics, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Conclusion: Doors as Architectural Icons in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale’s doors are not just functional elements; they are architectural icons that tell stories of craftsmanship, style, and resilience. From historic neighborhoods to modern waterfront estates, each door contributes to the rich tapestry that defines Fort Lauderdale’s architectural identity. As the city continues to evolve, so too will the diverse and captivating designs that grace its entrances, welcoming residents and visitors alike with open arms and elegant doors.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hurricane Windows & Doors

If you’re a resident in Florida, you’ve probably thought about making the switch from storm shutters to hurricane-resistant windows or hurricane-safe doors. Before making any decision like this, it’s important to do research to make sure it’s the right move. 

It’s a great idea to read comparison posts but there are some facts about these storm-ready additions that you might not learn about when analyzing their product features. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about hurricane windows and doors that should help educate you on these popular storm solutions.

1. Hurricane Windows and Doors Don’t Need to be Activated Pre-Storm

As soon as a hurricane is announced, many Floridians rush out to stock up on water, food, and every other necessity. This means the less you have to worry about, the better. 

A key advantage of impact-rated windows is that they are always protecting your home, 24/7. Unlike hurricane shutters or other window treatments, impact glass is always ready while you deal with other preparations. They also provide protection from other elements so you never have to worry about your home if you are out of town.

2. Not All Laminated Glass Systems are Impact Rated

Just because a window is labeled as “laminated” doesn’t mean it has gone through the necessary testing to earn an impact rating. Laminated glass is created when two or more panes of glass are bonded together with a thin layer of film or vinyl in between, called Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). This shatter-proof membrane is meant to catch broken glass as a fly stuck on sticky paper. While these windows can reduce the damage from an impact, they are NOT impact rated and can still shatter during a hurricane.

3. Pressure Rating Matters

A hurricane window is just a hurricane window, right? No. While windows that are impact-rated are meant to protect you and your home from winds and debris, storm-safe glass and doors have unique pressure and impact ratings that are indicative of their strength and durability. 

Each storm-resistant window and door should come with a marking that shows:

  • Supplier’s name
  • Place of fabrication
  • Date of manufacture
  • Thickness
  • Certifications or safety standards that the glass meets

4. 15 Years Old? Time to Change

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. The same is true for impact windows. Depending on the brand and materials, impact windows can function properly for 10 to 25 years. We use the 15-year mark as a general rule but it’s still important to evaluate your windows after 10 years. This happens due to the seals starting to wear and the glass losing strength. 

5. Myths About Hurrican Preparation

Impact windows will NOT protect your home if they are left open during a storm. It is a myth that leaving windows cracked open during a storm to prevent air pressure from building up is helpful. Leaving your windows cracked open will only let in wind and water enter the building.

That’s just one misunderstanding about impact windows but there are more than we can type. For example, some residents think that putting force against a door will prevent the wind from blowing it down. If the wind is strong enough, it will blow down a door regardless of what’s put behind it. 

Impact Windows From The Window Guys

Impact windows and doors are a great way to protect your home from dangerous storms and other elements. If you’re ready to have impact windows and doors installed then head over to our contact page so we can get started!

The Danger of Using Cheap Hurricane Protection

Impact windows and doors have been growing in popularity. This rise in growth has resulted in companies producing cheaper alternatives to functional items. Today, you can find a long list of low-quality items that are meant to serve the same function as their expensive counterparts. In some instances, a cheaper alternative can be safe, but when it comes to hurricane protection for windows, cheap alternatives can be extremely dangerous. 

South Florida, while beautiful, comes with its annual reminder of how dangerous it can be with devastating hurricanes that roll through towns leaving them in shambles. This is reason enough for why it’s so important to have reliable hurricane protection in Palm Beach County and other high-velocity hurricane zones throughout Florida. While it may seem obvious why quality hurricane protection is important, it can help to consider the risks of using cheap alternatives. 

Below is an overview of the risks that you pose to your home and family when you use cheap hurricane protection on your home. 

Cheap Hurricane Protection for Windows

The world of cheap alternatives has allowed people to access things that are otherwise outside of their price range. However, when it comes to something as serious as hurricane protection, relying on cheap alternatives puts you, your family, and your home at large risk. 

Plywood Panels

For countless years, plywood panels have been the relied-on form of hurricane protection for many people. The material is light and affordable and is easy to nail outside your home. Compared to hurricane-resistant windows and shutters, there are a number of drawbacks. In terms of impact protection, plywood provides little to no protection. If a piece of debris were to hit these panels, chances are it will buckle and split, allowing the debris to hit your window or door. Nailing the plywood outside your home also damages the weatherboards and can allow leaks in your home.

Fabric Hurricane Panels

One of the more recent cheap alternatives to hurricane protection is fabric hurricane panels. These panels are meant to be easy to install and are supposed to offer impact protection. The issue with these is fabric is extremely easy to pierce. Just by stretching it out, it becomes even easier to break through. These panels also need to be nailed to your home just like plywood. This introduces the threat of leaks once again.

Hurricane Protection for Palm Beach County

Hurricane protection is something that should be taken seriously, especially in Palm Beach County. The Window Guys of South Florida are here to protect you. We offer a wide selection of impact windows and doors that we can help you select and install. If you’re looking for serious hurricane protection that looks good and will keep you protected, reach out to us through our online contact form today!

Why Choose Hurricane Impact Sliding Glass Doors

We are barely a month into hurricane season and already there have been 5 named storms. So one thing is for certain, it is going to be a busy season. As Florida residents, we know that hurricane season brings with it many challenges. Your home or business will undoubtedly be subjected to the elements at some point during and even after the season. The most affected areas are usually your windows and doors. Choosing the right sliding impact door can mean the difference between your family’s safety and having your home or business devastated by strong winds and flying debris.

Florida’s blessing is also its curse. It is possibly the most beautiful state of the lower 48. With 1197 miles of coastline and 663 miles of beach, it is a mecca for tourists and one of the most moved to states. All this coastline means we are never too far from the ocean and also never too far from the path of hurricanes. For this reason, choosing a hurricane rated sliding glass door allows you to have both the protection you need and access to the views you love.

What Are Sliding Impact Doors?

Sliding impact doors are a lot like Double-Hung impact doors, only they’re turned on their side. Sliding doors are composed of two parts, one fixed, the other designed to slide horizontally.  These doors can be ideal for homes with low ceilings, and conveniently require no interior space to open and close.  For a homeowner, utilizing impact glass in a Sliding door provides the aesthetic appeal of a pure Slider, without the fear of glass shatter. This allows you to implement a sleek, modern aesthetic, even if you live in an area heavily impacted by wind and rain. All of our Sliding doors come equipped with a range of features such as:

  • Easy Sliding – Each Sliding door provides smooth, effortless operation on corrosion-resistant, tandem brass rollers. This allows your doors to glide open and closed.
  • Minimal Air Infiltration – Specially designed air barriers and weather stripping substantially reduce the amount of external air that enters a home.
  • Easy Cleaning – The sashes in our Sliding doors tilt inward, much like a Double Hung, which allows easy cleaning.  This ultimately prolongs the life of your doors and helps ensure that they stay looking brand new.

Impact Glass Door

How To Choose The Right Hurricane Rated Sliding Glass Door

Not all Florida sliding doors are created equal. In fact, some doors are not rated for hurricane protection. When deciding to install Florida impact doors make sure that they are hurricane rated by checking the following:

Superior Engineering

In order to be effective against everything a hurricane can hurl at your home or business, your sliding glass doors should be engineered to withstand impact from tropical storm force winds and large debris, While  Category 5 hurricanes are rare, they do happen and can be devastating. Having impact doors and windows that are rated for Category 5 hurricanes will ensure that your home or office is protected against the biggest punch that nature can offer. The best impact doors are those that ideally lock into thicker aluminum components to provide the stability and strength needed to endure the elements that are present during a hurricane.

Building Code Compliance

Florida has some of the best building codes in the country. Hurricane Andrew forced a reckoning that led to Florida establishing some of the toughest storm-specific building codes in the United States, if not the world. Building codes are designed to protect your investment but more so to protect your life if a hurricane comes weeping through your neighborhood.

It is vital that your impact-resistant sliding doors are rated for and comply with all applicable Florida and US building code regulations. At The Window Guys of Florida, all our sliding doors are compliant with state and national building codes including those that speak to wind-borne debris areas that are outside the high-velocity hurricane zone.

Locking System

You could look for the best lock systems that are virtually unbreachable! For instance, one of the best options available nowadays is a standard sentinel 3-point lock system that also comes with lever handles and decorative backplates. You could even consider commercial lock mechanisms that come with elegant pull handles.

Quality Finishing Choices

Impact doors no longer come in just white. There are multiple finishing options to choose from that will fit the exterior facade of your home as well as match the decor on the inside. Modern finishes include bronze and anodized finishes as well as woodgrain finishes that give off a more rustic lo and feel.

What Makes Our High Impact Glass doors The Perfect Choice For Your Home or Office

With our high-impact entry doors, you don’t have to choose between safety and style. Enjoy the personalized feel of unique glass and finish options, without losing peace of mind. With numerous configurations, all of which are both versatile and durable, you can have the best of both worlds with our selection of high-impact entry doors.

  • Heavy-duty multi-chamber design provides superior performance in heat, humidity, and severe weather.
  • Durable weatherstripping, metal reinforcement, and interlocking center rails work together to keep your door tightly closed.
  • Premium vinyl doors are colored throughout and never need to be painted.

Where To Buy Impact Doors in Florida 

If you are looking to replace a broken door or change out your existing doors to energy-efficient doors, then look no further than The Window Guys of Florida. We stock only the highest quality impact doors in all of South Florida. We possess the technology and expertise to install hurricane impact doors to protect your home and loved ones. Contact us today or give us a call at (561) 598-6295 to speak to an impact door professionally and get started on the road to installing hurricane impact doors.




Get Impact Windows in Time For Hurricane Season

Florida is known for its sun, sand, and sea. The miles and miles of beaches that encapsulate this peninsula is a paradise that makes Florida a popular destination for vacationers as well as people looking to live in the thick of it all. What they don’t show you on the brochure is the fact that Florida is located smack in the middle of a major hurricane zone.

Floridians are very resilient people and after rebuilding from devastating storms (especially Hurricane Andrew) the building codes were revamped to make Florida homes and businesses more structurally sound and have the ability to withstand these catastrophic storms. One area that had not seen much innovation until recently is windows. During hurricanes of yesteryear, the norm would be to apply tape and ope for the best or nail plywood in front of your windows and ride out the storm in total darkness.

Thankfully, in today’s market, we have an alternative and that’s hurricane impact windows. In this blog, we will look at some of the benefits of installing hurricane impact windows

Set It And Forget It – One Time Installation

A major benefit of having Florida impact windows is the fact that you only have to install them once. Unlike plywood or shutters that need to be installed and then removed for every hurricane scare, impact windows are basically set it and forget it. Once impact windows are installed, there’s nothing else you need to do. Other than occasional cleaning with some soap and water… you install them and forget ‘em! Floridians know all too well how unpredictable hurricane forecasts can be, sometimes we don’t know if we will get a direct hit until its almost on us so imagine having to put up shutters every time we have a forecast only to have to take them down if the storm shifts course, This can be incredibly frustrating. This is where having Florida impact windows pays off as you do not need to do any special preparation with them before the storm hits.

Impact Windows Saves You Money Money Money

It’s no secret, South Florida gets HOT!!! Temperatures in the summer months can reach into triple digits. This can cause your HVAC system to work double-time to keep your home or office cool. A huge chunk of energy loss comes from windows and we don’t have to tell you because we know you’ve seen those FPL bills. Impact windows are designed to reduce solar heat gain during the summertime and help retain heat during the cooler months.

Impact Windows Offer Security and Protection

Impact windows not only provide protection from hurricanes but also provide security from uninvited intruders. This added security has everything to do with their construction. Most impact windows consist of several layers of glass or other synthetic materials that make shattering and penetration difficult. Instead of shattering on impact like regular glass, impact windows will absorb the impact of lesser blows and for harder blows it will splinter but hold its shape due to its laminated bonds.

Impact Windows Are Noise Resistant

If you live in a busy metropolitan area or near a major roadway then you are faced with copious amounts of noise pollution. This is where the insulation properties of impact windows really shine. Florida Impact windows are great at noise reduction. That’s because the extra-thick, layered glass, and super sealed framing prevent sound and air leakage, keeping sound from the inside contained and disturbance from your neighbors or the street trapped outside.

Why Impact Windows?

Some may question the necessity of impact windows. Why take a chance? Most impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to higher performance thresholds. The benefits of hurricane impact windows far outweigh the cost difference, and in many cases, the cost difference is minimal. Keep in mind; it’s not only the performance in a storm but also the longevity of the product that makes it worth buying. The product features that make these impact-resistant windows stronger also allow them to last much longer than the competition. Good manufacturers stand behind their products with a competitive warranty. Quality hurricane windows and doors installed over 10 years ago can still be performing and operating as when they were first installed. If you are considering purchasing impact-resistant windows or doors, you owe it to yourself to understand the long-term value difference between manufacturers and their products.

The Best Impact Resistant Windows and Doors in South Florida

Selecting hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors for either whole-house or commercial projects is a big investment. Before making this big decision, compare things like designs, finish quality, aluminum sections, hardware components, and product approvals. Look for a supplier with market longevity and a real focus on quality performance. At The Window Guys of Florida, we stand behind our impact windows and offer the best combination of beauty, durability, innovation, and value

Where To Buy Hurricane Impact Windows in South Florida 

If you are looking to replace a broken window or change out your existing windows to energy-efficient windows, then look no further than The Window Guys of Florida. We stock only the highest quality impact windows in all of South Florida. We possess the technology and expertise to install hurricane impact windows to protect your home and loved ones. Contact us today or give us a call at (561) 598-6295 to speak to an impact window professional and get started on the road to installing hurricane impact windows.


Common Questions About Hurricane Impact Doors

Common Questions About Hurricane Impact Doors

Regardless of whatever type of improvement you’re making to your property, you will always be perplexed by numerous questions concerning the improvement. And when it comes to impact doors, especially, The Window Guys completely understand how frustrating it can be to comprehend these models. You might have many questions concerning hurricane impact doors, and while we might not be able to answer them all, The Window Guys of Florida have prepared a small list of answers below to the most common questions concerning impact doors. So if you want your questions answered concerning impact doors, then continue reading below.

Common Questions About Hurricane Impact Doors

Why Should I Buy Impact Doors?

The biggest reason why you should at least consider buying impact doors is that they provide additional protection from the outside. If you’re a resident of South Florida, then you’re well aware of just how popular our region is for hurricanes. Because of this, have an impact door will likely prove to be a very valuable and important asset to include in your property.

After your impact door is installed, you’ll have total peace of mind knowing that your newly installed doors will protect you from harsh storms. Moreover, you can also rest assured knowing that other property occupants will be kept safe from harm’s way as well.

Will Impact Doors Boost My Home’s Resale Value?

The short answer: most definitely.

Thanks to their durability and appeal, impact doors will significantly increase your property’s resale value. So you can best believe that when the time comes to sell your home or commercial property, your impact doors will serve as a terrific selling point for prospective buyers. In summary, impact doors are a terrific investment for any property.

Do Impact Doors Only Protect Against Hurricanes?

Impact doors are widely known to be a good source of protection against hurricanes and other harsh storms. But besides that, they can also serve as a form of protection from many other things as well. For example, your new impact doors will provide you protection against the dangers of a home intrusion as there is virtually no amount of human force strong enough to shatter your windows.

Why Should I Replace My Current Doors With Impact Doors?

Replacing your regular doors with impact-resistant models will prove to be one of the best improvements you could make for your property. Obviously, the best benefit impact doors can provide is amazing protection. But besides that, impact doors can also help you save money as they’ll lower heating and cooling bills. More so, as mentioned above, impact doors will also help you to increase the resale value of your property as their inclusion will beautify and protect your home or business.

Will Impact Doors Break?

While they are exceptionally resilient to impact, impact doors aren’t entirely impervious to damage. Impact class is fabricated in order for it to be resistant to impact, but they’ll break in a safe way as opposed to standard models.

Regular glass doors will shatter easily and break into small, sharp pieces that will be dangerous to handle. Impact glass, however, is shatter-proof. So even if your impact doors do break, they will still remain intact so that no harm is brought to you or other property occupants.

Thinking of Installing Hurricane Impact Doors? Call The Window Guys Today!

Don’t be fooled by our name; besides windows, The Window Guys have been providing their impact door installation services for many years. And besides being the most regarded impact door suppliers, they’re also the most experienced in the entire Sunshine State. We feel more than confident that when you choose The Window Guys, you’ll forever be added to their growing list of satisfied customers as you enjoy your property’s newest protective addition. For any questions you need to be answered concerning impact doors or The Window Guys services, you may call (561) 598-6295 or visit their contact page.