Top 5 Most Popular Types of Impact Windows

Top 5 Most Popular Types of Impact Windows

If you’re ready for something new to spruce up your property, then perhaps maybe you might be interested in impact windows.

Impact windows may seem like a boring addition to your property, but truth be told, they can come in a variety of different styles that best fit your criteria. Most manufacturers these days understand how important appeal is to property owners, which is why they do their best to fabricate different types of impact windows. Below are the top 5 most popular types of impact windows that you can have fitted into your home or commercial property.

Top 5 Most Popular Types of Impact Windows

1 . Single Hung Impact Windows

Single-hung impact windows are probably the most popular impact window types that you’ll see sold on the market. They fit the style of the most common windows you probably already have on your property, and it’s for this reason alone that so many property owners buy them. Generally, they’re pretty much your everyday window; the bottom glass pane slides up to open, moving down vertically to close again.

This window style is most ideal for standardly-sized openings and is also the most cost-effective option across almost every room of your home.

2 . Double Hung Windows

When you want better airflow, double hung impact windows is the optimal choice. Double hung windows are able to open up from both the bottom and the top pane, allowing airflow to function at its highest performance. Because of the extra mobility, double-hung windows are often slightly more costly than single. For a lot of homeowners, it’s worth the cost for the wider airflow.

3 . Casement Windows

Casement windows function much like doors. As opposed to single and double hung windows, which open by vertically sliding panes, casement windows open by pulling the windows inward or outward.

This type of impact window offers a more open, clean line-of-sight than single or double-hung windows. This is mainly due to the fact that a middle brace bar isn’t obstructing the view from the outside. However, despite how aesthetically pleasing they may sound, it’s important you recognize that casement windows are only really ideal for rooms with extra space.

4 . Fixed/Picture Windows

If your property has an amazing view (say, the ocean, for instance), this style is a wonderful option as fixed/picture windows serve as one solid sheet of glass with one open, spacious pane.

Also known as “window walls,” picture windows can be placed nearly anywhere from floor-to-ceiling to wide panes over a bathtub or in a living room. Although they don’t open, they can provide you with the illusion of openness – similar to a sunroom.

5 . Roller/Sliding Windows

There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than long, horizontal windows spanning across an entire wall. Much like a sliding glass door, sliding windows function in the same manner: to open them, you just simply need to slide the pane across.

This window type is often most ideal for dining rooms or even spacious bedrooms as they can help to illuminate a space with outside light. And even when they open, they can let in a nice breeze as well as a view from the outside.

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