Manufacturer Spotlight: PGT Windows & Doors

Manufacturer Spotlight: PGT Windows & Doors

We love providing as much variety as we can when it comes to our customers. Which is why The Window Guys of Florida work closely with numerous different manufacturers in order to add a wide assortment of products to their inventory. In this article, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on a very special manufacturer, PGT Windows & Doors. This manufacturer is very special in that they offer an amazing variety of windows and doors of different shapes and designs. But besides their products, the company itself possesses values that truly make them unique and sets them apart from the competition. To learn more about this windows and doors manufacturer, continue reading below.

PGT Windows & Doors – About This Manufacturer

PGT Windows & Doors is a manufacturer that believes perfection comes from developing relationships. By developing relationships, the company has developed a solid reputation in building products that are made for the everyday and once in a lifetime. When it comes to their customers, PGT Windows & Doors personally invests itself in understanding what sort of protection they need. And it doesn’t just stop there, they also develop relationships with their employees as well, allowing a work environment that’s filled with endless opportunities. With the combined traits of an amazing relationship with both customers and employees, PGT Windows & Doors is able to establish itself as a  truly unique manufacturer. Through their efforts, they’ve developed the absolute best windows and doors on the market. And this is partially contributed by their collaboration with building officials of Miami-Dade County to help make new construction code requirements in 1992 that are still used today.

What Can PGT Provide For You?

PGT Windows & Doors has heard the voices of their customers and they’ve developed the best impact windows and doors around. Their inventory of products doesn’t just offer patrons standard designs. It offers windows and doors of various styles, such as:

Architectural Impact Windows

If you require impact windows in a style that strays away from the standard rectangular design, you’re in luck. PGT can construct for you impact windows that can fit any frame or style you so desire. If you have a unique setting in your home where standard window designs just wouldn’t fit in, no worries, you can trust PGT to assist you.

French Impact Doors

You can get all the standard impact doors you want from PGT. But if you happen to be in need of new French doors, don’t hesitate at all in contacting PGT for their French impact doors. Their French impact doors are made of the highest quality and can guarantee the ultimate protection.

Contact The Window Guys For PGT Windows & Doors Today

If you’re in need of the ultimate form of protection against hurricanes and other severe storms, pick up the phone and call the professionals at The Window Guys today! The Window Guys are very well-connected with many impact windows and doors manufacturers. And when you’re looking to get quality windows from PGT, you can trust that The Window Guys are the go-to. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.

The Window Guys of Florida’s Condo Remodel Services

The Window Guys of Florida's Condo Remodel Services

The Window Guys of Florida are notorious for providing their impact window services to patrons requiring residential and storefront protection. But did you know that they also offer a condo remodel service? That’s right; if you own a condominium complex and are in need of quality windows, you can trust that The Window Guys will provide it for you. Their impact windows are provided by the manufacturer of your choice, and with them, they can help construct the condominium of your dreams. If you’re curious to know how The Window Guy’s condo remodel services can benefit you, continue reading below. You’ll be surprised by the advantages you gain from their work.

Why Hire The Window Guy’s For Their Condo Remodel Services

The Window Guys of Florida have provided their condo remodel services to countless complexes. With The Window Guy’s condo remodel services, you can trust that your condominium complex’s impact windows will be of high quality. They’ll also provide quite a few benefits, such as:

Attract New Tenants

A condominium complex is a business in and of itself. And like any business, it needs customer engagement in order to keep it thriving. So in order for your condominium to stay in business, you will need some tenants to move in. And when you need tenants, the best thing you can do is highlight the features of your complex.

By having impact windows installed on your condominium complex, you will attract numerous tenants to your property. They will be satisfied to know that when they move into your complex, they’ll be well-protected by their windows. This is one of the absolute best reasons why you should hire The Window Guys for their condo remodel services.

Increase Property Value

Your condominium complex property is a very important asset to own. And not just because it’s your business. But also because it has tremendous investment potential. Someday, it may be likely that you’ll sell your complex to an investor. So when you want to make the best out of your property’s investment potential, you should always aim at improving its features. By getting impact windows fixed into your condominium complex, you’ll find that your property’s value will soar drastically.

Increased Protection

The greatest benefit you can gain from our condo remodel services is increased protection. With our impact windows, you can trust that your tenants will be protected from the outside elements. In fact, we feel certain that your condominium’s new impact windows will last for many years without a single crack on them. And when you want to provide extra protection to your tenants, you can also request to have our impact doors fitted in as well. With our impact doors, your tenants won’t ever need to worry about burglars or vandals breaking into their condos.

Contact The Window Guys Today For Their Condo Remodel Services Today

If you find yourself needing impact windows and/or doors fitted into your condominium complex, then trust no other than The Window Guys of Florida for their condo remodeling services. When you contact The Window Guys, they’ll provide you with a network of impact windows and doors manufacturers for you to choose from. We can guarantee that when you choose The Window Guys, you’ll be absolutely happy with their work as you’re added to their growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.

Manufacturers Highlight: SIW Windows & Doors

Manufacturers Highlight: SIW Windows & Doors. Home with impact windows and doors

The Window Guys of Florida prides itself on offering clients the choice to decide which of our manufacturers they wish to receive their quality products from. In this article, we would actually like to take a moment and discuss one of our star manufacturers: SIW Windows And Doors. This impact windows and doors manufacturer has provided quality service to countless South Floridians over the course of many years. The reason why they’re so widely recognized is that not only do their products provide the ultimate protection, but they also offer customizable and luxurious options. To learn more about them, continue reading below.

SIW Impact Windows and Doors Manufacturers of South Florida

SIW is one of the absolute greatest impact windows and doors manufacturers in all of South Florida. When you choose them for their quality products, you can trust that their craftsmanship and handiwork will yield the best results. And when we say the best results, we aren’t just talking about the protective capabilities of their windows and doors. We’re also talking about their products’ physical appeal and beauty.

Luxury & Style Paired With Variety

SIW Windows and Doors is notorious for offering clients impact-resistant products that are stylistically constructed to complement one’s property. They understand how much appearance is valued by property owners, which is why they create products that will ensure you don’t have to sacrifice your good looks in order to better shelter yourself. When you consult with one of their sales representatives, you will be able to choose from a myriad of options in regards to how you want your doors or windows designed. If you want a wrought iron door, SIW will offer you a multitude of different choices. Or if you happen to be in need of a beautiful french door, they offer different variations in french doors as well. Generally, by choosing SIW Windows and Doors, you won’t be bounded by limited choices. You’ll have many to look over so that you can choose what you think will ultimately benefit you in the end.


What probably makes SIW Windows and Doors one of the best manufacturers out there is that they allow total creative freedom for their clients. If you’re not satisfied with any of the options they offer, you can always draft up a design of your own. SIW always encourages clients to use their imagination to think of something new. And they do everything in their power to try to match or get as close to your design as possible. By simply speaking with one of their consultants, they can help turn your dream design into reality.

Perfect Beauty That Will Increase Your Property Value

If there’s a perfect combo that property investors are interested in, it’s beauty and protection. And when you have both, you can expect your property value to rise drastically. Most properties – especially residential properties –  are designed to provide protection to occupants. And when protection is low in quality, you can expect your overall property value to be just as low.

In South Florida, protection is a definite must, especially around hurricane season. But with much-needed protection, Florida homeowners often need to resort to alternatives where they don’t need to sacrifice their home’s beauty. And if you happen to be one of those homeowners, you’ll find that SIW Windows and Doors is your best choice. The professional staff at SIW understand just how important protection and appearance are to one’s home, which is why they will always provide quality products that shield occupants from outside harm while still providing beauty to one’s dwelling.

Reach Out to The Window Guys of Florida Today For More Info on SIW Impact Windows & Doors

If you want the absolute best and most beautiful windows and doors in South Florida, then look no further than SIW Windows and Doors. SIW has served countless Floridians over the course of many years, making them one of the most recognized impact windows and doors manufacturers in the Sunshine State. We’re more than confident that when you choose SIW through the Window Guys you’ll be more than satisfied with the results of their service. To learn more about SIW Windows and Doors, give us a call at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.

Curtain Wall Installation By The Window Guys

If you’re a business owner looking to accessorize your company’s location with something aesthetically pleasing, you can never go wrong with a curtain wall installation. A curtain wall, sometimes referred to as facades, is an outer wall that does not support any section of the building whatsoever. They are mainly there to beautify your building and allow visitors to make a good first impression of your property. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have other uses as well. And if you’re curious to learn more about them, then continue reading below and see why so many get their impact curtain wall from The Window Guys.

Curtain Wall Installation By The Window Guys

Aesthetic Appearance Paired With Quality Protection

With a curtain wall installation, you can easily beautify your commercial property but still provide it with powerful protection. With this property accessory attached to the exterior of your building, you can give your property an extra layer of protection since our models are built with impact windows.

Finding exceptional protection for your property without having to sacrifice its good looks can be challenging. But when you hire us for our curtain wall services, you won’t ever have to worry about your property losing its appeal. We can shield it from outside factors yet still enhance its appearance.

Natural Lighting

Other than aesthetics, a curtain wall’s design actually helps bring in natural lighting for your interior. So when you want to save a little on energy in the workplace, all you simply need to do is shut off a few lights and let your curtain wall do its work. With natural light, you can curb eye strain and help reduce the physical and mental fatigue of your employees. And in return, this will help to encourage the productivity of all who work under your business. More so, with a curtain wall, you can also allow your employees to enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the outside.

Deter Criminals

The protection provided by our impact curtain walls doesn’t just shield your interior from flying debris but also from criminals and vandals. During business hours, your curtain wall will provide a convenient way to monitor outside activity while also making it difficult for individuals to see inside the building. Plus, even after business hours, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your curtain wall will deter unwanted guests from entering. And this is because our curtain walls are shatter-proof. No amount of human force can break your new curtain wall.

Environmentally Friendly

Curtain walls act as a great eco-friendly accessory to your building. The structure of our curtain walls are designed to act as windbreakers, which will greatly improve your building’s HVAC systems. Also, with the addition of allowing more natural lighting inside, you won’t have to waste too much energy. In the end, this will prove to have both a beneficial effect on your monthly bills and the building’s carbon footprint.

Property Value

As a property owner, you don’t just own property, you also own an investment. And as always, you want to ensure that your property is continuously in good shape. But also, you always want to improve its appearance and function in order to make the most out of your investment. So when you’re seeking ways of improving its looks, consider getting a curtain wall installation. They’ll increase your property’s value tremendously and you’ll make a hefty investment.

Get Quality Curtain Wall Installation From The Window Guys Today

Now that you know about the benefits of installing a curtain wall on your property, get yours today from The Window Guys of Florida. Our impact curtain walls will drastically improve the aesthetic appearance of your home while also providing quality protection. We’re more than confident that when you hire us, you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers as you enjoy your property’s latest addition. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.

Best Time to Install Impact Windows

So you decided that you want impact windows installed on your property. They’re a great asset to have for your home mainly because they provide an incredible barrier of protection. More so, they come in handy most especially during hurricane season. You don’t have to waste your time putting up shutters that could potentially get damaged during the storm or worry about creating ones when department stores are becoming hectic. But more often than not, you might be asking yourself, “when is the best time to install impact windows?” If you’re unsure of when to have this life-changing procedure performed on your building then continue reading below to learn when you should get it done.

The Best Time of Year to Install Impact Windows in Florida

Florida seasons are typically consistent with no drastic changes in climate. However, the weather is always a factor to consider and its fluctuations in Florida depend heavily on the time of year. Below are seasons and their reasons why you should have impact windows installed or not.

Spring and Summer

Summer and Spring bring the warmest weather in Florida, and these are often the most ideal times to get impact windows installed. Spring, especially, is when you want to get your new home additions done. This is because there is no cold air gushing into the home when old windows are being removed and fitted with new windows. And additionally, caulking materials often adhere better and in a shorter time when in a warm climate. Also, Spring generally is less violent in terms of weather, which ensures that the installation process goes smoothly.


While Spring and Summer seem like good seasons to get impact windows installed, they’re also peak seasons for window-installers. What this means is that because it’s in such high demand during these times of the year, you’ll likely end up paying more for installation. More so, you might also have to wait longer for a confirmed installation date.

Another option for when you want impact windows installed is to have it done in the Fall. Fall season installation not only secures a lower rate but also promises a better chance of getting an appointment much sooner. Cold weather can make it challenging to get it done, but cold weather is often rare in Florida. In the event that cold weather will likely occur, you can work with your installer to strategically replace your old windows at a certain time so your home’s interior doesn’t get too cold.

Another thing to consider is that Fall takes place during Hurricane Season. So if you’re thinking of getting impact windows installed on your property, you better hurry. If you wait too long then you’ll already have a new storm coming without the added extra protection brought by impact windows.

How does Rain Affect Window Installation?

It seems pretty obvious, but there are deeper reasons why you never want window installation done during rain. Florida is already a very humid place and when rain occurs, it can produce more moisture which increases the likelihood that wooden frames will swell and warp. And if the surface is wet, then fillers, caulking, or silicone adhesives might not harden properly. Generally, if you make an appointment for impact window installation on a certain that starts to rain or show signs of rain, it’s wise to reschedule.

Call The Window Guys Today For Our Quality Impact Windows

The Window Guys of Florida are well-renowned by the state for their quality impact windows which provide significant protection to homes. Though each season carries its own flaws for installation, there is never a bad time to get impact windows. You can have your home protected during hurricane season as well as during other harsh storms when you choose from one of our brands of window manufacturers. We’re more than confident that when you choose us, you’ll be happy with our service and will be added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.

Top Impact Window Manufacturers Part 2

Impact windows have provided many Florida residents the ultimate protection against hurricanes and tropical storms. And if you don’t have these types of windows yet, then consider installing them ASAP. In our last blog post, we’ve mentioned some of the country’s top impact window manufacturers to receive your products from. These manufacturers have been regarded to provide the best protection from harmful weather and their products are long-lasting. Continue reading below to see what other top impact window manufacturers you can order your products from.

SIW Windows and Doors

SIW Windows and Doors is the leading hurricane protection company in Delray Beach. They manufacture many products that aren’t only designed to protect your home, but also to complement its design. They encourage clients to draft designs for both doors and windows and they do everything in their power to match or get close to it. Some of their products include ornamental and decorative doors, rolling impact windows, architectural windows, and much more.



This company is more well-known for their doors, but they’re ImpactGard Windows protect against even the most powerful of storms. Jeld-Wen’s windows also meet the nation’s toughest and most strict building codes, ensuring that citizens of all states can receive excellent protection. With ImpactGard windows, patrons can expect no shards of glass to scatter as these windows will stay intact throughout the duration of any storm.


OldCastle Glass

If you’re an architect, building developer or owner, or a contractor, then OldCastle Glass is the go-to for your hurricane impact windows. This company will work with you closely during the development of your building ensuring that you have the ultimate protection in windows. They can assist in providing any architecturally shaped window as your property is structured the way you want it to be.


The Window Guys of Florida Can Provide You The Best Impact Windows From The Best Manufacturers

If you require the ultimate in hurricane protection, then look no further than the Window Guys of Florida. The Window Guys of Florida can offer you the highest grade impact windows from the best manufacturers in the country. When you hire us for our impact windows, we’re confident that you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers as your home is protected from the Florida elements. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.