Top 5 Most Popular Types of Impact Windows

Top 5 Most Popular Types of Impact Windows

If you’re ready for something new to spruce up your property, then perhaps maybe you might be interested in impact windows.

Impact windows may seem like a boring addition to your property, but truth be told, they can come in a variety of different styles that best fit your criteria. Most manufacturers these days understand how important appeal is to property owners, which is why they do their best to fabricate different types of impact windows. Below are the top 5 most popular types of impact windows that you can have fitted into your home or commercial property.

Top 5 Most Popular Types of Impact Windows

1 . Single Hung Impact Windows

Single-hung impact windows are probably the most popular impact window types that you’ll see sold on the market. They fit the style of the most common windows you probably already have on your property, and it’s for this reason alone that so many property owners buy them. Generally, they’re pretty much your everyday window; the bottom glass pane slides up to open, moving down vertically to close again.

This window style is most ideal for standardly-sized openings and is also the most cost-effective option across almost every room of your home.

2 . Double Hung Windows

When you want better airflow, double hung impact windows is the optimal choice. Double hung windows are able to open up from both the bottom and the top pane, allowing airflow to function at its highest performance. Because of the extra mobility, double-hung windows are often slightly more costly than single. For a lot of homeowners, it’s worth the cost for the wider airflow.

3 . Casement Windows

Casement windows function much like doors. As opposed to single and double hung windows, which open by vertically sliding panes, casement windows open by pulling the windows inward or outward.

This type of impact window offers a more open, clean line-of-sight than single or double-hung windows. This is mainly due to the fact that a middle brace bar isn’t obstructing the view from the outside. However, despite how aesthetically pleasing they may sound, it’s important you recognize that casement windows are only really ideal for rooms with extra space.

4 . Fixed/Picture Windows

If your property has an amazing view (say, the ocean, for instance), this style is a wonderful option as fixed/picture windows serve as one solid sheet of glass with one open, spacious pane.

Also known as “window walls,” picture windows can be placed nearly anywhere from floor-to-ceiling to wide panes over a bathtub or in a living room. Although they don’t open, they can provide you with the illusion of openness – similar to a sunroom.

5 . Roller/Sliding Windows

There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than long, horizontal windows spanning across an entire wall. Much like a sliding glass door, sliding windows function in the same manner: to open them, you just simply need to slide the pane across.

This window type is often most ideal for dining rooms or even spacious bedrooms as they can help to illuminate a space with outside light. And even when they open, they can let in a nice breeze as well as a view from the outside.

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When you’re interested in sprucing up your home, feel free to call The Window Guys anytime for any one of these impact window types. The Window Guys of Florida is deeply connected with some of the most popular impact window manufacturers in the Sunshine State. When you hire choose them for their quality work, we can promise you that you’ll be happy with your models as you’re added to their growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit their contact page.

Can Hurricane Impact Windows Break?

Can Hurricane Impact Windows Break?

Hurricane Impact windows are widely known to protect individuals from all sorts of outside factors. Some of which include hurricanes, thunderstorms, burglaries, and much more. But while they’re perceived to be indestructible, many individuals are left to wonder if they’re able to withstand just about any force. More so, it’s even wondered if hurricane impact windows can actually break at all.

If you’re thinking about purchasing impact windows but are too scared to because you think they might break, then continue reading below. The Window Guys of Florida are well-informed about impact windows and can tell you all you need to know.

Can Hurricane Impact Windows Break?

The short answer is yes. But they don’t break in the way that a standard window would.

When a regular window breaks, it can easily shatter, causing glass pieces to spread all over the ground. As a result, you have to be cautious as you’re picking up glass pieces in order to properly clean the area. More so, you’ll have to pay expensively out-of-pocket for a new window to be replaced.

But impact windows are shatter-proof, meaning that if they’re damaged glass pieces won’t fall everywhere. And even when they crack, they can still provide protection for some time before you get the proper repairs done. The keyword here is “repairs” as opposed to “replacement”.

Typically, with replacements, you’ll have to pay a lot in order to get brand new models. But with impact windows, you can get the same contractors who installed them to come to repair them for you for far less in costs.

How Soon Should I Get My Impact Windows Repaired?

It all depends on how severely broken they’ve become.

If a burglary was attempted and only a small crack appears on your window, we would recommend that you call the contractor that installed the impact windows to repair it as soon as possible. However, you don’t necessarily need to be hasty in scheduling an appointment with the contractor due to how small the crack is.

If, however, your windows are severely damaged — either by attempted burglary or through a very harsh storm — you’ll want to get them replaced immediately when possible. Severely damaged impact windows, though still intact for now, can break off later

Get Your Hurricane Impact Windows From The Window Guys Today!

While impact windows can break, they’ll still hold much stronger than what standard windows possess. So when you’re ready to make the switch to stronger windows, don’t hesitate at all in contacting The Window Guys. The Window Guys will help you choose from one of their many manufacturers so that you can receive impact windows that best fit their needs. And regardless if they break or not, you can trust that the manufacturer who supplied it to you will be able to repair it with no issues at all. When you’re ready to get your brand new impact windows, call The Window Guys today at (561) 598-6295 or visit their contact page.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows. Person working on windows

Your property is a very important asset to own in the modern world. For this reason, you always want to make sure that it never loses its protection. So if you notice that your windows haven’t exactly been up to your standards lately, it may be time to get them replaced. But if you’re not sure entirely if your windows actually need to get replaced or just need some minor repairs, then continue reading below. The Window Guys are experts when it comes to window replacement, and they’re able to know for sure if a window will need to get replaced or not.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Faulty Operation

If your current windows have been on your property for a long time and you notice that they have some faulty operation, it may be time to get them replaced. Signs of faulty operation can include balance issues which lead to jamming and sticking. Also, if you notice rust formations as well as rot, this is a clear indicator that your windows are nearing the end of their service. And if you need to force or prop your windows open, that’s a definite clear sign that you need to replace your windows.

Excessive Condensation

If you happen to notice that there’s a lot of “sweat” on your windows during cold days, a window replacement will likely be needed sooner or later. Condensation on windows can indicate that your current windows’ glazing and gas fill are losing their effectiveness. And it can also indicate that your windows current seals are failing, allowing moisture to find its ways between the glass panes. On extremely cold days, though rare during the South Florida Winters, frost/ice buildup can occur, further damaging your windows.

Reoccurring Cold Drafts

If you happen to feel a draft, even when windows are closed, it can mean that their seals are wearing off. And due to this, the stability of your home’s internal temperature is compromised as your HVAC system works overtime, leading to higher energy bills. Of course, you’ll certainly need to replace your windows if you want to save on electricity. But instead of getting your windows replaced with standard models, get impact windows instead. Impact windows have a tight seal when they’re installed, and this is because they need to provide as much protection as possible. If you happen to live in the South Florida region, you’ll be more than happy to know that The Window Guys can help you out tremendously in providing you the perfect impact windows.

Less Noise Reduction

You may want to consider getting your windows replaced if outside noises have been sounding louder as of lately. Windows help to reduce sound from the outside. So if the source of increased outside sounds seems to be coming from your windows, this can mean that your windows will probably need a replacement. With your new windows installed, especially impact windows, you’ll be able to reduce the outside sound drastically.

Need to Replace Your Windows? Get Impact Windows From The Window Guys of Florida Today!

If you find that you need to replace your windows, and you live in the South Florida region, then look no further than The Window Guys of Florida today! The Window Guys have been providing quality service to countless patrons across all of South Florida for many years. We feel more than confident that when you choose The Window Guys, you’ll benefit significantly from their work as you’re added to their growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.

Manufacturer Spotlight: PGT Windows & Doors

Manufacturer Spotlight: PGT Windows & Doors

We love providing as much variety as we can when it comes to our customers. Which is why The Window Guys of Florida work closely with numerous different manufacturers in order to add a wide assortment of products to their inventory. In this article, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on a very special manufacturer, PGT Windows & Doors. This manufacturer is very special in that they offer an amazing variety of windows and doors of different shapes and designs. But besides their products, the company itself possesses values that truly make them unique and sets them apart from the competition. To learn more about this windows and doors manufacturer, continue reading below.

PGT Windows & Doors – About This Manufacturer

PGT Windows & Doors is a manufacturer that believes perfection comes from developing relationships. By developing relationships, the company has developed a solid reputation in building products that are made for the everyday and once in a lifetime. When it comes to their customers, PGT Windows & Doors personally invests itself in understanding what sort of protection they need. And it doesn’t just stop there, they also develop relationships with their employees as well, allowing a work environment that’s filled with endless opportunities. With the combined traits of an amazing relationship with both customers and employees, PGT Windows & Doors is able to establish itself as a  truly unique manufacturer. Through their efforts, they’ve developed the absolute best windows and doors on the market. And this is partially contributed by their collaboration with building officials of Miami-Dade County to help make new construction code requirements in 1992 that are still used today.

What Can PGT Provide For You?

PGT Windows & Doors has heard the voices of their customers and they’ve developed the best impact windows and doors around. Their inventory of products doesn’t just offer patrons standard designs. It offers windows and doors of various styles, such as:

Architectural Impact Windows

If you require impact windows in a style that strays away from the standard rectangular design, you’re in luck. PGT can construct for you impact windows that can fit any frame or style you so desire. If you have a unique setting in your home where standard window designs just wouldn’t fit in, no worries, you can trust PGT to assist you.

French Impact Doors

You can get all the standard impact doors you want from PGT. But if you happen to be in need of new French doors, don’t hesitate at all in contacting PGT for their French impact doors. Their French impact doors are made of the highest quality and can guarantee the ultimate protection.

Contact The Window Guys For PGT Windows & Doors Today

If you’re in need of the ultimate form of protection against hurricanes and other severe storms, pick up the phone and call the professionals at The Window Guys today! The Window Guys are very well-connected with many impact windows and doors manufacturers. And when you’re looking to get quality windows from PGT, you can trust that The Window Guys are the go-to. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.

The Window Guys of Florida’s Condo Remodel Services

The Window Guys of Florida's Condo Remodel Services

The Window Guys of Florida are notorious for providing their impact window services to patrons requiring residential and storefront protection. But did you know that they also offer a condo remodel service? That’s right; if you own a condominium complex and are in need of quality windows, you can trust that The Window Guys will provide it for you. Their impact windows are provided by the manufacturer of your choice, and with them, they can help construct the condominium of your dreams. If you’re curious to know how The Window Guy’s condo remodel services can benefit you, continue reading below. You’ll be surprised by the advantages you gain from their work.

Why Hire The Window Guy’s For Their Condo Remodel Services

The Window Guys of Florida have provided their condo remodel services to countless complexes. With The Window Guy’s condo remodel services, you can trust that your condominium complex’s impact windows will be of high quality. They’ll also provide quite a few benefits, such as:

Attract New Tenants

A condominium complex is a business in and of itself. And like any business, it needs customer engagement in order to keep it thriving. So in order for your condominium to stay in business, you will need some tenants to move in. And when you need tenants, the best thing you can do is highlight the features of your complex.

By having impact windows installed on your condominium complex, you will attract numerous tenants to your property. They will be satisfied to know that when they move into your complex, they’ll be well-protected by their windows. This is one of the absolute best reasons why you should hire The Window Guys for their condo remodel services.

Increase Property Value

Your condominium complex property is a very important asset to own. And not just because it’s your business. But also because it has tremendous investment potential. Someday, it may be likely that you’ll sell your complex to an investor. So when you want to make the best out of your property’s investment potential, you should always aim at improving its features. By getting impact windows fixed into your condominium complex, you’ll find that your property’s value will soar drastically.

Increased Protection

The greatest benefit you can gain from our condo remodel services is increased protection. With our impact windows, you can trust that your tenants will be protected from the outside elements. In fact, we feel certain that your condominium’s new impact windows will last for many years without a single crack on them. And when you want to provide extra protection to your tenants, you can also request to have our impact doors fitted in as well. With our impact doors, your tenants won’t ever need to worry about burglars or vandals breaking into their condos.

Contact The Window Guys Today For Their Condo Remodel Services Today

If you find yourself needing impact windows and/or doors fitted into your condominium complex, then trust no other than The Window Guys of Florida for their condo remodeling services. When you contact The Window Guys, they’ll provide you with a network of impact windows and doors manufacturers for you to choose from. We can guarantee that when you choose The Window Guys, you’ll be absolutely happy with their work as you’re added to their growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.

Manufacturers Highlight: SIW Windows & Doors

Manufacturers Highlight: SIW Windows & Doors. Home with impact windows and doors

The Window Guys of Florida prides itself on offering clients the choice to decide which of our manufacturers they wish to receive their quality products from. In this article, we would actually like to take a moment and discuss one of our star manufacturers: SIW Windows And Doors. This impact windows and doors manufacturer has provided quality service to countless South Floridians over the course of many years. The reason why they’re so widely recognized is that not only do their products provide the ultimate protection, but they also offer customizable and luxurious options. To learn more about them, continue reading below.

SIW Impact Windows and Doors Manufacturers of South Florida

SIW is one of the absolute greatest impact windows and doors manufacturers in all of South Florida. When you choose them for their quality products, you can trust that their craftsmanship and handiwork will yield the best results. And when we say the best results, we aren’t just talking about the protective capabilities of their windows and doors. We’re also talking about their products’ physical appeal and beauty.

Luxury & Style Paired With Variety

SIW Windows and Doors is notorious for offering clients impact-resistant products that are stylistically constructed to complement one’s property. They understand how much appearance is valued by property owners, which is why they create products that will ensure you don’t have to sacrifice your good looks in order to better shelter yourself. When you consult with one of their sales representatives, you will be able to choose from a myriad of options in regards to how you want your doors or windows designed. If you want a wrought iron door, SIW will offer you a multitude of different choices. Or if you happen to be in need of a beautiful french door, they offer different variations in french doors as well. Generally, by choosing SIW Windows and Doors, you won’t be bounded by limited choices. You’ll have many to look over so that you can choose what you think will ultimately benefit you in the end.


What probably makes SIW Windows and Doors one of the best manufacturers out there is that they allow total creative freedom for their clients. If you’re not satisfied with any of the options they offer, you can always draft up a design of your own. SIW always encourages clients to use their imagination to think of something new. And they do everything in their power to try to match or get as close to your design as possible. By simply speaking with one of their consultants, they can help turn your dream design into reality.

Perfect Beauty That Will Increase Your Property Value

If there’s a perfect combo that property investors are interested in, it’s beauty and protection. And when you have both, you can expect your property value to rise drastically. Most properties – especially residential properties –  are designed to provide protection to occupants. And when protection is low in quality, you can expect your overall property value to be just as low.

In South Florida, protection is a definite must, especially around hurricane season. But with much-needed protection, Florida homeowners often need to resort to alternatives where they don’t need to sacrifice their home’s beauty. And if you happen to be one of those homeowners, you’ll find that SIW Windows and Doors is your best choice. The professional staff at SIW understand just how important protection and appearance are to one’s home, which is why they will always provide quality products that shield occupants from outside harm while still providing beauty to one’s dwelling.

Reach Out to The Window Guys of Florida Today For More Info on SIW Impact Windows & Doors

If you want the absolute best and most beautiful windows and doors in South Florida, then look no further than SIW Windows and Doors. SIW has served countless Floridians over the course of many years, making them one of the most recognized impact windows and doors manufacturers in the Sunshine State. We’re more than confident that when you choose SIW through the Window Guys you’ll be more than satisfied with the results of their service. To learn more about SIW Windows and Doors, give us a call at (561) 598-6295 or visit our contact page.