7 Different Hurricane Impact Window Styles


Here at The Windows Guys of Florida, we specialize in a wide assortment of different types of windows. There are a number of different impact window types you can get. This sort of thing is kind of our deal. We understand that for the homeowner, the right type of window is essential to making your home fit your true vision. Here we will go over 7 window styles to make your home really shine.


Perhaps one of the more traditional styles of window, the double-hung, or double-sash window type consists of two panes of glass, or “sashes,” which are able to slide up and down. the double-hung window originates from the United Kingdom and remains the default choice of window styling there, as well as in countries formerly colonized by them. These windows are typically fitted with shutters, a key component of any window fixture.


Casement windows are fitted with hinges. The standard placement of its hinges is located on the far sides of the panel, or panels. This creates a fixture that swings outward like a door. Pretty sweet, no? A small glass door for the side of your home. In the United States, casement windows are usually opened mechanically by a crank. In Europe, they are more commonly seen to be fitted with an espagnolette, a 4-piece locking mechanism that is pleasing to look at.


Both bow and bay window styles are similar in nature. While there are a few minute distinctions between the two, for all intents and purposes they are lumped together when designing a window fixture. The term “bay window” refers to any window fixture that protrudes outward from the structure it is affixed to. A bow window is simply defined as a curved bay window. Bay windows are polygonal in form. The addition of bay windows allows for an added pocket of space to a room, as well as adding an expanded outward view.


A typical awning refers to an overhanging auxiliary covering for the exterior of a building. While commonly made of canvas, aluminum, or acrylics, awnings can also be made of glass, because windows can be awnings, too.

A window awning consists of a casement window but is flipped sideways. The hinge, the definitive feature of the casement window, is located not at the pane’s side, but at the top, which is what allows it to swing outward, completing its metamorphosis to an awning.


Gliding, or to put it more technically, the horizontal sliding sash is simply stated. It is a window fixture that consists of two sashes that overlap to a slight degree. The panes of glass also slide over one another within the frame, hence the name.


The name is exactly as it sounds. Providing a room with a large, unobstructed view, it creates a wide “picture” for the onlooker. Picture windows are unimpeded by glazing bars, or any perfunctory bars near the edges of the frame. The picture window is noticeably large, fixed directly into the wall of a room.

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